Nowadays, More people are choosing tablets for the comfortable viewing and on-the-go productivity they offer, without the bulkiness of laptops. According to official sources, Blackview, a burgeoning tech brand, is set to launch its top-notch tablet lineup, the MEGA series. The eagerly awaited 120Hz flagship, MEGA 1, is scheduled to make its worldwide debut on March 18th. Next, there are the standout features of Blackview MEGA 1.

Blackview MEGA 1 Launches Globally: Top-notch Flagship Tablet with an 11.5-inch 120Hz Display, Widevine L1 Certification, and a 50 MP Samsung Rear Camera

No.1 The Highest 120Hz Smart Refresh Rate Ever in Blackview Tablets

Boost Your Productivity, Gaming, and Learning with Next-level Touch and Visual Clarity: MEGA 1 boasts an 11.5-inch 2.4K FHD+ display with a top 120Hz smart refresh rate for a smoother, less straining viewing experience. It features Widevine L1 and quad-box speakers for immersive 1080P HD sound and visuals on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+.

Blackview MEGA 1 Launches Globally: Top-notch Flagship Tablet with an 11.5-inch 120Hz Display, Widevine L1 Certification, and a 50 MP Samsung Rear Camera

All-new Split-Screen Makes Juggling Work, Study, and Leisure Easier: MEGA 1‘s all-new split-screen and multi-window significantly enhance multitasking, aiming to elevate productivity. Transformed into an 11.5-inch PC when paired with a wireless keyboard and mouse, it’s perfect for various tasks. It includes a stylus pen for effortless note-taking and drawing. With its 8800mAh battery, MEGA 1 guarantees up to 20 hours of daily usage and supports 33W fast charging, reaching a 50% charge in just 60 minutes. 

No.2 Blackview’s Highest-pixel 50 MP Samsung® Rear Camera Tablets

Capture Treasure Moments in Higher Definition and Quality, Anytime, Anywhere: MEGA 1 features a top-notch 50 MP Samsung® ISOCELL JN1 rear camera, offering superior images and vivid colors, even in low light. It allows for 2K high-resolution video recording, ensuring every moment is captured clearly. Additionally, its 13 MP front camera supports clear online classes and video chats. MEGA 1’s various camera modes like HDR, super night, and more are enhanced by the latest ArcSoft® 9.0 algorithm for higher-quality captures at any time.

 No.3 Top-of-the-line 6nm Octa-core Helio G99 Processor Among 4G Chips

Leading the Next-level Fluidity in Work, Learn, and Play: As the MEGA series flagship, MEGA 1 boasts the advanced 6nm octa-core MediaTek Helio G99 processor, leading in 4G performance with a 56% boost over previous models. It introduces 1:1 RAM expansion, offering up to 24GB RAM for 18% faster app launches than typical tablets. With 256GB ROM and up to 1TB TF card support, it provides ample space for files and media. 

No.4 The Latest Ultra-smooth & User-friendly DokeOS_P 4.0 Based on Android 13

MEGA 1 utilizes the latest Doke OS_P 4.0 based on Android 13, featuring custom apps designed for work, study, and leisure. It introduces a new custom split-screen for easy access to preferred views, and PC Mode 2.0 for enhanced multi-window multitasking, including a “Pin to Top” function for prioritizing tasks. The Workspace App facilitates easy switching between personal and professional accounts, aiding in work-life balance. 

Price and Availability

Catch the global launch of Blackview MEGA 1 on Aliexpress on March 18th. With 8GB+256GB and 12GB+256GB options starting at $179 ($398), this deal runs from March 18-27, PST. Add it to your cart now to lock in the savings!