XTAR specializes in the development and manufacture of high-quality Li-ion batteries, smart chargers, and LED flashlights. Has recently launched a charger Xtar LC4 that’s designed for use with a 1.5V lithium battery with an indicator from XTAR. It fits both AA and AAA sizes, has 4 bays, and features USB-C as an input. And they incidentally launched a 1.5V AA rechargeable lithium battery. So, let me make a quick introduction to each item.

XTAR 1.5V Lithium Battery with Indicator AA/AAA

When it comes to 1.5V batteries, everyone will immediately think of the most common AA and AAA batteries. Among those batteries, alkaline batteries are the most commonly used, but liquids are prone to leakage after long-term storage, which will damage the electrical equipment. There is no risk of leakage of the carbon battery, but its capacity is small, and it will soon run out. The voltage of the NiMH rechargeable battery is low and the capacity is too small. Lithium battery has sufficient voltage, large capacity, and no leakage. It is indeed the best choice for AA batteries.

That’s why there’s nothing better than the new XTAR 1.5V Lithium Battery with Indicator AA/AAA to solve the above problem well by using continuous constant voltage output current, with high power, and a large capacity, and with Long battery life, charge & discharge cycle life of 500 times+, equivalent to more than 1000 disposable alkaline or NiMH aa/aaa batteries, that the voltage drops rapidly when discharging (the voltage drop of the battery will affect the performance of electronic equipment, such as the light of the flashlight will dim, and the speed of the toy car will slow down).

Also, the battery has a built-in voltage control IC, and the voltage will drop when the power is almost exhausted so that the device with the low battery reminder function can monitor the change of the voltage, and then issue a low battery reminder. At the same time, due to the drop in battery voltage, the performance of the device will also drop. For example, the light of a flashlight will dim when the battery is almost dead, so we can replace the battery in time, and we will not see the device suddenly not working without finding the reason.

Mainly suitable for high-drain electric devices using AA/AAA batteries, such as wireless smart door locks, blink security cameras, RC/VR controllers, AA flashlights, electric toys, trail cameras, sound mixers, wireless receivers, etc.

They are used to indicate the current working status or battery charging. During charging, no matter what kind of battery, a blinking green light indicates that the battery is charging or is in the process of being activated. When the light stays green and stops blinking, indicating that the battery is fully charged and you can take it out for use.

And to charge it I present to you LC4 from XTAR can charge 4 batteries at the same time. Under long-term recycling, the cost is shared. So it is not only environmentally friendly but also money-saving.

XTAR LC4 Charger

Build Quality & Durability

The LC4 gets the job done regarding the build. It’s very simple without BUTTONS and easy to do with one hand and has a very small size Compared with the popular AA battery charger Panasonic CC53, it is much smaller, and really more space-saving. And the weight is 50g, so it’s acceptable. It is not cumbersome to put one in the bag for emergency needs.

Xtar LC4 is a 4-slot charger, compatible with AA and AAA batteries for each slot. The charging slot has a groove design to better hold each battery. Inside the battery compartment area, you’ll see the negative and positive contacts. The positive contact area has been designed to accommodate both AA/AAA batteries.

XTAR LC4 Charger For XTAR 1.5V Lithium Battery with Indicator

LC4 is made of fire-resistant and flame-retardant PC material to ensure safe use. All of the corners and lumps are smooth to hold by hand. also has a finger buckle slot on each side to facilitate removal.
A unique feature of the LC4 is the hole in the back of the charger. I believe this is to aid in the extraction of batteries that have completed their charge cycle with little effort. Also, help to boost heat dissipation to prolong cell life and adds additional safety measures.

The back has what I like – imprinted specs, regarding what the charger can do.

Performance – XTAR LC4

With XTAR LC4 you’re able to use any AA/AAA rechargeable batteries. You can either charge any combination of AA/AAA batteries. For example, 2x AA and 2x AAA batteries, or 1x AA and 3x AAA batteries, and the LC4 will automatically charge each one. This is very impressive. The max input power is 5V 2A. The max current of each slot is 0.5A, so charging is neither fast nor slow. In fact, the charger is nice and easy on the batteries. Power is sent to the LC4 by a USB-C port.

XTAR LC4 Charger For XTAR 1.5V Lithium Battery with Indicator

Therefore, LC4 is a good device for emergency use. And I must mention again the impressive safety aspect of not only the LC4 charger but the whole XTAR product range. All the usual Xtar technologies are supported here, 0V activation, 3 Stage charging to maximize battery lifespan, Precise cut-off when charged, Reverse polarity protection, short circuit, overheating, ing, etc.

Note: The LC4 charger is only for XTAR 1.5V AA/AAA that is with an indicator LED light lithium battery. It is not recommended to use other lithium batteries without indicator lights for charging.

Final verdict

for anyone with kids to recharge batteries for the endless number of toys, and other household tasks. I think XTAR LC4 is the only charger you need to efficiently power all your smart-home devices and electronic products. This is a basic charger from a brand with a good track record. The XTAR’s 1.5V lithium battery and LC4 charger are superior to nickel-metal hydride batteries and chargers in terms of performance and appearance.

XTAR LC4 Charger For XTAR 1.5V Lithium Battery with Indicator

Overall this is a specialty charger for a niche market but it does a good basic job for what it’s designed for and I can recommend it if you fall into that niche. So now you can get an XTAR LC4 and four XTAR 1.5V AA lithium-ion batteries to experience the small size, high voltage, and fast charge, it’s available for purchase on the Official Web Site.