Lenovo has been releasing a lot of models of TWS earphones for multiple categories of people by focusing on different aspects of the headphones, today we bring in the LP7 successor which is the Lenovo LP75, it has a different design than most other TWS earphones models that mainly targets sporty people by making it stick very well to the ear and resistant to water droplets and sweat in addition to many other features such as Bluetooth calling and a comfortable sit o the ear even when used for long periods.

The Thinkplus LP75 is equipped with the new and improved Bluetooth 5.3 chip that delivers low latency and a smooth connection with your device especially since it is compatible with most devices that run Bluetooth, it is also equipped with a high-definition microphone and supports Bluetooth calling and it has a huge battery life to give you the best autonomy, but the most important part, is the new and improved hook around the ear, I’ll go over all of this in more detail in this review to find out whether it is worth a buy.

Lenovo LP75 review

Lenovo LP75 Features

  • Innovative Design & Comfortable Earhooks
  • Bluetooth 5.3 Chip
  • 13mm Drivers For High Audio Quality
  • 28h Long Playtime
  • Multifunctional Touch Control
  • IPX5 Waterproof
  • LED Battery Level Indicator
Lenovo LP75 review

Lenovo LP75 Design And Build Quality

Charging Case

The charging case of the Thinkplus LP75 is one of the biggest cases Lenovo has ever made, even bigger than the LP7’s, but that only makes sense when you see the shape of the earbuds themselves, the design is square but curved on every corner which makes it ergonomic and comfortable to hold in one hand, it is made out primarily of plastic with a matt finish to it with the exception of one line that goes all the way around the case which is made of glossy plastic, but it has a functionality, this bit hosts the LED indicator on the front and adds a cool vibe to the design, I think the matt finish is much better than the glossy one for one simple reason which is longevity, the matt doesn’t get scratches and thus looks new for a longer period of time whereas the glossy plastic is easily scratchable and loses its brightness very fast.

Lenovo LP75 Design And Build Quality

From above you can see the Thinkplus logo on the lid, it is not a mere sticker but it’s rather carved and you can feel it with your fingers which i think is much cooler than using stickers, the lid is held magnetically to the rest of the body, even though the magnets are not very strong, you can’t simply open it with one hand, since this case is big you will have to use both hands to open, once you do that you are presented with the headphones compartiments which are made of glossy plastic unlike the rest of the device, right there you can see the contact pins made of copper and are used to charge the headphones themselves when you put them in there appropriate place, one thing you will notice there is the hinge, lenovo went with the one hinge design which looks better but is less durable than the double hinges and you may notice that the lid budges slightly, which is by no means a durability concern unless you don’t handle it properly, but it is still annoying and the hinge itself is unpleasant to look at.

Lenovo LP75 Design And Build Quality

On the front side, we notice two things, the first one is the small cut in the middle that allows you to open the lid more easily, the second and more noticeable thing is the glossy strap that circles the whole case and hosts the LED indicator for the battery level and state, in the black model it does not make a lot of difference but in the white one it makes it look like an orca dolphin and that’s very beautiful, i personally like this design a lot and I give a 10, the LED indicates both the charging case battery level as well as the left and right earpieces battery levels separately.

Lenovo LP75 Design And Build Quality

From behind you will simply find the USB C charging port even though this is a budget device, which is an excellent choice in 2022 moving away from the micro USB which we hope to see more companies do to make the shift easier and quicker, we must appreciate how Lenovo hid the hinge from behind to make the device look more aesthetic at least from outside.

Lenovo LP75 Design And Build Quality

Overall, I really love the shape of the LP75 case, even though it is made of plastic, the craftsmanship is great and it feels sturdy and well made, the size of it is big and you can’t simply put it in your pocket, but it is still very lightweight and has a nice grip in one hand, additionally, it has a base so you can put it on a table and it won’t fall off, also, you won’t have to worry about the lid opening unintentionally or the earbuds falling off since everything is held nicely together.

