In the changing market of smartwatches, the HK9 Pro has established itself as a compelling contender. Today, we embark on a full journey to explore the nuances between both the HK9 Pro and HK9 Pro 2 Gen vying for your attention, it’s essential to delve into the details and compare these two devices. Today, we’ll provide you with a quick comparison, highlighting the differences between the HK9 Pro First and Second Generations that might sway your choice. So, without further ado, let’s explore these smartwatches and find out which version is the best fit for you.

In-Depth Comparison of HK9 Pro and HK9 Pro 2 Gen: Which Smartwatch Reigns Supreme?

Design and Build

The first and second generations of the HK9 Pro share a striking resemblance, boasting a bold 46mm size and a sleek matte frame. Their substantial presence on your wrist is undeniable, surpassing even the mighty Apple Watch Series 8 in terms of dimensions. However, there’s a caveat when it comes to cases. The Apple Watch Series 8 case is a tight fit, and while it is possible to use a silicone case, it compromises the aesthetic, and button presses, particularly the note key, become somewhat challenging.

In-Depth Comparison of HK9 Pro and HK9 Pro 2 Gen: Which Smartwatch Reigns Supreme?

The key difference here is the slightly loose scroll wheel on the first-generation HK9 Pro, whereas the second generation addresses this issue with a tighter, more responsive scroll wheel. Strap security is also improved in the second generation, as it prevents accidental strap release, an issue some users encountered with the first generation.


One of the most notable distinctions between these two generations lies in the realm of displays. Both devices sport AMOLED screens, offering impressive clarity and vivid colors. However, it’s the second generation that truly shines in this department. Its colors are vibrant and saturated, elevating the visual experience. The red-black Compass watch face on the first generation can sometimes appear a little orange, whereas the second generation delivers pure, deep reds, demonstrating a higher level of color fidelity.

In-Depth Comparison of HK9 Pro and HK9 Pro 2 Gen: Which Smartwatch Reigns Supreme?

The vibrancy of colors isn’t limited to watching faces alone; it permeates throughout the user interface. Icons, menu elements, and even the Control Center benefit from these rich, saturated colors, providing a more visually appealing and immersive experience.

Always-On Display

Arguably one of the most significant advancements in the second generation is the Always-On Display (AOD) feature. In the first generation, the screen times out after a mere 10 seconds of inactivity. In stark contrast, the second generation allows users to configure the AOD to stay on for 12 or 24 hours, or even indefinitely until the battery is depleted. This feature, a long-standing user request, fundamentally transforms the usability of the HK9 Pro, enhancing its functionality and convenience.

In-Depth Comparison of HK9 Pro and HK9 Pro 2 Gen: Which Smartwatch Reigns Supreme?

Gesture Controls

Both generations include the convenient “Raise to Wake” feature, ensuring that the screen comes to life with a simple movement of your wrist. However, the second generation introduces an innovative “Palm Gesture” for additional control over the display, providing a new level of flexibility in your interaction with the device.

Performance and Hardware

Both generations of the HK9 Pro are powered by the robust SF32LB551, representing the pinnacle of processing power in the realm of Apple Watch replicas. These chips enable fluid navigation through the user interface, ensuring that your interactions with the device are seamless and responsive. However, subtle differentiators emerge when you delve into the settings. The second generation takes the lead with an additional product name in the Bluetooth settings, labeled as “HK One,” alongside the generic “HK9 Pro” name. This nifty addition hints at the improvements tucked away in the newer version.

Chat GPT

The second generation introduces an exciting feature that sets it apart – Chat-GPT. This feature has the potential to transform how you use your smartwatch, enhancing its utility and providing an even more personalized experience. For an in-depth guide on utilizing Chat GPT, you can find a tutorial in the description box below, offering you a deeper insight into this innovative function.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, when deciding between the HK9 Pro and HK9 Pro 2 Gen, it ultimately comes down to your priorities and preferences. If you prioritize a vibrant and always-on display, improved color saturation, and innovative features like Chat GPT, the second generation is a clear choice. While the first generation still holds its own, the second generation’s enhancements make it a compelling option for those seeking a more immersive and dynamic smartwatch experience.

Here’s a table comparing the key features and differences between the HK9 Pro First Generation and HK9 Pro Second Generation:

FeatureHK9 Pro First GenerationHK9 Pro Second Generation
Design & Build46mm size, matte frame46mm size, matte frame
Similar designImproved scroll wheel
Performance & HardwareSF32LB551 chipSF32LB551 chip
Additional product name (HK One)
DisplayAMOLED displayAMOLED display
Colors somewhat washed outVibrant and saturated colors
Always-On Display (AOD)10-second screen timeoutConfigurable AOD (12/24 hours or indefinite)
Gesture ControlsRaise to Wake featureRaise to Wake feature
The colors somewhat washed out
Smooth PerformanceSmooth UISmooth UI
Chat GPTNot availableAvailable