After the success of Lenovo Bone conduction earphones, they are here today with a new product of the same category, the Lenovo LP76. It’s an affordable bone conduction earphone designed for sports and made comfortable for long times of usage, it comes in an earhook design and is made with skin friendly material. It boasts a Bluetooth 5.3 chip with Bluetooth calling and support for both AAC and SBC codecs and is powered by a 400mAh lithium battery which delivers up to 25 hours of playtime, the earbuds have a 13mm driver and a microphone each, it supports gaming mode and has sound isolation, so is this a good option or is there better ones?

Lenovo LP76 earphones

Lenovo LP76 – Features

  • Bone conduction, preserves your ear’s health
  • Ear-hook design for comfortable wear and stability
  • Bluetooth 5.3 fast & stable
  • 13 mm driver, Hi-Fi Stereo sound
  • OWS, improved sound quality and isolation
  • 400 mAh Long lasting Battery
  • 10 hours of continuous playtime

Design & Build Quality

Charging Case

When it comes to the design and build quality of the Lenovo LP76 Bone Conduction Earphones, innovation meets practicality. The charging case, weighing in at 120g, may be slightly heavier and larger than its smaller counterparts, but it’s still highly portable. What sets this case apart is its creative shell design. Made from plastic with a matte finish, it’s divided into two compartments. The lower compartment houses the battery, while the upper part features a unique transparent lid that opens from left to right, a deviation from the usual front-to-back lid style.

Lenovo LP76 earphones - Design and build quality

The case is adorned with an LED light that turns red during charging and blue when you open the lid. The “Thinkplus” logo graces one side, while the USB-C charging port is conveniently located on the front side.

Earbuds & Touch Control

The earbuds themselves exhibit a thoughtful design. Comprising two compartments connected by a flexible stem, they comfortably fit behind your ear. The body, constructed from plastic with a matte finish, exudes an elegant look and a pleasant tactile feel. Importantly, it resists fingerprint smudges and scratches, ensuring a clean appearance.

The earhook style of the LP76 earphones makes them ideal for sports enthusiasts. These earphones stay securely in place, even during rigorous physical activities, providing both stability and comfort. While they are slightly heavier and larger than traditional earphones, the skin-friendly materials used ensure prolonged comfort, allowing you to wear them for extended periods without discomfort.

The touch control area, conveniently located on the exterior side that adheres to your ears, is optimized for one-finger operation. Its generous size ensures easy access even during movement. The touch controls are intuitive, resembling those found on many Lenovo earphones, making it easy for existing Lenovo earphone owners to adapt. Functions include playback control, volume adjustment, call management, and quick access to your device’s assistant. Additionally, the earphones offer a gaming mode for reduced latency, catering to gamers.

Lenovo LP76 – Connectivity

Pairing the Lenovo LP76 earphones is a breeze, thanks to their Bluetooth 5.3 chip. These earphones are compatible with a wide range of devices, irrespective of their operating system or Bluetooth version, as long as they are relatively recent. They establish a fast and stable connection with smartphones and PCs, ensuring reliability. The Bluetooth 5.3 technology is not only power-efficient but also plays a pivotal role in extending the battery life, offering more autonomy.

Lenovo LP76 earphones - connectivity

The LP76 provides a range of approximately 10 meters, though this can vary depending on environmental obstacles. Notably, it supports both AAC and SBC codecs, making it versatile for various devices. AAC is ideal for Apple devices, delivering superior audio quality with reasonable battery consumption. SBC, on the other hand, offers excellent battery life with decent audio quality for Android devices. Initial pairing is required only once for each new device, with subsequent pairings being automatic thanks to the automatic pairing feature.

Lenovo LP76 – Sound & Call Quality

One of the standout features of the Lenovo LP76 earphones is the inclusion of OWS (Open Sound System) technology, which promises enhanced sound quality, sound isolation, and noise reduction. These earphones are equipped with a 13mm driver, capable of delivering frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with an emphasis on bass.

Lenovo claims that the LP76 earphones offer sound isolation, smart noise reduction, and hi-fi sound quality with strong bass. However, given their bone conduction design, which doesn’t seal the ear canal, expectations should be tempered. Bone conduction earphones prioritize ear health over traditional sound quality and bass performance. Consequently, they may not match traditional in-ear or over-ear headphones in terms of audio richness.

Lenovo LP76 earphones - sound and call quality

It’s important to note that bone conduction earphones may experience more significant sound leakage compared to traditional earphones. If you’re seeking earphones with emphasis on sound quality and bass, Lenovo offers alternatives like the Lenovo GM2 Pro or Lenovo XT88.

Each earphone features a visible microphone cut on the exterior, enhancing the Bluetooth calling experience. Combined with call controls, Lenovo promises an uninterrupted HD calling experience.

Lenovo LP76 Low Latency and Gaming

For gamers, the Lenovo LP76 includes an integrated gaming mode that can be activated with a simple triple press of the multifunction buttons. While this mode reduces latency and improves the gaming experience to some extent, it’s essential to manage expectations, especially for budget earphones. If low latency is a priority, alternatives such as the Lenovo GM2 Pro and Baseus AeQur G10 offer better gaming performance.

Lenovo LP76 earphones - low latency and gaming

Lenovo LP76 – Battery Life And Charging

The LP76’s battery life and charging capabilities are noteworthy. The charging case boasts a 400mAh capacity, providing a total playtime of up to 25 hours. Charging the case takes approximately 2 hours using the included USB-C cable, which conveniently connects to the port on the case’s backside. Each earphone has an 85mAh battery, offering an impressive continuous playtime of 10 hours. The charging case can recharge the earphones up to three times.

Lenovo LP76 earphones - battery life

The Bluetooth 5.3 chip plays a significant role in extending battery life by optimizing connections and minimizing energy loss. With this combination of features, you can enjoy an extended listening experience without frequent interruptions for charging.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Lenovo LP76 Bone Conduction Earphones offer a unique blend of comfort and ear health preservation. Their innovative design, comfortable ear hook style, and impressive battery life make them a compelling choice for those seeking an active lifestyle companion. While they may not compete with traditional earphones in terms of sound quality and bass, their primary focus is on maintaining ear health.

Lenovo LP76 earphones -

With an affordable price point of around $18 on the AliExpress store, the Lenovo LP76 earphones deliver exceptional value. However, if you’re exploring other options, consider checking out the Lenovo X3 Pro Bone Conduction Earphones and the Lenovo XT80, both of which offer outstanding features at an affordable price. Ultimately, the Lenovo LP76 is a solid choice for those who prioritize comfort, health, and affordability in their earphone selection.