On the step of rendering a vibrant world for artistic participants and serving as an upgraded version of UE12, ugee has once again raised the bar with its latest offering, UE16 Drawing Monitor

With the UE16, you can expect nothing short of perfection. All the sharers dwelling in the artistic community can now enjoy the ample canvas, ultra color display, authentic pencil-on-paper experience, and immersive high-efficiency, all at one unmatched value. Whether you are a novice in the artistry or a seasoned artist belonging to your field, this device is the ultimate companion on your journey of inspiration.

15.4-inch larger space without extra burden

Break away from the stereotype that a bigger display means added bulkiness, UE16 renders you the expansive 15.4’’ canvas that weighs only 1.28kg, lighter than the average laptop, yielding expansive space to release creativity in a fancy-free gesture.

143% sRGB ultra color gamut for every stroke

With the capacity of up to 143% sRGB color gamut, the UE16 delivers an enriched palette containing 16.7 million colors that stay true to your vision, breathing life into images. Every stroke and shade will be represented accurately and vibrantly on screen, allowing for a more immersive experience. From vibrant hues to subtle gradients, the UE16 brings your imagination to life in a way you never thought possible.

Pencil-like stylus blessed with 16K-level pressure 

While, the UE16 isn’t just about the aesthetics, but also performance. This drawing monitor first introduces the U-Pencil for all of you. The slender design ensures your comfortable grip and the EMR technology can be employed without charging anxiety. With its 16K levels of pressure sensitivity, you can enjoy precise control over each stroke to reoccur the intricate details at ease.

Featuring an eraser with pressure and two shortcut keys allowed for customization, you can access these handy tools just around your fingertips. Moreover, the shorter recoiling distance and boosted center accuracy escort your creation with no wobbling or rebounding.

Discover ugee UE16 Drawing Monitor - Embrace the Vibrant Essence of Colors

Dual set of shortcuts at your fingertip and pen nib

Say goodbye to your keyboard and mouse, and embrace the floating and physical shortcut keys represented by ugee. At your pen nib, there are 16 pcs floating shortcuts to be customized, melting those tools all into your workflow. Along with 8 physical shortcuts as well as a scroll wheel, UE16 caters to your preference for both tactile feedback and swift actions.
All in all, UE16 has truly outdone itself as a top-notch drawing monitor that combines both substance and performance, sure to impress even the most discerning artists. If you have failed to catch the creative tide of UE12, do not let this vibrant vibe slip away again!

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