The TOZO HT2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones emerge as a beacon of affordability and functionality in the crowded market of affordable audio gear. With a TOZO brand reputation for delivering quality at a budget-friendly price point. Priced around the enticing $50 mark, these headphones aim to challenge the notion that high-quality sound and advanced features come with a hefty price tag.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

In a market dominated by high-end brands, the TOZO HT2 stands out by offering a compelling suite of features, including adaptive noise cancellation (ANC), environmental noise cancellation (ENC) for clearer calls, and a customizable EQ through its dedicated app. But the HT2’s appeal doesn’t stop at its noise-canceling capabilities. With the inclusion of Hi-Res Audio certification, these headphones aim to deliver a sound quality that exceeds the expectations set by their price tag.

Moreover, the HT2 headphones are not just about what’s inside. Their design and build quality reflect a thoughtful consideration of both aesthetics and comfort. With a lightweight, foldable structure and soft, cushioned ear cups, these headphones are built for hours of comfortable use with robust build quality that belies its modest price point. This introduction to the TOZO HT2 headphones invites you to delve deeper into their features, performance, and overall value, offering a glimpse into how they manage to set a new standard for budget audio excellence.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

TOZO HT2 Features

  • Super Comfortable Memory Foam & Foldable Design
  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Technology
  • Crystal Clear Calls with Noise Cancellation
  • High-resolution audio with 40mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Transparency Mode & Adaptive Sound Control
  • Wired and Wireless Listening Modes
  • Intuitive Control Scheme for Easy Operation
  • Bluetooth 5.3 for Stable and Quick Pairing
  • Customizable Audio Experience through the TOZO App
  • Support for Multipoint Connectivity
  • AAC & SBC Codec Support
  • Up to 60 Hours of Playtime with Fast Charging
TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

What’s in the Box?

When you open the box of the TOZO HT2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, the first thing you’ll encounter is the headphones themselves. These are the centerpiece of the package, showcasing a sleek design that promises both style and substance. Accompanying the headphones, you’ll find a 3.5mm analog audio cable for those who might prefer or require a wired connection. For charging the headphones, a USB-C cable is provided in the box.

To help you get acquainted with your new headphones, a quick guide, and a detailed user manual are included. These documents are invaluable resources for understanding how to fully utilize the TOZO HT2’s features. From pairing the headphones with your device to navigating the various noise-cancellation modes and making the most of the EQ settings, the guide and manual offer clear instructions and tips to enhance your user experience.

Design and Build Quality

The TOZO HT2 headphones emerge as a noteworthy contender in the budget-friendly audio gear segment, drawing attention not just for their affordability but also for their sophisticated design aesthetics and commendable build quality. Crafted predominantly from high-grade polycarbonate material, the TOZO HT2 headphones are built to withstand the rigors of daily use while maintaining a light and comfortable profile. The choice of polycarbonate, known for its durability and resistance to impact, ensures that the headphones are not only lightweight but also robust enough to handle accidental drops and the usual wear and tear.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

The matte finish applied to the headphones’ exterior is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. It lends the device a premium look that rivals that of more expensive counterparts in the market, while also serving the functional purpose of resisting fingerprints and smudges. Also, the sleek silhouette and understated color scheme lend the headphones a universal appeal. Despite the accessible price tag, there’s nothing cheap about the appearance of the TOZO HT2.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

A crucial aspect of the TOZO HT2’s design is its focus on comfort. The headband is padded with soft protein leather, offering plush comfort even during extended listening sessions. The medium firmness of the foam used strikes an optimal balance between softness and support, contributing to the headphones’ ability to be worn for hours without discomfort.

The headphones feature a customizable head beam, allowing for easy adjustment to accommodate various head sizes and shapes. The mechanism is both smooth and secure, allowing for precise adjustments without feeling too loose or tight. The clamping force is balanced to provide a snug fit that isolates noise effectively without exerting excessive pressure on the ears or the sides of the head.

