Lenovo one of the most famous and best producers of low-cost earbuds is back with a new upgrade from the QT Series under the name Lenovo QT81 that has a modern design, better hardware, and features.

This new upgrade gives the earphones an improved look with a better design similar to Lenovo XT82 with a power display for the case and buds. It’s equipped with 13mm dynamic drivers for clear and detailed sound, powerful bass, and one of the biggest batteries with 1200mAh, and the latest Bluetooth v5.0 technology. And most importantly, has IPX4 Waterproof at an attractive and low-cost price for anyone, it seems that they offer everything. But that’s on paper, so it might be different in reality? let’s take a look deep and see if they are good or just cheap scrap.

Lenovo QT81 Earbuds Review

Lenovo QT81 Features

  • Innovative Design & Comfortable Fit
  • Battery Digital Display
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Chip
  • 13mm Large Drivers
  • 30h long playtime
  • IPX4 Waterproof
Lenovo QT81 Earbuds Review

Design And Build Quality

Charging Case

From the aesthetic, Lenovo adopts a simple and elegant design with some touches that make the earbuds more unique. The charger case, which is a rectangle shape with a compact size enough to fit in a pocket, and light at just 40g, is made of matte black or white with a transparent cover, allowing you to see the battery indicator display. Also, there is the brand logo Lenovo is embossed in grey on the top of the charger case. It looks sturdy, compact and in principle should withstand any fall or accidental impact without problems.

  • Lenovo QT81 Earbuds Review

There is also a long slot in the center of the front to open the case, which is surrounded by a built-in magnet for easy opening and closing with one hand. Once opened, there is room for the earbuds with an automatic charging start. One of the most important features is the LED display that indicates the battery charge percentage of the case and buds.

  • Lenovo QT81 Earbuds Review

The bottom of the charging case is flat for easy stability, On the back has USB-C charging port which is in a good place, especially on non-wireless charging cases. And next to it there is a USB-A port, If you are wondering about its role, through it you can do reverse charging, which means charging other devices, thanks to a huge battery that acts as a power bank.

Lenovo QT81 Earbuds

Looking at the design, The feel of the Lenovo QT81 Wireless Headphone is excellent and these are well-made with a small design, and short stem. design in a matte black finish while the exterior has an inscription in gray and features a touch panel, and most importantly the body is Lightweight at only about 4g to be comfortable on the ear while on the go. The strange thing is these ear tips are not made of soft silicone, they are made of a single material similar to AirPods. I find the QT81 comfortable to wear and the fit feels secure and has a perfect shape; It is ergonomically designed to passively block out background noise and distractions.

Besides the touch control, there is a magnetic charging connector and with a total of four microphones, 2 for each bud, which is responsible for reducing ambient noise for good and clear sound reception during calls and to accurately distinguish between human voice and noise.

Lenovo QT81 Earbuds Review

SoundPeats says the Lenovo QT81 is IPX4 rated which means sweat and some light rain won’t have an effect on the earbuds but don’t wear them while showering or swimming and do not use it in a sauna or steam room. The charging case is not waterproof, as a result of daily use, the effectiveness of the earbuds’ waterproofing may reduce over time.

Lenovo QT81 Earbuds Review

Touch Control Panel

To control the Lenovo QT81, there is a high-precision touch control panel on the top of the earbud that can achieve precise control with responsive touch sensitivity that’s big enough that you don’t have to use your fingers very precisely to get things done. The earbuds don’t use the Soundpeats app – all functions are handled by long-pressing or tapping on the earbuds like play, pause, skip tracks, take calls, reject calls, and more.

Lenovo QT81 Earbuds Review

How To Pair Lenovo QT81

Lenovo QT81 offers strong compatibility with both IOS and Android devices with quick and easy pairing thanks to adopting a premium chipset that uses Bluetooth 5.0 for stable and powerful transmission, lower delay, and smoother connection for high sound quality. and supports the most popular audio decoding. And you can enjoy music up to 10m long even with thin walls between you and your device.

Lenovo QT81 Earbuds Review

However, pairing in QT81 is the same as any wireless earbuds, quick and easy all you have to do is open the charging case and take them out and they will automatically turn on and enter the pairing state. Immediately after that, open the Bluetooth interface of the smartphone, the “Lenovo QT81” earphone will automatically be recognized, click it, and the pairing is completed successfully. Pairing is done manually once, after which it’s automatic and fast with Bluetooth enabled, just remove it from the box and use it.

