Thinkplus brand from Lenovo is known for making audio devices at cheap prices with great features, After the huge success of the TH Series which includes the TH10, TH20, and TH30, this time the company is back with a new version under the name Lenovo TH40, packed with tons of features to cover your work, media consumption, and even gaming needs, that make it a good choice for budget Headphones.

These new Headphones have a stylish appearance, good specifications, and most importantly it is cheap. It’s equipped with ANC Hybrid Noise Reduction helps reduce outside noise for HD calling, and a 40mm Diaphragm driver for HiFi High-Quality Sound with Ultra-low latency for gaming, the wireless earphone gives you a 50h battery life, all this in one place. So let’s test the Lenovo TH40 and see if they can offer better value for money than their competitors and if they live up to the best budget wireless headphones under $40.

Lenovo TH40 Headphones With Hybrid Noise Reduction Under $40

Lenovo TH40 Features

  • Foldable And Convenient
  • 40mm Dynamic Driver For HiFi Sound Quality
  • ANC Hybrid Noise Reduction
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Chip
  • AAC & SBC Audio Decoding
  • 45ms Ultra-Low Latency
  • One-Step Pairing & Wireless & Wired
  • 50h Long Playtime
Lenovo TH40 Headphones With Hybrid Noise Reduction Under $40

Design And Build Quality

The Lenovo TH40 portable headphone follows a lively look with its foldable interior for easy storage with earcups and a beautiful matte black or white version. The build is well made and looks sturdy enough despite the hard plastic but it’s light on the head for its size and weight so it doesn’t create much pressure on the top of the head. However, there is very little squeaking or noise coming from the tire. It really didn’t bother me, but it should have been mentioned.

Lenovo TH40 Headphones With Hybrid Noise Reduction Under $40

The headband, it’s nice that it’s made of metal and uses a faux leather cover, so you can take it off constantly without worrying about breaking it and it adds a stronghold to stay on your head, and fortunately, it doesn’t add much weight and can be adjusted with just a few steps.

The protein leather ear pads with just the right amount of padding are very soft and comfortable to wear, and the synthetic leather covered with a durable and soft lining was comfortable for me wearing them for a long period of time and could just cover my ears without putting too much pressure on them and it might be different if you have bigger ears. The inner ear cups are also marked L and R for left and right. Each ear cup also has microphones that help cancel out more background noise or phone calls when paired with a smartphone.

Lenovo TH40 Headphones With Hybrid Noise Reduction Under $40

Buttons And Controls

Finally, there are no touch-sensitive controls but it is compensated by fourth buttons for controls all placed on the right earpiece.
The three buttons next to each other are for volume (+ -), then the button in the middle (one point) is multifunctional. And the fourth and last on the other side for Noise Cancellation.

With that, you need to memorize the different functions of pressing the short and long buttons, plus it’s good that the buttons have dimples to help you feel what you’re doing. As for the plugs, there is a Type-C port for charging and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Lenovo TH40 Headphones With Hybrid Noise Reduction Under $40

Lenovo TH40 – Connectivity & Pairing

The Lenovo TH40 can be wired or wireless. Wireless is a better choice for those who want to move as it offers strong compatibility with both IOS and Android devices and adopts Bluetooth 5.0 technology chip integrated inside TH40, it’s compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices and on a variety of platforms such as Android, iPhone, Windows, and MAC OS, it provides the most seamless and hustle-free pairing experience you can get on a device of this price range just as if you were using a mid-range device. Lastly, the Thinkplus TH40 does support all the generic codecs, including the SBC and AAC, but unfortunately, it’s aptX, which is expected. AAC has a better sound quality but the SBC saves battery.

And you can enjoy music up to 10 meters long even with thin walls between you and your device and if you are not within the effective range, the connection will be disconnected. For wired, it is the best option for those who want to focus on work so using the headphone jack gives you unlimited usage while showing off the good sound quality and driver capabilities.

Lenovo TH40 Audio Quality

Knowing that the Lenovo TH40 is a budget-friendly option, however, has a sufficiently excellent performance in sound quality, which have an acceptable amount of stereo effect and a powerful dynamic range for all types of music with excellent treble, mid-tones, and bass. Equipped with 40mm dynamic drivers that are fully capable of producing high-quality sound, so it doesn’t give you any distortion even at high volume levels or unfavorable tones, which is great, because, in many Of cases, budget headphones can become a problem at high volume levels with an unwanted stream of distortion. However, the TH40 pays special attention to the heavy bass, as it is balanced and tuned to the right level. It’s not overly strong and seems well suited to giving a nice balance, so they mostly excelled with rich bass tunes such as dance, electronic styles, and hip-hop – that’s the kind of music this type of headphone produces so well.

Lenovo TH40 Headphones With Hybrid Noise Reduction Under $40

So, everything is fine from a technical point of view, the sound signature is warm, the earphones produce a nice punchy bass, the mids are okay and the treble is a veil, which is the same profile on every cheap earphone, the good thing is that the sound is clear, you won’t be alarmed by any hissing or squeaking sound, and even at high volume, you won’t notice the distortion. When listening to pop music, we’ve found the vocals are relatively low, the high frequencies aren’t quite as bright with many layers struggling for clarity and bleeding through in a lot of frequency response. The mid-range sounds are pushed into the background by excessive bass, while the treble in particular is completely lost.
However, for the price, the bass is enough to be acceptable, the bass elements receive some coloration, and the smooth resonance, especially when listening to rock music with more percussion instruments is more enjoyable. The bass is really full and powerful. So listening through these headphones was a somewhat satisfying experience that you don’t usually get with headphones under $50.