The ear cups of the TOZO HT2 are designed with user comfort and convenience in mind. The over-ear design ensures that the ear cups encompass the ears rather than pressing on them, reducing the risk of discomfort or fatigue. They are equipped with memory foam inserts covered in soft protein leather, filled with a medium-firmness foam that strikes the perfect balance between plush comfort and adequate support. Furthermore, the ear cups feature a swivel and tilt mechanism, allowing them to adjust to the user’s head and ear shape for a more natural and comfortable fit. The memory foam adapts to the shape of your ears, creating a personalized fit that seals in audio while minimizing external noise.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

While the protein leather and memory foam provide excellent comfort and sound isolation, they also offer decent breathability. During extended listening sessions, it’s natural for headphones to accumulate heat, potentially causing discomfort. The TOZO HT2, however, manages to mitigate this effect through its material choice and design, keeping heat build-up to a minimum and allowing for longer, more enjoyable listening experiences without the need for frequent breaks.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

Weighing in at approximately 254.5 grams, the TOZO HT2 headphones maintain a balance between a substantial feel and lightweight comfort. Their foldable design enhances portability, making them easy to store and transport in a backpack or bag without taking up excessive space.

Button Layout and Functionality

All the controls on the TOZO HT2 are thoughtfully placed on the right ear cup for ease of access. This includes a power button that doubles as a play/pause button and a call assistant trigger, a volume rocker for audio adjustments, and an ANC button to toggle between noise cancellation modes. The inclusion of a 3.5mm auxiliary jack and a USB Type-C charging port further enhances the headphones’ versatility, offering the choice between wired and wireless audio experiences.

  • Power Button: A multifunctional button that not only powers the headphones on and off but also pairs the device with Bluetooth. A long press activates the pairing mode, while a short press can play or pause music, and answer or end phone calls.
  • Volume Controls: Adjacent to the power button are the volume up and down buttons. These serve the dual purpose of adjusting the volume and skipping tracks. A quick press changes the volume, while a long press skip tracks forward (volume up) or backward (volume down).
  • ANC Button: Dedicated to toggling the Active Noise Cancelling feature, this button allows users to switch between ANC modes effortlessly. A single press cycles through the ANC, transparency, and off modes, enabling users to adapt to their environment quickly.

Software Integration and App Functionality

The TOZO app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring a broad range of smartphone users can access its features. Setting up the app involves a straightforward process: download it from the respective app store, open it, and the app automatically prompts you to connect your TOZO HT2 headphones via Bluetooth. The initial pairing is quick, and subsequent connections are nearly instantaneous, highlighting the app’s efficient design and ease of use.

Upon opening the TOZO app, users are greeted with a clean, intuitive interface that prominently displays the battery life of the headphones and offers quick access to the core features. Navigation is user-friendly, with a clear layout that allows users to easily switch between different sections, such as ANC modes, EQ settings, and firmware updates.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Customization

One of the standout features of the TOZO app is the ability to customize the ANC experience. You can choose from multiple ANC modes, including standard noise cancellation, transparency mode for when you need to hear your surroundings, and adaptive noise cancellation that adjusts based on the environmental noise level.

Equalizer (EQ) Settings

The app provides an extensive range of EQ settings to tailor the audio output to the listener’s preference. Besides several presets designed for different music genres, such as Pop, Rock, and Classical, you can also create your custom EQ profiles. This feature is particularly beneficial for audiophiles looking to fine-tune their listening experience or for those who want to enhance certain aspects of their music, podcasts, or movies.

Firmware Updates

TOZO ensures that the HT2 headphones stay up-to-date with the latest features and improvements through firmware updates available directly within the app. These updates can include enhancements to sound quality, battery life, connectivity stability, and even new features, making the headphones feel fresh and keeping them performing at their best over time.

Connectivity and Pairing

The TOZO HT2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones exhibit robust connectivity features, harnessing the power of Bluetooth 5.3 technology to ensure a stable and seamless wireless connection. This latest Bluetooth iteration offers significant improvements in terms of range, energy efficiency, and connection reliability, making the HT2 headphones an excellent companion on the move.

Bluetooth 5.3 technology in the TOZO HT2 facilitates quicker pairing times and a more reliable connection than previous generations. This means you can expect minimal dropouts and a stable listening experience even in areas with potential wireless interference. The extended range of up to 10 meters provides ample freedom to move around without losing connection to the audio source.

