After a long absence from the last review of the Haylou earbuds, one of the best Xiaomi branches the manufacturer of the wireless earbuds in the market, after the success that Haylou GT1 Pro, we are back today with another review of the latest generation of the Haylou GT series, what is known as Haylou GT5, this update have all the basic attributes you need when it comes to a truly wireless earbud, AAC Advanced Audio Coding, New-Gen Bluetooth 5.0, Dual Master Earbuds, 24h Long Battery Life, 3.9g Super Light Weight, and more functions at a cheap price under $30.


Haylou GT5 Earphone Features

  • AAC Advanced Audio Coding
  • New-Gen Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dual Master Earbuds
  • 24h Long Battery Life
  • 3.9g (Single Earbud) Super Light Weight
  • Voice Assistant
  • Wireless charging
  • 65ms Game Low Latency

Design And Build Quality:

Charging Case:

The Haylou GT5 wireless earbuds adopt a simple design, as for the charging case, it has a familiar design in the form of a rounded rectangle at the corners, small and light not exceeding 40 grams, made of black matt plastic with a logo trademark Haylou engraved on the top of the charging case. There is also a long slit in the middle of the front to open the case, which is surrounded by a built-in magnet for easy opening and closing with one hand. Inside the charging case, there is a place for earphones with an automatic charging start. And below a slit, there 3 LED indicators with white color, which Indicate battery condition. The most important thing is the presence of the Type-C charging port, Its position from the back was good, rather than the bottom, which is annoying in some cases.

The bottom of the charging case is flat for easy stability and has information that includes the product, model, charging information, battery capacity, and other information. which can be charged by placing the charging box on the wireless charging panel.


We are now moving on to the elegant, Haylou GT5 wireless earphone with a small design “bean format” with matt black color and the most important, the body is light about 3.9g only to be comfortable on the ear and with stability during movement that helps it in this, soft silicone ear tips with a circular hole to relieve pressure inside the earphone, Which can balance indoor and outdoor air pressure and ventilation.

Also, “L” and “R” logos are printed on the bottom of the headphone grip to distinguish between the left and right ears. Nearby, there two magnetic charging contact and a microphone pick-up slot with good and clear sound reception during the call with the help of a noise reduction slot on the outside of the earphone, which cooperates with the microphone to accurately distinguish between human voice and noise.

Touch Control Panel:

And to control, their touch panel high-precision is located at the top of the earphone handle with the LED indicator, which can achieve precise control with very responsive touch sensitivity.


The control consists of turning the headphones on / off, answering / holding / rejecting a call, playing/pausing music, switching tracks, Wake up the voice assistant, and turn on the low latency mode, and other operations. The GT5 does not have the function of customizing touch or increasing and reducing volume.

  • Answer/end call: Click 2 times
  • Reject call: Long press for 1s
  • Play/pause music: Click 1 time
  • Previous / Next song: Click 2 times on L / R
  • Voice assistant: Click 3 Times on L
  • Game mode (Tum on/Turn off): Click 3 times on R

The high-precision infrared can accurately sense the wearing state of the earbud. Take it off to automatically pause and put it on To continue playing.


Regarding water resistance, their biggest letdown is the lack of a water resistance rating and there are no official announcements of the existing protection on the earphones this means these buds are not for fitness. However, Haylou always adds this function, which makes us believe that there is at least IPX4 protection for light splashes of water.

How To Pair Haylou GT5 With Smartphone:

The Haylou GT5 TWS Earbuds offer strong compatibility with both, IOS and Android devices and adopt Bluetooth 5.0 Technology for stable and strong transmission, lower delay, and more smooth connection for supreme sound quality. And you can enjoy music at a length of 10 meters even with thin walls between you and your device.

However, the pairing of the GT5 is the same as any wireless earbuds, all you have to do is open the charging case and take out the earbuds and will turn on automatically and enter the pairing state.

Immediately after that, open the Bluetooth interface of the smartphone, and the device name “Haylou GT5” will be automatically recognized, click on it, and the pairing is completed successfully. The pairing is done manually once, and after that it is automatic, you just have to remove it from the box and use it.