Lenovo TH40 Headphones With Hybrid Noise Reduction Under $40

Overall, the Lenovo TH40 Hybrid Wireless Headphones is a stylish and good bass headphone targeting the youth market, it represents good value for money and provides a great experience for music lovers.

Lenovo TH40 – Hybrid Noise Reduction

In addition to the sound quality, one of the outstanding features of the Lenovo TH40 headphones is the Hybrid ANC technology and an advanced noise-reduction algorithm make for a really great combination as it reduces ambient noise up to 25dB, which means it can filter out up to 85% of outside noise. The downside is that there’s only a microphone dedicated to this feature, so it’s better to think of it as noise reduction rather than complete cancellation. That is why you can hear some slight noise, and activating and disabling ANC will not give you that dazzling impression and there will not be a significant impact on the sound quality, but it is acceptable in this category. To keep it simple, the high end of the background noise will still be audible, which helps with directional identification, and it can’t be compared to expensive headphones from established brands, but it’s pretty cool in the lower price range.

Lenovo TH40 Headphones With Hybrid Noise Reduction Under $40

Call Quality

Something that is little spoken of in the world of cheap wireless headphones is the microphone, But the call quality of the Lenovo TH40 is interesting. It sounded better and was above average because the headphones were under $50, though I wouldn’t say it’s not perfect, it’s a lot better than some other headphones in the same price range and a bit higher.
So the call quality is excellent and this is due to having a good quality built-in microphone that picks up your voice very clearly without picking up all the sounds around you from echoing or anything else to distort and the other party didn’t have any problem with our voice. And since the sound quality is also good on these headphones, the caller was heard with excellent clarity as well. So there are no complaints regarding phone calls, which makes this headset ideal for random phone calls throughout the day or online conferences or classes.

Lenovo TH40 Headphones With Hybrid Noise Reduction Under $40

Low-Latency – Delay In Headphones

After that, the latency of the Lenovo TH40 is not bad and just needs some optimization, so that you can watch videos or play online games on both iPhone and Android without noticeable audio delay.

When it comes to gaming, Bluetooth 5.0 works well with minimal latency, and FPS gaming is a viable option with these headphones. You won’t notice a problem when listening to an audio file on headphones, but when watching a movie and video in the YouTube or Netflix app, there is a slight lag, about half a second or less, between when actions are performed in the movie playback and when the feedback reaches your ear. This also applies to gaming, which is almost normal, and you can find it on most wireless headphones in this price range. However, there is always the option to use it wired.

Lenovo TH40 Headphones With Hybrid Noise Reduction Under $40

Lenovo TH40 Battery And Charging Time

In terms of battery, the Lenovo TH40 is equipped with a built-in 400mAh Li-Polymer battery that provides the user with 40-50h of uninterrupted playback which equates to 10 days for two weeks of moderate use before they need to be charged again, of course, varies Battery life depending on whether ambient noise or noise cancellation is turned on. Recharging the TH40 from 0 to 100% takes more than 2 hours with a USB-C port, and doesn’t support fast charging support.

With the ANC turned off we should get up to 40h and with the ANC turned on we get about 30h though it still lasts a long time compared to most wireless headphones in this price range. And there is always the option to use them via the headphone jack cable. So if you’re more concerned about battery life, the TH40 might be a really good choice.

Lenovo TH40 Headphones With Hybrid Noise Reduction Under $40


Overall, for those on a tight budget, the Lenovo TH40 Hybrid ANC headphones are a great true wireless option that offers a lot for the money where the perfect sound is with the presence of ANC. Other than that, one of the weaknesses is the lack of an app for customizing the sound and switching between modes, although this requirement may not be important for some. With that, Lenovo managed to create a well-balanced device. The battery life is amazing, the sound quality is very good for its price, the ANC works to a certain extent, the call quality is excellent, the design is stylish and it is fairly comfortable to wear. So, the TH40 headphones definitely stand out from the crowd and deserve to have this on your list.

Lenovo TH40 Headphones With Hybrid Noise Reduction Under $40

Lenovo TH40 Price And Where To Buy

The Lenovo TH40 Headphones are currently available on the AliExpress Store for a very good price. So, don’t miss out on this great deal. And to view its price or buy it, you can access the offer by clicking on the store icon.

What’s in the Box?

  • Lenovo TH40 Headphones
  • User Guides
  • 3.5mm Jack Cable
  • USB-C Charging Cable

Lenovo TH40 Specifications

  • Name: Lenovo Wireless Headphones
  • Model No.: Lenovo TH40
  • Color: Space Grey/ Stellar White
  • Material: ABS+PC+metal
  • Version: V5.0
  • PET diaphragm: 40mm
  • Support audio format: AAC/SBC
  • Communication distance: About 10m
  • Suitable for: Compatible with all wireless devices
  • Music time: 50Hours(70% volume)
  • Charge interface: Type-c
  • Charging time: About 2 hours
  • Battery capacity: 400mAh