The TOZO HT2 headphones offer codec support that strikes a thoughtful balance between widespread compatibility and enhanced audio quality, with support for both the standard SBC codec and the more advanced AAC codec, the HT2 caters to the essential needs of wireless audio transmission while elevating the listening experience, particularly within the Apple ecosystem. SBC, as the universal Bluetooth audio codec, guarantees that the headphones will work with any Bluetooth-enabled device, offering a reliable, if not the highest quality, audio transmission. On the other hand, the inclusion of AAC codec support is a notable addition that appeals to those seeking better sound fidelity without venturing into the audiophile territory. AAC’s efficiency and superior compression algorithms provide clearer, more detailed sound, making the TOZO HT2 headphones a compelling choice for everyday listening, from streaming music and podcasts to watching videos.

Multi-Device Connectivity:

One of the standout features of the TOZO HT2 is its ability to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. This multi-device pairing capability is particularly useful for those who juggle between different audio sources, such as switching from a laptop to a smartphone. This feature minimizes the hassle of manually disconnecting and reconnecting to different devices, providing a seamless transition between your personal and work life.

Multi-device connectivity is a feature found in some Bluetooth headphones and devices, allowing them to connect and maintain active connections with more than one source device simultaneously. This capability is particularly useful for those who frequently switch audio sources, such as moving from listening to music on a tablet to taking a call on a smartphone.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

The practicality of this feature cannot be overstated. Imagine working on your laptop with the HT2 headphones delivering your productivity playlist, and then receiving a call on your smartphone. The headphones can automatically switch the audio source to your phone, allowing you to answer the call without missing a beat. Once the call ends, audio playback from your laptop resumes, ensuring a fluid and uninterrupted experience.

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Modes & Capabilities

The TOZO HT2 offers several ANC modes, accessible through its companion app. These modes include the standard ANC mode, a transparency mode for when you need to be aware of your environment, and a wind noise reduction setting that’s particularly useful for outdoor activities. The flexibility to switch between these modes enhances the headphones’ versatility, from bustling city streets to quiet office spaces.

Standard ANC Mode

The TOZO HT2 headphones bring to the market an impressive suite of features for an affordable price point, with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) being one of its standout capabilities. ANC technology in headphones is designed to reduce unwanted ambient sounds using active noise control. The HT2 employs a hybrid ANC system that combines feedforward and feedback ANC, allowing it to capture a broader range of external noises from various environments. This system analyzes the sound patterns of incoming noise and then generates opposite sound waves to cancel it out. This method is particularly effective against low-frequency noises such as the hum of an airplane engine, traffic noise, or the background sounds of an office environment, providing a significantly quieter listening experience.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

In practical scenarios, the TOZO HT2 demonstrates commendable noise-cancellation capabilities, particularly when considering its price point. The headphones excel in reducing consistent low-frequency sounds, commuters will find the headphones quite effective in diminishing the rumble of public transportation, while office workers can enjoy a reduction in chatter and the hum of HVAC systems.

While the TOZO HT2 does an admirable job in many scenarios, it’s important to set realistic expectations. It’s worth noting that while the ANC feature reduces a substantial amount of noise, it may not completely isolate the wearer from very loud or high-frequency noises, like human speech or doorbells ringing. This limitation is not unique to the TOZO HT2 but is rather a common challenge faced by many ANC headphones, especially those in the budget category.

Adaptive Mode

An intriguing aspect of the TOZO HT2 is its adaptive noise cancellation mode. This intelligent feature adjusts the level of noise cancellation based on the ambient noise detected by the headphones’ microphones. This mode is suitable for those moving between different noise environments, as it seamlessly transitions the intensity of noise cancellation to ensure optimal audio experience without manual intervention.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

Transparency Mode

Transparency Mode, also known as Ambient Sound Mode, is designed for those moments when you need to stay aware of your surroundings without removing the headphones. This mode amplifies external sounds, allowing one to hear announcements, conversations, and environmental noises. It’s ideal for situations where situational awareness is crucial, such as walking in busy streets or waiting for flight announcements at an airport.