Lenovo LP75 earbuds

The Lenovo LP75 look a lot like their predecessors, the LP7, they are made out of the same quality of plastic as the case, and their design is nothing like any other, it is optimized for people who want to practice sport or move around a lot during their day while listening to music, podcasts or taking calls, that is because they have equipped it with hooks that go all the way around your ear and help fixate their position even more especially that it is made out of liquid silicon plastic which is environment friendly, keep in mind that models such as the Lenovo XT88 also stick very well and don’t fall off no matter how hard you shake them, but with the hooks, it sticks even more, in comparison to the LP7, these are much more comfortable on the ear and the hook is longer.

The LP75 has an LED dot indicator right under the Lenovo logo, it indicates pairing and battery, right above the logo we find the multifunction touch control area that you can manipulate using only one finger just by a simple touch, the touch control is very responsive but not over-sensitive which means it will execute commands only when you intend on passing them most the time.

Lenovo LP75 earbuds

Overall I think this new design is very niche. I personally prefer small earphones that are discrete and easy to carry around, so this design is going to be very helpful for practicing sports, especially with the ear tips that help it stick inside the ear and the improved hook primarily, but not so much for other activities such as casual listening to music or content consumption since there are better options at the same price range such as the Lenovo XT88 with BT5.3.

Touch Control Panel

The multi-function touch control area of the LP75 is located right above the Lenovo logo in the circle, its location is optimized so it is very hard to miss it which makes it all the more convenient especially when you are running, the touch panel is mainly used to control music playback, volume, and calls, but it can also activate the voice assistant and that opens a whole new set of functionalities, you can check the weather, pass calls, set reminders and more right from your earphones and without pulling your phone out.

Lenovo LP75 Touch Control Panel

The commands and their gestures are as follow:

  • Double tap on any earpiece to pause or resume music
  • Triple tap on the right earpiece to play the next track
  • Triple tap on the left earpiece to play the previous track
  • Long touch on any earphone to activate voice assistant
  • short touch for 2 seconds on any earbud to reject the call 
  • A simple tap on the right earbud to accept the call or end it.


The Lenovo LP75 is waterproof certified, it is one of its main selling points because it allows you to practice sports more freely and not worry about your device getting damaged by sweat droplets or rain even, you can now enjoy practicing sports such as running and skipping rope more freely knowing that the LP75 won’t fall off or get damaged by tiny droplets of sweat around your ear.

Lenovo LP75 waterproof

It’s worth noting that even though they are waterproof, this doesn’t mean that the LP75 is going to withstand a lot of water, thus we advise keeping them away from water such as swimming or washing them with water because that will definitely damage them.

How To Pair Lenovo ThinkPlus LP75

The ThinkPlus LP75 Pro is able to pair with the majority of Bluetooth-enabled devices relatively quickly thanks to the new and improved Bluetooth 5.3 technology chip, this device is also compatible with the majority of contemporary operating systems, including Android, IOS, Mac OS, and Windows.

How To Pair Lenovo ThinkPlus LP75

You must switch on the LP75 earphones by touching the multifunction touch area for 5 seconds before you can pair it with your device, this will put it in pairing mode automatically, you must also switch on Bluetooth on your smartphone and put it in discovery mode, a device under the name Thinkplus LP75 should appear; click on it to enable pairing between the two devices, after that, you may start listening to music or an audiobook and making calls.

It is recommended to fiddle around a little bit with the audio device’s settings, and edit the bass and the equalizer settings to get the best audio quality for your taste, if you are on an apple device you may want to turn it on AAC to get better audio quality. This pairing process is only necessary once; thereafter, you only need to turn Bluetooth on your smartphone and turn on the headphones, and the two will connect automatically without your interference.

