In this article, I will give you an impression of a MIFA WildBox speaker 60Wwith two low frequency and two high-frequency, Bluetooth 5.3, RGB lighting, and IPX7 water resistance rating.

Mifa WildBox Features

  • 60W Powerful Output
  • TWS Pairing, Stereo Sound
  • 10000mAh battery, Power Bank
  • Dynamic RGB Light
  • Rich Bass “Bass+” button
  • IPX7 Waterproof & IP67 Dustproof
  • Bluetooth v5.3, Micro SD card, AUX input play
Mifa WildBox Speaker Review

Design & Build Quality

The first thing that catches your eye about the MIFA Wildbox is the RGB lighting that you’ll really love with its luminosity and the number of preset modes available, flanked at both ends of the speaker. It also comes with a large handle on the top for easy portability, the body of the speaker is plastic but strong at 1.55kg, allowing you to take it anywhere.

It also comes with USB Type-C and USB Type-A ports, a micro-sd card slot, and an aux port to give you more options for plugging in and playing music.

Regardless of USB ports, the portable speaker’s V5.0 BT technology lets you stream music without any lag. You can pair up to two different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops to the speaker, the connection distance is more than 100 feet, stronger anti-interference, lower latency, more stable connection.

In addition to the IPX7 waterproof and IP67 dustproof, you will not have to worry about anything. It can float on water and play in an environment of -4℉ to 104℉. You can take it to the beach, swimming pool, bathroom, park, golf course, ski resort, and anywhere you want to go.

Mifa WildBox Speaker Review

Control Buttons

Now on the top of the speaker, you have a whole bunch of clickable buttons and it’s also backlit so even a dark room will still be clearly visible which I think is a very good thing.
First, you have the BASS + button, then you have the mode button to cycle through the available input methods – Bluetooth, Micro SD card, or AUX.
Then you have the volume down button and the power off button which also acts as the skip track button, the volume up button, and the LED control button.
Power button: a short press turns the speaker on or off, a long press displays the battery level (via LED rings).
MIFA PartyAdd Pair Button: With this function, you can link multiple MIFA Wildbox speakers together.

LED Lights Control

To control the LED press once through the multiple light coils and long press to turn the lights on or off.

This LED button allows you to cycle between the different modes available so that there is a good number of them. Also, if you long-press the power button, it will display the current battery level based on the LED light, so if it’s completely green, you know it’s full when the battery runs low accordingly. For the LED pattern, the LED light continues to change color and decreases until it becomes red to charge.

Mifa WildBox Speaker Review

Mifa WildBox – Sound Quality

The MIFA Wildbox has 60W of power with two tweeters on either side pushing 20W each and the woofers on the front pushing 10W each, so in total, you get 60W. For clear, vibrant, and well-balanced sound overall. It has a slight emphasis on vocals and an upper middle spectrum.

Mifa WildBox Speaker Review

Let’s get into the main thing, as any amplifier will be judged based on how it produces the three main frequencies that make up its wide range. Now the highs this subwoofer produces are pleasant, they are very audible and don’t interfere with vocals or bass frequencies but sound very pure and pleasant, so every instrument is audible and there is no crackling or sound distortion even at maximum volume, no matter which tracks you’re on. I turned it on, so the highs were very clear and of very good quality.

Mifa WildBox Speaker Review

Now coming to the vocals or the mid frequencies, the sound sounded so warm it keeps the natural warmth tone found in whatever vocals you hear from the artist, being in a track and keeping it not muted or eaten away by the bass frequencies or highs, so they kept their separate track and sounded Very easy and fun to listen to again.

Most speakers get some frequency, so either it’s crackling in the highs or the sounds will get artificially sharp or sound hollow or the base will be muddy to the base in the wildbox, so the bass response is strong and thick no matter where you listen to what If it is placed on your bed on the floor on a wooden table in the corner of the room, the basic response is very good for a very compact speaker.

The highs in the mid and lows are nice and the base is amazing the thing I was saying is that although it does have an option to turn off the bass or add more bass so if you turn it off you still get ample bass but you do get a little more clarity in the vocals and the highs which is something It’s normal because you’re cutting the bass a bit but this is one of those headphones where even when you turn on the basic mode it doesn’t get in the middle and high frequencies at all, it just adds more bass, it’s going to be a great balance between nice, undistorted bass and the highs and original sounds.

When you think about the very sturdy build quality with the metal grille on the front, it feels really strong and dense and I know this is really tough because during my review I was going down the stairs and I accidentally dropped it out of my hand, I was carrying a number of things that had already fallen off, and I think that Four flights of stairs bounced around and I was pretty sure I broke something nothing happened so it’s ok so I’m sure it’s not meant for such rough use but this can take a beating and feels very thick, high quality and no jagged edges Everything feels carefully crafted and overall with sound quality features that are just beautiful it is one of the best Bluetooth speakers you can get right now.

Mifa WildBox Speaker Review

Battery Capacity And Life

The WildBox speaker is equipped with a long-lasting battery. The 10,000 mAh battery is huge and provides about 24 hours of continuous playback with the LEDs off and it also depends on the volume so I think at 60 and below you can get close to the 24-hour mark with the LEDs off, but at maximum volume, it’s probably That’s reduced by half or a little less, but nonetheless, it’s impressive now that the reason it has such a large battery is that it also has a power bank option that can charge phones or other devices.

Final Verdict

MIFA Wildbox It’s a Bluetooth speaker It’s a really good audio product. Not only does it have the build and performance that will ensure your attention, but it also has the sound quality that underpins it. If you are looking for a fun, weatherproof speaker with good functionality and a mature sound signature, Wildbox will be a good choice for you.

Mifa WildBox Speaker Review

Chuwi LarkBox X Price And Where To Buy

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Package Included

  • Mifa WildBox Speaker
  • Quick-start guide
  • Safety sheet
  • Type-C charging cable

Mifa WildBox Specifications

MaterialMetal+ PC
Net Weight (g)1550g
Dimensions296 x 163 x 119mm
TransducersWoofer 2 x 70mm /2 x 2.75″
weeter2 x 20mm /2 x 0.75″
Rated output power2 x 20W RMS woofer +2 x 10W RMS tweeter
Power input5V, 1~3A 
Frequency response60Hz ~ 20kHz 
Signal-to-noise ratio> 80dB 
Battery charge time4 hours (5V/3A input) 
Music playtimeUp to 24 hours (dependent on volume level and audio content) 
Connection portsUSB-A, USB-C, Aux-in, Micro SD Card
Micro SD Card Can Play  FormatAPE、FLAC、MP3、WMA、WAV 
Dustproof & WaterproofIP67