Wind Noise Reduction

Outdoor activities often bring the challenge of wind interference, which can severely impact listening quality. The Wind Noise Reduction mode specifically targets and minimizes the sound of wind passing over the microphone, ensuring clearer audio playback and call quality. This mode is a boon for outdoor runners, cyclists, and anyone who enjoys listening to music or podcasts while engaging in outdoor activities.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

Sound Quality

The TOZO HT2 headphones are not just another entrant in the crowded market of audio gear; they represent an ambitious endeavor by TOZO to blend affordability with high-fidelity sound. With a price point that significantly undercuts its premium competitors, the HT2 seeks to democratize high-quality audio for the masses. At the heart of this mission is a robust sound signature characterized by depth, clarity, and balance, catering to both audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

Bass Response:

Bass performance is often the litmus test for headphones, and the TOZO HT2 stands tall in this domain. Equipped with dynamic 40mm drivers, these headphones produce a bass response that is both voluminous and precise. The low-end frequencies are rendered with a palpable sense of depth and dynamism, making electronic beats throb with energy and kick drums resonate with authority. This bass foundation does not bleed into the midrange, preserving the integrity of the overall sound signature.

The HT2’s bass is notably versatile, capable of delivering the subtle nuances in jazz double bass lines as well as the synthesized bass drops in EDM tracks. This adaptability ensures that regardless of your musical preferences, the HT2 provides a solid and satisfying low-end foundation.

Midrange Clarity:

The midrange is where the TOZO HT2 starts to flex its muscles, showcasing an ability to present vocals and instruments with remarkable clarity and warmth. This clarity ensures that vocal performances, from the delicate whispers of a singer-songwriter to the powerful belts of a soul vocalist, are conveyed with emotional resonance and nuance.

Instrumental timbres, too, are reproduced with fidelity. Whether it’s the warm strumming of an acoustic guitar or the complex harmonies of a string quartet, the HT2 captures the textures and tones that give music its color and life. The midrange is balanced, avoiding the common pitfalls of muddiness or thinness that can plague lesser headphones.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

Treble Detail:

In the treble range, the HT2 exhibits a sprightly character that injects songs with a sense of airiness and detail. Cymbal crashes shimmer, and the sibilance in vocal performances is articulated without becoming piercing. This brightness in the treble adds a layer of excitement to the listening experience, enhancing the detail in high-frequency instruments and electronic effects. The treble performance is a testament to TOZO’s tuning philosophy, which aims to strike a balance between energy and listenability. Even at high volumes, the treble remains composed, ensuring that extended listening sessions do not result in listener fatigue.

Soundstage and Imaging:

One of the most surprising aspects of the TOZO HT2’s performance is its soundstage, which is impressively expansive for closed-back, over-ear headphones at this price point. The headphones offer a stereo image that feels broad and deep, allowing music to breathe and envelop the listener. Imaging, or the ability to pinpoint the spatial location of instruments and vocals within the soundstage, is commendably precise. This spatial accuracy enhances the immersive quality of live recordings and orchestral pieces, where the sense of space and placement is crucial to the listening experience.

High-Resolution Audio:

The HT2’s Hi-Res Audio certification shines brightest when the headphones are used in wired mode. While Bluetooth performance is robust, connecting the HT2 via the 3.5mm audio cable unlocks its full high-resolution potential. This mode offers an ultra-wide frequency response, from 16 Hz to 44.1 kHz, extending beyond the limits of human hearing to capture the subtlest nuances in high-quality recordings. In wired mode, listeners can experience the full dynamic range of their music, with enhanced clarity and separation across the frequency spectrum. This capability makes the HT2 an attractive option for audiophiles seeking an affordable entry point into high-resolution audio.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

Battery Performance and Endurance:

When evaluating wireless headphones, battery life stands as a critical factor for those who prioritize uninterrupted listening experiences. The TOZO HT2 headphones excel in this domain, boasting an impressive battery endurance that caters to extensive use without frequent recharging. So, HT2 headphones come equipped with a 500mAh battery, a capacity that promises longevity and reliability. In a market where endurance is key, the HT2 sets itself apart by offering up to 60 hours of playback time with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) turned off. This staggering figure ensures that you can enjoy over two days of continuous use on a single charge.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

With ANC activated, the HT2 still impresses, providing up to 40 hours of playback. This feature-rich mode, essential for those seeking solace in noisy environments, does consume more power, yet TOZO ensures that even the most discerning audiophiles have ample time to enjoy their music, podcasts, or videos without constant interruptions for charging.

