The HiFuture is one of the most famous and best producers of original accessories such as earphones, smartwatches, speakers, etc. However, we have not mentioned their products in our articles before, so this will be the beginning of the first cooperation with them through the latest smartwatch in their arsenal, which is the HiFuture FutureGO Pro. Currently, this watch offers huge battery life, smooth performance, a premium design from stainless steel, and decent fitness tracking capabilities. Also, it’s equipped with a 1.32-inch screen and built-in watch faces, and 3ATM Waterproof, and there are many more with all the features you need in a smartwatch at an affordable price and you can get a 9$ coupon by using this code: GOPROSALE. So, don’t miss out on this great deal.

HiFuture FutureGO Pro - Premium Smartwatch with Stainless Steel

HiFuture FutureGO Pro Features

  • Premium Design From Stainless Steel
  • 1.32-inch FHD Display
  • 20 Days Battery Life
  • Custom Dial & Rich UI
  • Heart Rate & Blood Oxygen Monitor
  • 24 Sport Modes
  • 3ATM Waterproof
HiFuture FutureGO Pro - Premium Smartwatch with Stainless Steel

Design And Build Quality

As a high-end smartwatch, HiFuture FutureGO Pro adopts a new design language with premium materials, it’s perfect, that’s why comes with a circular display that looks very clean and elegant. The display is in the middle surrounded by numbers like a chronometer, It feels exquisite and looks amazing like a Luxurious watch, and on the side has two multifunction buttons. Although it’s an affordable smartwatch, the build quality is high and can be seen through the body, which is slim and light made of high-quality zinc alloy, and with good dimensions, 46.4mm large size, and 12mm thickness of the frame, and lightweight, which makes it comfortable on the wrist.

  • HiFuture FutureGO Pro - Premium Smartwatch with Stainless Steel

The strap is one of the important things to complete the overall look of the watch, that’s why it’s also made of stainless steel and the build quality is excellent and made precisely, for colors you can choose between Black or Silver.

HiFuture FutureGO Pro – Display

The most prominent development of the latest smartwatches is the display, This is what makes the screen in FutureGO Pro a favorite type a large 1.32-inch FHD display, which makes it one of the best circular screens on market. And from this, you notice that the chin of the edges is narrow. If you think we’re done, you’re wrong because the screen is perfect, making it a pivotal selling point. The resolution is 360*360 Pixels with a high refresh rate and this makes it more attractive in the hand and vibrant. Definitely, this affordable smartwatch in terms of size and resolution, even the sharpness of colors and brightness are so good.

HiFuture FutureGO Pro - Premium Smartwatch with Stainless Steel

And as I always say, the reason makes this type of screen is my favorite is that large and takes over most of the interface, with narrow sides, and this is only found in smartwatches with higher costs. I personally prefer this screen over others and would love to see it used more.

Multiple Watch Faces

HiFuture has made a concerted effort to tailor the plethora of watch faces included on the HiFuture FutureGO Pro that’s why brings you many different pre-installed watch faces to choose from, or use the Glory Fit app for more watch faces with over 100 online watch faces are available for download and it’s included a variety of colors, retro, analog, 3D, and digital faces, or you can even use your own photos as a watch face background or any wallpaper and have the possibility of customization.

Waterproof – HiFuture FutureGO Pro

On the whole, it’s a really good-looking watch and doesn’t feel too obtrusive, thanks to its sleek profile. Having 3ATM Waterproof which means you can put it on during the shower or in the pool and you can wear it when washing your hands or on rainy days, and what makes this rating better than IP68 is the possibility of using the watch for swimming because it can withstand pressure at 30m of depth Water. And this you will not find in any other smartwatch. However, exposure to saltwater or hot water can damage it, I prefer to dry the watch after immersing it in water and before operating it so that it stays with you for as long as possible.

HiFuture FutureGO Pro - Premium Smartwatch with Stainless Steel

Under The Hood

When it comes to fitness and everyday health tracking, HiFuture is also strong. The FutureGO Pro watch adopts a built-in chip for faster response speed and faster data processing, and it is powered by 128MB ROM so that the watch can be equipped with more watch faces. For your health, this device has a Low-power dynamic optical heart rate sensor, so this wearable device manages your motion every moment and takes good care of you throughout the day. This watch has the latest Bluetooth v5.0 chip, you will not face any problems in contact because it’s the fastest and most stable. And this version is compatible with Android 5.0 and later or iOS 10.0 and above so the connection is through the Glory Fit app.

Health & Fitness Functions

Considering the level of functionality on offer the HiFuture FutureGO Pro is a great companion if you’re looking for a fitness smartwatch, equipped with 24 multi-sports modes to suit any of your needs. Apart from the sports features, its built-in optical heart rate sensors, with a professional intelligent heart rate algorithm, you can monitor your heart rate in real-time to check whether it’s beating normally or not and monitor sleep to measure your total light sleep, deep sleep, and wake time to provide you with an analysis of your sleep patterns, monitor blood pressure and measure oxygen levels in the blood in real-time to improve for the ability of the cardiovascular system to prevent the low level of oxygen in the blood that causes discomfort to a person’s body.

HiFuture FutureGO Pro - Premium Smartwatch with Stainless Steel


And you will not miss out on important messages or notifications with FutureGO Pro on your wrist. It syncs up with your smartphone to display incoming calls, messages, social media notifications, and other applications, enabling you to stay connected even when you’re on the move.

FutureGO Pro Battery Life & Charging Time

Finally, The battery in smartwatches is no less important than the rest of the functions, And this is what it offers HiFuture FutureGO Pro with a capacity of 430mAh which is considered one of the largest in this range. Battery life is excellent, at least by budget smartwatches standards for up to 20 days in typical use to 15 days in heavy usage. it all depends on how many features you use.

Final Verdict

With HiFuture FutureGO Pro it’s rightfully among the best-made and far-mightiest capable watches this year with a vastly improved look, what you get here is premium materials, looks great, is comfortable and classier-looking wear feels like a quality timepiece, and performs great, with longer battery life and a few additional features, including 3ATM waterproof, and the fitness features are impressive considering it isn’t a dedicated sports watch.

HiFuture FutureGO Pro - Premium Smartwatch with Stainless Steel

Price And Where To Buy

The HiFuture FutureGO Pro Smartwatch is currently available on the HiFuture Official Store for a very good price and you can get a 9$ coupon by using this code: GOPROSALE. So, don’t miss out on this great deal.