Lenovo LP75 – Sound Quality

Speaking of the sound quality, the Lenovo lp75 sounds above average for a device of this price point, thanks to the 13mm large dual driver which is capable of frequencies from 20hz to 20000hz which is the whole spectrum, the earbuds are definitely loud and you can hear them clearly even in complex environments such as when you are practicing sports in the park or even when you are on a bus, the LP75 is quite a bassy device, it has great bass and midbass and you can hear a rumble, some people prefer this, some don’t, fortunately, you can modify this with an equalizer, just mess around with the settings until you find the spot that suits you best, also, you can switch the decoding technology to AAC if you are on an apple device since it delivers superior sound quality, but on androids, for example, it consumes a lot of battery and activating it would be counter-intuitive.

Lenovo LP75 – Sound Quality

Overall, the sound is clear and of high resolution, you won’t hear any distortion or sibilance on the highs since it is well tuned, and thanks to the plastic eartips, it offers some kind of passive noise cancellation and you can use it for an extended period of time because it is comfortable on the ear and lightweight.

Microphone quality

As for the microphone, the LP75 is equipped with a high-definition dual microphone that records clear audio files even in a noisy environment, you can use this feature to either record audio messages or to give commands to the voice assistant, which will help you reduce the usage of your smartphone tremendously, and with the ENC technology, your partners will be able to hear you clearly even if there is noise in the background.

Lenovo LP75 Microphone quality

The LP75 is equipped with Electronic Noise Cancelling (enc) technology that uses the microphones inside the earphone to capture noise and sounds that are far away that disturb the conversation, and using algorithms it cancels them away and doesn’t transmit them to the other end of the call, that means that people chattering and cars honking will never cause the problem again when you are calling your friends, and you will have overall better communication.

Latency and gaming

When it comes to gaming, you are going to need earphones that deliver less than 100ms response time, so you can be on page with the game, but tests have shown that the LP75 delivers a little under 300ms response time, that is by no means going to give you any advantage in gaming and you can definitely find better options in the same price range, I would personally recommend the QCY T20 Earphones with a latency as low as 68ms in gaming mode.

Lenovo LP75 Latency and gaming

Battery And Charging Time

The LP75 is equipped with one of the biggest batteries you will find in a wireless headphone, with a capacity of 300mah, it charges fully in about one hour through the USB C port with the USB C cable that comes included in the box, on the front side you can find the LED indicator that indicates the battery level in real-time, as for the earpieces, each one has a small battery of 40 mah that gives you autonomy of 6 hours of continuous usage, they charge in about 1.5 hours by placing them inside the charging case and the battery level is indicated on the front LED for the left and right earbud.

Final verdict

Finally, I personally think of the Lenovo LP75 as a great choice for people who wanna use them during sports because of the ear hook that gives it even more stability over any other regular earphone, especially since they have made it longer than the one found on the LP7 and even more comfortable on the ear, additionally, it has Bluetooth 5.3 which provides seamless connectivity with most Bluetooth enabled devices as well as a high audio quality, and last but not least, the huge battery autonomy these earphones provide is unmatched by any other model all of this for a very low price of under 20usd, these are its main selling points and I definitely recommend getting them.

Lenovo LP75 review

Lenovo LP75 Price & Where To Buy

The Lenovo LP75 wireless earphone is available on the Aliexpress Store at a discount, check it out, and don’t miss on this great deal.

Lenovo LP75 review

Package content

  • Bluetooth earphones
  • Charging case
  • USB C cable
  • User manual
  • Earphone cups (S, M, L size)
Lenovo LP75 Package content

Lenovo LP75 Specification

  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth 5.3
  • Charging interface: Type-C
  • Communication distance:10 meters (barrier-free open environment)
  • Single playtime: About 6 hours
  • Battery capacity: (single earbud) 40mAh
  • Battery capacity :(charging case) 300mAh
  • Charging time: (earbud) About 1.5 hours
  • Charging time: (charging case) About 1 hour


  1. I bought the LP 75 and each ear acts like a separate Bluetooth device (the name of the device appears on the devices, twice, like 2 devices. By pairing one of the device, it will work in one ear only. Please help. Thanks

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