Lenovo QT81 Audio Quality

In terms of sound quality, the Lenovo QT81 earphones don’t exactly have the best sound quality, they have an acceptable amount of stereo effect and a powerful dynamic range for all types of music with excellent treble, mid-tones, and bass. Equipped with 13mm dynamic drivers that give you surprisingly clean sound with little to no noise when the ultra-low frequencies let you know where each singer was positioned, the intensity of their voice, and instrument discrimination was good and everything felt very balanced. So the QT81 was great in that regard.

Lenovo QT81 Earbuds Review

So, The sound on these earbuds is second to none. Even when the volume was fully turned up, there was no distortion coming from the low end. What lacks are some details, which is a logical factor for an earbud in this category. Most of the time the sound quality has been excellent with nice, tight, captivating bass for a great little pair of budget earbuds, with nice, tight, captivating bass.

Noise Reduction Technology

In addition to the sound quality, noise-reduction technology with an advanced algorithm make for a really great combination as it reduces any background sound, noise, or sound effects and intelligently cancels each one by emitting the exact opposite frequency. The downside is that there’s only a microphone dedicated to this feature, Which is why you can hear some slight noise, but it is acceptable in this category. To make it simple, the high end of the background noise will still be audible, helping with directionality, but the bass and mids no longer block the music.

Lenovo QT81 Earbuds Review

Low Latency

The Lenovo QT81 earbuds will provide low latency for gaming and watching a video. That’s why FPS gaming is a viable option with these headphones by making sure that the sound effects sync properly with your screen at all times. It is a perfect feature that works very well if you are a Fortnite, Battlefield Mobile, or PUBG, it makes a difference but there is still some lag. For watching a video, the sound on your smartphone screen matches what you see on the screen without delay.

Lenovo QT81 Earbuds Review

Call Quality

In addition to the audio on the Lenovo QT81 voice dialing performed well. It sounded better and was above average because the earbuds were under $50, so call quality is excellent and that’s because it’s equipped with noise reduction technology, it’s supposed to eliminate background noise and pick up your voice very clearly without picking up all the sounds surrounding you from echo or other interference, and your voice on the other end can be heard correctly, even in crowded places.

Lenovo QT81 Earbuds Review

Lenovo QT81 Battery And Charging Time

In terms of battery, the Lenovo QT81 charging case is equipped with a built-in 1200mAh Li-Polymer battery which is the largest that can be obtained in any earphones and provides the user with about 30h additional of uninterrupted playback. And each QT81 bud has a 40mAh battery, we should get up to 7 hours. Total battery life can be about 40 hours with the charging case, and the headphones can be recharged up to 8 or 12 times before they need new power, which is great, and the autonomy is high if we compare it to other headphones.

Lenovo QT81 Earbuds Review

When you put the earphone into the charging case, the earphone will automatically enter into the charging state. The storage box itself can be recharged in about 5 hours. The case is recharged via Type-C on the case back. Unfortunately, there is no support for wireless charging. And the digital display screen can grasp the power of the charging case and the left-right earphones in real-time.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an upgrade or simply want to try a new version of these inexpensive earbuds that offer a good value; Look no further. The Wireless Earbuds are an excellent pair of wireless headphones with a compact design that is comfortable and secure.
It offers decent battery life, sound quality and volume levels are excellent, the bass was strong, and the mids and highs were very clear without distortion or hum. So Lenovo QT81 delivers high-quality audio at an affordable price. So pairing with my phone is quick and easy. The controls are also easy to learn and simple, so deliver high-quality sound and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who needs high-quality earphones at a low cost!

Lenovo QT81 Earbuds Review

Lenovo QT81 Price And Where To Buy

The Lenovo QT81 is currently available on the AliExpress Store and Banggood for a very good price So, don’t miss out on this great deal. And to view its price or buy it, you can access the offer by clicking on the store icon.

What’s in the Box?

  • Lenovo QT81 Bluetooth Earbuds
  • Type-C Charging Cable
  • Charging Case
  • User Manual

Lenovo QT81 Specifications

  • Type: Semi-in-ear
  • Color: Black/White (optional)
  • BT version: V5.0
  • Transmission distance: 10m
  • Noise reduction version: CVC8.0
  • Waterproof level: IPX4
  • Standby time: About 30 hours
  • Music time: About 30 hours
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh(charging case), 40mAh(headphone)