Welcome to our in-depth review of the Amazfit Active Edge, the latest addition to the Amazfit smartwatch family. Amazfit, known for blending technology with aesthetically pleasing designs, has been a notable player in the wearable tech market for years. Their products are often celebrated for striking a balance between robust features and affordability, appealing to a broad spectrum of users.

Amazfit Active Edge Review: Top Features You Can't Miss!"

The Active Edge emerges as a fascinating topic for review, especially due to its striking resemblance to the brand’s much-acclaimed T-Rex series. While it bears a family resemblance, the Active Edge marks a significant step in Amazfit’s journey. As we delve deeper into the nuances of this watch, we will explore not just its specifications and features but also how it fits into the broader context of today’s smartwatch market. How does it compare to its predecessors and competitors? Does it offer a compelling value proposition for its price? These are some of the questions we aim to answer as we embark on this full review of the Amazfit Active Edge.

Amazfit Active Edge Review: Top Features You Can't Miss!"

Design and Build Quality

The Amazfit Active Edge, the latest offering from Amazfit, stands out as a testament to the brand’s commitment to blending robust functionality with aesthetic appeal. This new entrant in the smartwatch arena borrows design cues from its predecessors in the T-Rex series, yet carves out its unique identity, showcasing a blend of innovation and familiarity. The Active Edge sports a striking dual-tone design, a choice that is both bold and functional. The primary color scheme, dubbed ‘Lava Black,’ exudes a sense of rugged elegance. This is complemented by vibrant orange accents, creating a sporty visual appeal.

Amazfit Active Edge Review: Top Features You Can't Miss!"

In terms of build, the Active Edge continues the legacy of its T-Rex lineage with military-grade toughness. This robustness ensures that the watch can withstand the rigors of extreme activities. Despite its rugged build, the watch astounds with its lightness. Weighing just 54 grams, including the straps, it’s lighter than previous models in the T-Rex series and even some competing brands’ models. This weight reduction is a significant achievement, considering that it doesn’t compromise the watch’s structural integrity or functionality. The lightweight design ensures that the watch feels almost imperceptible on the wrist, a crucial factor for a device meant to be worn throughout the day and during various activities.

One of the standout features is the semi-transparent straps, a departure from the conventional. These straps are not just visually appealing but are crafted for comfort and durability. The strap material plays a vital role here – it’s soft enough to prevent skin irritation, yet sturdy enough to secure the watch, irrespective of the wearer’s movements.

Amazfit Active Edge Review: Top Features You Can't Miss!"

With a water resistance rating of 10 ATM, the Active Edge is well-suited for water sports and can withstand exposure to rain and splashes. This durability ensures that fitness tracking is uninterrupted, regardless of the environment.

Display Quality

The Amazfit Active Edge sports a TFT display, a choice that might seem unconventional when compared to the AMOLED screens prevalent in today’s smartwatch market. This decision, likely influenced by cost considerations, positions the Active Edge as a more budget-friendly option while still delivering a satisfactory visual experience. The display measures 1.32 inches, providing a compact yet adequate screen space for easy readability. With a resolution of 360×360 pixels, the screen offers a pixel density of 277 PPI. This level of sharpness ensures that text and images are crisp and clear, which is particularly important for a device where much of the interaction involves glances.

Amazfit Active Edge Review: Top Features You Can't Miss!"

TFTs are known for their reliability and brightness, making them easily visible even in bright outdoor environments. However, they don’t offer the same depth of color and contrast as AMOLED displays. AMOLED screens, known for their deep blacks and vibrant colors, can provide a more visually striking experience. However, they are typically more expensive and can consume more battery, especially when displaying brighter content.

Amazfit Active Edge Review: Top Features You Can't Miss!"

The Active Edge display doesn’t achieve the same deep blacks and may not be as visually arresting as an AMOLED screen, but it maintains a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. For users prioritizing battery life and outdoor visibility over high contrast and saturated colors, the TFT LCD screen of this watch is a practical choice.

Advanced Software

As you strap the Amazfit Active Edge onto your wrist, the first thing that catches your eye is its aesthetically pleasing UI. The design ethos here is one of clarity and ease. With a modern and clean layout, the icons are not just visually appealing but are intuitive, allowing users to navigate through various features effortlessly. This ease of navigation is further enhanced by the smartwatch’s responsive touchscreen, which registers swipes and taps with minimal delay.

Customization is a key element of Active Edge’s appeal. The watch faces range from classic analog designs to more contemporary digital ones, some of which can display additional information such as weather, steps, and heart rate.

Features and Performance

A standout feature of the Amazfit Active Edge is its integrated five-satellite GPS. This technology not only ensures precise location tracking but also offers route navigation. This is particularly beneficial for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, running, or cycling without the encumbrance of carrying a smartphone. The GPS accuracy is commendable, providing reliable data for distance, speed, and route mapping. Compared to its predecessors and contemporaries, the Active Edge holds its ground, offering consistent and accurate positioning which is essential for any fitness-focused smartwatch.

Health and Fitness Tracking

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Amazfit Active Edge is equipped with an all-day heart rate monitor. This feature tracks your heart rate continuously, providing valuable data that can be used to gauge your overall health and fitness levels. The accuracy of the monitor is comparable to other high-end smartwatches, making it reliable for users who need to keep a close eye on their cardiac health.

Amazfit Active Edge Review: Top Features You Can't Miss!"

Stress and Sleep Tracking

Understanding and managing stress is crucial for overall well-being. The Active H’s stress tracking feature, which uses heart rate variability data, offers insights into your stress levels throughout the day. Additionally, the watch’s sleep-tracking functionality provides a comprehensive analysis of sleep patterns, including REM cycles, deep sleep, and overall sleep quality. This feature is instrumental in helping users understand and improve their sleep habits.