Audio Quality:

The Haylou GT5 is one of the best budget truly wireless earbuds in the current market. have a wonderful stereo effect, with a great volume level, perfect bass, and contains well-defined tones, to deliver perfect performance in the full range with a better sound stage, thanks to the hybrid driver that combines dynamic units size 7.2mm Polymer Resin Diaphragm Speaker and AAC high-definition audio encoding, so that dynamic sound delivers smooth, natural sound of pop, rock, and other strong rhythms. The armature driver delivers powerful, more accurate bass to provide more detail and excels in soothing genres such as acoustic and classical. This is done via the high-definition AAC HD audio codec to deliver the best HIFI stereo for all music styles in this price range.

With Dual Master Earbuds, GT5 supports dual-channel simultaneous transmission with left and right ear separation design. Put on one earbud to enter mono mode, and then the other to instantly restore stereo mode.

Noise Cancelation Technology:

One of the strengths of the Haylou GT5 is the noise reduction technology, thanks to the buds are lightweight which have a secure enough fit to provide quality passive noise isolation to give an immersive experience for the user.

Here comes the noise reduction hole at the top that is responsible for capturing the environmental noise while using the internal digital signal processing algorithm to reduce the background noise when making calls to achieve clear sound. So the sound here is satisfying because it’s not very muffled and it’s not hissing, but that doesn’t mean there’s no noise at all. Overall, the GT5 performs well enough for earphones of this size and price.

Delay In Earphone:

The Xiaomi Haylou GT5 features advanced ultra-low latency technology, of just 65 milliseconds, So the sound is ahead of the video or game.

For the test, it was enough to tap the earphone three times and it activated the low latency Gamer mode. you can watch videos or playing online games on both iPhone and Android without noticeable audio delay, even in the YouTube or Netflix app which is always a challenge on iPhone. However, it did well.
Unfortunately, there is a slight delay in audio of around 0.5s when playing games, which is almost normal, and you can find it on most wireless headphones in this price range.

Haylou GT5 Battery And Charging Time:

Regarding the battery, the charging case of the Haylou GT5 headphones is equipped with a built-in 580mAh lithium polymer battery, it provides an additional 24 hours of uninterrupted playback for the user, which is great, it is above average autonomy if we compare that with other headphones. Apart from high-end brands like the Apple Airpod Pro, has more battery life than the Haylou GT5.


When the earbud is placed in the charging case, the earphone will automatically enter the charging state.


the storage box itself can be recharged for 2 hours, then the earphones can be recharged 4-5 times with a battery capacity of 40mAh, which can be used for 4-5 hours on a single charger at 0 to 100% from 1 hour to 2 hours, the standby time is up to 60 hours. The case is recharged via USB-C at the back of the case or by using wireless charging through the Qi standard, however, the charging time is a bit long.

LED indicators for battery level:

The case features indicator lights. Let you know how much power is left from three LEDs that act as a progress indicator and charge gauge. Open and close the case, and the lights will tell you how much power you have left.

3 LEDs: 70 to a full battery.
2 LEDs: 40 to 70%.
1 light on and flashes intermittently: from 0 to 40%.



If you ask me is the Haylou GT5 worth buying? Yes, it is a good investment. In this price category, sound quality is one of the main factors for choosing headphones, for this GT5 has a great stereo effect, with well-defined tones and bass that don’t burn. With that, it becomes a great earphone for those who like different musical styles. so that you can enjoy the best sound quality in budget headphones. Even the battery is good and lasts a long time.


Haylou GT5 Price And Where To Buy:

The Haylou GT5 Earphone is currently available on Banggood and Amazon and Aliexpress store for a very good price So, don’t miss out on this great deal. And to view its price or buy it, you can access the offer by clicking on the store icon.


Package  Included

  • Pair of Haylou GT5 Earphones
  • Charging Case
  • User Manual
  • Type-C cable
  • 3x Eartips

Haylou GT5 Earphone Specifications

 Wearing TypeIn-Ear
Net Weight (g)Single Earbud: 3.9g
With MicrophoneYes
Bluetooth VersionV5.0
Supported ProfilesHSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
Transmission Distance33 feet (10m)
Frequency Response20-20kHz
Battery CapacityEarbud: 40mAh
Charging Box: 580mAh
Charging Time (h)Earbuds: about 2h 
Charging Case: about 3h
Standby time: Approx. 60hr
Working Time (h)about 4h  (with Charging Case: About 24h)