BlitzHome apparently is a sub-brand from Blitzwolf that specializes in smart home products. Recently released a new upgrade for Smart Air Frye is the new version of the BlitzWolf BW-AF1 comes under the name BlitzHome BH-AF2, equipped with many smart features that may make it the perfect choice for you. It is like any other air fryer that allows you to cook a very wide range of foods using the least amount of oil, but here it is different because you will be able to connect with a WiFi network and be controlled by the smartphone.


BlitzHome BH-AF2 Features

  • APP Remote Control
  • Intuitive Top Touch Panel (Touch Style)
  • Knob Adjustment (Mechanical Style)
  • ASH2.0 Technology (360°Hot air circulation)
  • RNC Technology (noise-canceling)
  • 5L/4.4qt Large Capacity
  • Multiple Smart Recipes+Cooking Ways
  • Easy to Clean
  • Healthy Frying

Design And Build Quality

Speaking of design, the new BlitzHome BH-AF2 is very similar to the first version of the smart fryer. The BlitzHome hot air fryer does not take up much space in the kitchen and is characterized by the main body made almost entirely of heat-resistant plastic and the cooking tray inside, which consists of a piece one and a net at the bottom can be removed and cleaned easily.
Unfortunately, the new version of the fryer loses a capacity of 1 liter, starting from 6 liters of BW-AF1 to 5 liters of BW-AF2 It may not be a big thing, but it may differ for some.

The upper area features a new touch-sensitive control panel that becomes visible only when the fryer is turned on, and houses 8 cooking programs for different types of food. Although it is a smart air fryer, the BH-AF2 can also be used without turning on the smartphone.


Smart Functions on BlitzHome BH-AF2

Moving on to the most important feature and which is the smart functions, BlitzHome BH-AF2 is managed by a new application called BlitzHome (formerly BlitzWolf) which has a new and more beautiful graphical interface, except that it integrates the same similar features seen in the previous version.

Obviously, the BlitzHome app is available for Android and iOS devices in the respective app stores.

Anyway, after pairing with your home wireless network, you can use the app to set the cooking times and temperature, but also to turn the appliance on and off and all functions that can be performed directly on the hot air fryer control panel can also be controlled via the app. You can select the brewing program, set the timer, regulate the temperature, pause the setting, or turn off the appliance completely. And every order is processed instantly by the machine without delay.

Through the application, you can also choose from 6 preset cooking modes, and it is really not very dependent on these settings, especially with regard to cooking times and it is important, from time to time, to pause the fryer and check the cooking by removing the tray, paying attention to the temperature Get it hot (too hot) and check the food inside.

And as a warning, the device was not set up right away because the fryer was not recognized by the app. The problem was that first you have to set the deep fryer to WiFi connection mode (hold the power button) and then repeat the connection step again. Only then will BlitzHome BH-AF2 be recognized and set up by the app

Unfortunately, the BlitzHome BH-AF2 cannot be linked to any voice assistant and therefore does not support Google Home or Amazon Alexa yet. It would have been a good feature.

Cooking And Taste

BlitzHome BH-AF2 offers many innovations in terms of technical characteristics and a different cooking process. Warm air is generated by a heating coil and evenly distributed in the cooking space with the help of a fan with a maximum power consumption of 1500 watts and the maximum temperature that the air fryer can reach is 200 degrees, but what really makes the difference is the new ASH 2.0 technology that we said It ensures proper movement of hot air inside the fryer at 360° and 7 rotation speeds as needed to cook food evenly and retain moisture for more efficient and uniform cooking. This is what enables you to cook anything with this air fryer no longer just frozen french fries, but also bacon, burgers, sausages, and many other foods, most importantly with a minimum amount of oil and healthier.

While cooking, either on the screen or via the app, you will have access to a countdown by which times will be monitored and at the end of it the fryer will beep and the app will send a notification to the smartphone. And here you see the suitability of such a product.

Preparation programs:
French fries (200 ° C – 20 minutes)
Cake (160 ° C – 40 minutes)
sweet potatoes (200 ° C – 30 minutes)
Steak (180°C – 13 minutes)
Drum sticks (200°C – 20 minutes)
Chicken wings (200 ° C – 20 minutes)
Thickness (180°C – 10 minutes)
Shrimp (160°C – 10 minutes)

How To Operate

Preparing with the BlitzHome BH-AF2 is easy. Put the grate in the cooking tray, fill the french fries, chicken wings, schnitzel, or whatever your heart desires in the container, select a program, and press start. If you remove the cooking tray, the brewing program will automatically pause and restart when you insert it again. This is practical and saves messing around with the control panel afterward.

The safety button on the handle also provides protection from ferocious hands. The tray can only be removed when pressed. When the tray clicks into place, a short beep sounds indicating that the automatic program continues.

As for the smell, although there is a smell from the hot air fryer, it does not produce the smell of oily french fries.

In short, you can use the air fryer every day to make pastries, meats, vegetables, and even a complete lasagna. The trick is to leave some room on the edges of the dish, don’t load it all up and you’ll get the right level of frying. Another thing we noticed is that it should rarely be used in extreme temperatures, and usually, 140-160°C is sufficient for every type of food. It takes longer this way but makes everything nice and crunchy. It is very good for the price.


Noise canceling

Unlike competitive fryers that have a high noise level, the BlitzHome BH-AF2 it’s different, the manufacturer advertises a noise reduction of up to 20%, thanks to the built-in RNC technology, which reduces equipment vibrations and, ultimately, noise during use.


As it is known after cooking there is cleaning, the BlitzHome BH-AF2 can be cleaned quickly thanks to the non-stick coating that enables you to quickly clean the cooking tray underwater and with a little washing-up liquid.


BlitzHome BH-AF2 is a hot air fryer with a good performance ratio. Functionally, there is a wide range of preparation programs including a timer, 5-step temperature control, and intelligent application control with which the deep fryer can be easily controlled from the sofa. It’s also very quiet, its smart features make cooking and temperature and time control more convenient, and of course, the basket is a little less capacity, but thanks to the new ASH 2.0 technology, cooking is more consistent and faster.


BlitzHome BH-AF2 Price And Where To Buy

The BlitzHome BH-AF2 is currently available on the Banggood Store for a very good price So, don’t miss out on this great deal. And to view its price or buy it, you can access the offer by clicking on the store icon.

The new Air Fryer from Blitzwolf comes in two versions. Smart with WiFi with the ability to connect to the app and control buttons, and the other version simply has two analog rotating axes on the front for temperature and time.

Package content

  • BH-AF2 Smart Air Fryer
  • Manual

BlitzHome BH-AF2 Specifications

DetailsBrand: BlitzHome
Model: BH-AF2
Color: Black
Voltage: 220V-240V /50-60Hz
Power: 1500W
Capacity: 5L 
Control Mode: Mechanical ControlTouch Control
Heating Method: 360°Hot Air Circulation
Opening Method: Pull Type
Detachable Basket: Supports Detachable
Plug: EU (We will send you an adapter which according to your country)
DimensionPackage Weight: 5.9kg 
Product Size: 36.10 x 27.10 x 30.60 cm