Blood Oxygen (SpO2) Measurement

The inclusion of SpO2 tracking is a notable advancement in smartwatches. The Active Edge’s ability to measure blood oxygen levels is particularly useful for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to monitor their oxygen saturation during intense workouts, high-altitude training, or even to check their general respiratory health.

Amazfit Active Edge Review: Top Features You Can't Miss!"

Fitness Tracking

Amazfit’s commitment to fitness is evident with the inclusion of over 130 different sports modes. This vast array encompasses everything from mainstream activities like running and cycling to more niche sports, ensuring that almost every type of athlete or fitness enthusiast can track their activity accurately. What sets the Active Edge apart is not just the quantity of these modes but the quality of data and insights they provide.

Amazfit Active Edge Review: Top Features You Can't Miss!"

The Active Edge also features Auto detection for more than seven sports, adding a layer of convenience for users. This smart detection function automatically recognizes and records activities like walking and running, making it easier for users to track spontaneous exercise sessions.

AI-Powered Training Guide

One of the more futuristic features of the Amazfit Active Edge is the AI-powered training guide, accessible via the companion app. This feature acts as a virtual coach, offering personalized workout plans and progress tracking. It’s designed to adapt to the user’s fitness level and goals, providing a tailored exercise regime that can enhance the effectiveness of workouts. This intelligent guidance is particularly useful for users who are new to fitness or those looking for structured training without the cost of a personal trainer.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The Amazfit Active Edge is equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, ensuring a stable and quick connection with smartphones. This feature is vital for real-time notifications, music control, and data synchronization with the Amazfit app. Users can expect a hassle-free pairing process with both Android and iOS devices, showcasing the watch’s versatility.

App Integration

The Amazfit app plays a central role in the functionality of the Active Edge. Through the app, users can customize watch faces, track fitness data, and set up notifications. The app’s design focuses on user-friendliness, ensuring that navigation and customization are intuitive. Additionally, the watch can integrate with popular health and fitness apps, allowing users to sync their data across platforms for a comprehensive health and fitness overview.

Smart Notifications

One of the key aspects of Active Edge’s connectivity is its ability to display smart notifications. This includes calls, texts, emails, and app notifications, ensuring that users stay connected even when their phone is not in immediate reach. The watch provides a quick preview of these notifications, allowing users to decide whether they need immediate attention.

Battery Life

The Amazfit Active Edge claims an impressive battery life of up to 16 days under normal usage conditions. This is a substantial claim, especially considering the varied functionalities the watch offers, ranging from fitness tracking to notifications. While the up to 16-day battery life is a headline feature, real-world usage tends to be more complex. Factors such as the frequency of GPS use, screen brightness, the volume of notifications, and the extent of workout tracking can significantly impact battery longevity.

For a user engaging in daily activities like step counting, occasional notifications, and a few short workouts a week, the Active Edge can comfortably last around 10-14 days. But with more intensive use, including prolonged GPS tracking, continuous heart rate monitoring, and extensive use of the smartwatch’s smart features, the battery life would understandably be shorter, possibly around 7-10 days. When compared with other smartwatches in its price range, the Active Edge’s battery life is commendable. Many competitors struggle to offer more than a week of battery life under similar usage conditions.

The charging time of the Active Edge is also an important aspect to consider. A full charge, from zero to a hundred percent, takes approximately 2 hours. This quick charging capability, combined with the extended battery life, means less time tethered to a charger and more time on the wrist.

Price and Value Proposition

The Amazfit Active Edge enters the market with a competitive price tag of under $120. This pricing strategically positions it below the premium Amazfit T-Rex lineup, making it an appealing option for budget-conscious consumers. To put this into perspective, it’s essential to consider the typical pricing spectrum of smartwatches. Entry-level smartwatches often start around 150-200 USD, while high-end models from renowned brands can soar well above $250. The Active Edge, therefore, nestles itself comfortably in the mid-range segment.

Amazfit Active Edge Review: Top Features You Can't Miss!"

When compared to other smartwatches in its price range, the Amazfit Active Edge stands out for its balanced combination of features, build quality, and battery life. While it may not excel in every single aspect compared to more premium models, it offers a harmonious blend that caters to a wide range of user needs without breaking the bank.


Amazfit Active Edge emerges as a commendable contender in the crowded smartwatch market, especially for those seeking a balance between functionality, durability, and affordability. Its design, reminiscent of the robust T-Rex series, offers a pleasing aesthetic coupled with military-grade toughness, making it suitable for both outdoor adventurers and casual users. The choice of a TFT display, while a step down from more premium AMOLED screens, still delivers a satisfactory visual experience, especially considering the watch’s price point.

What sets the Active Edge apart is its impressive array of features – from comprehensive health and fitness tracking, including an innovative AI-powered training guide, to its reliable GPS functionality. These features are not just numerous but are executed with an accuracy and user-friendliness that rivals more expensive models. The smartwatch’s lightweight design and extended battery life of up to 16 days stand out as significant advantages for users who prioritize convenience and longevity.

However, it’s important to note that while the Amazfit Active Edge excels in many areas, it operates within the constraints of its budget-friendly nature. This is evident in its choice of display technology and the absence of some premium features found in higher-end models. Nevertheless, for its price range, the Active Edge offers a compelling package that is hard to overlook.

Amazfit Active Edge Review: Top Features You Can't Miss!"

As the smartwatch market continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Amazfit further refines and develops its product line. For now, the Amazfit Active Edge stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing quality and value, making it a worthy consideration for your next smartwatch purchase.