Equipped with a USB Type-C charging port, the TOZO HT2 embraces the convenience and speed of modern charging standards. The headphones support quick charging if you are in a rush. A mere 10-minute charge can yield several hours of playback, for a full charge, the HT2 requires approximately two hours, a reasonable wait for the extensive playback time it offers.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

Call Quality and Microphone Performance

The TOZO HT2 headphones distinguish themselves not only through their audio playback capabilities but also in their call quality and microphone performance. Designed with both Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technologies, these headphones aim to deliver clear and crisp voice quality during calls, even in noisy environments. So, it is equipped with a built-in microphone system designed to enhance voice clarity while minimizing background noise. During calls, the microphone’s ENC feature actively works to filter out ambient sounds, focusing on the speaker’s voice. This technology is particularly beneficial in bustling settings, such as busy streets or crowded offices, where background noise can significantly disrupt communication. Test calls conducted in various environments have shown that the microphone effectively reduces environmental noise, allowing callers on the other end to hear the speaker without excessive interference.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

Voice clarity during calls is commendable on the TOZO HT2 headphones. So, the voices come through naturally and are easily understandable without the need to raise their voices. This clarity is maintained across different types of calls, including standard voice calls, video conferencing, and voice recordings. The headphones’ ability to maintain consistent voice clarity, even when transitioning between quiet and noisy environments, stands out as a strong point.

The ANC and ENC features play a crucial role in enhancing call quality. The ANC helps the listener by reducing background noise, making it easier to focus on the conversation. Simultaneously, the ENC improves the caller’s voice by suppressing ambient noise on their end. This dual noise cancellation system ensures a two-way clarity that is often lacking in headphones within this price range.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

While the TOZO HT2 performs admirably in call quality and microphone performance, there are limitations to consider. In extremely noisy environments, some background noises may still penetrate the ENC filter, though to a much lesser extent than without any noise cancellation. Additionally, wind noise can sometimes pose a challenge, affecting microphone performance during outdoor calls. However, these limitations are relatively minor and do not significantly detract from the overall positive call experience.

Gaming Experience:

The gaming and multimedia experience is a crucial aspect when selecting headphones, especially for those who not only listen to music but also enjoy movies, videos, and gaming sessions. The TOZO HT2, with its Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling feature and Hi-Res Audio, positions itself as a potentially versatile contender in this space.

For gamers, latency is the make-or-break factor. The TOZO HT2, equipped with Bluetooth 5.3, promises a stable connection, which is fundamental for a seamless gaming experience. However, it’s essential to note that Bluetooth headphones can’t eliminate latency, which might affect competitive gaming scenarios where every millisecond counts.

During casual gaming sessions, the TOZO HT2 performs admirably. Games with rich soundtracks and detailed sound effects are a delight, thanks to the headphones’ dynamic drivers that deliver a robust bass response and clear highs. The immersive soundstage further enhances the experience, making environmental sounds and in-game dialogues more engaging and lifelike.

However, when it comes to fast-paced competitive games, slight delays in audio cues could be noticeable. This isn’t a dealbreaker for casual gamers but could be a limitation for those who rely on split-second reactions. For a latency-free experience, utilizing the included 3.5mm audio cable connects the headphones directly to your gaming console or PC, significantly improving real-time audio feedback.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones Review: Superior Sound & Comfort Under $50?

Concluding Verdict: Is TOZO HT2 Worth Your Money?

After delving into the intricate details of the TOZO HT2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, it’s time to address the pivotal question: Are these headphones worth the investment? Given its price point of approximately $55, the TOZO HT2 presents itself as an exceptionally appealing option in the budget-friendly segment of ANC headphones.

The standout features of the TOZO HT2, such as its robust ANC capabilities, commendable battery life, and the inclusion of a customizable EQ via its companion app, make it a noteworthy contender. The headphones offer a balanced sound profile that can be fine-tuned to one’s preference, enhancing the listening experience for a variety of audio content. This level of personalization, coupled with the headphones’ ability to deliver high-res audio in wired mode, positions them as a versatile choice.

However, it’s important to temper expectations when it comes to comparing the HT2’s ANC performance with that of higher-end models. While effective in reducing ambient noise, the ANC might not offer the same level of silence as its premium counterparts. This, along with the absence of features like water resistance, are considerations to keep in mind. Also, comfort is another significant advantage, with the HT2’s soft ear pads and adjustable headband ensuring a snug and pleasant fit, even during prolonged use. This aspect, along with its foldable design, underscores the HT2’s suitability for everyday use.