After the huge success of the Baseus Bowie WM01 wireless earphones, the company has released an upgraded version of the product under the name Baseus WM02 where they have upgraded the design and packed with useful features that make it a fine choice for a budget earphone, first, it has a Bluetooth 5.3 chip that provides seamless and fast connectivity, is power efficient and support low latency gaming mode, it has a driver that delivers decent sound quality, especially the highs, and an HD microphone that allows you to have clear Bluetooth calls, the case is as small and lightweight as ever and the earpieces sit nice and comfortably inside the ear.

Baseus WM02 review

The WM02 comes with an app that gives you maximum customizability and control over your earphones, and all of this is topped with a huge battery that lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge and supports quick charging technology. Stick with us in this review to learn more about it.

Baseus WM02 Features

  • Bluetooth5.3
  • 25 hours of total usage
  • 300mah battery
  • Baseus App full support
  • customizable touch controls
  • Online OTA updates

Design and build quality

Charging case

The charging case of the bowie WM02 is special, it is one of the tiniest on the market and looks cute honestly, it has a capsule-like design since it is a box with a square base of 44mm and a height of 35mm with the lid having a curved transparent panel with the Baseus logo, it allows you to see the earbud sitting in their compartments without the need to open it up, the whole case is made out of plastic with a matt finish and is available in four colors, black, white, blue and purple, and even though the matt finish may not look as pretty as the glossy one, it certainly keeps a new look for longer since it doesn’t get scratches that easily and it doesn’t leave fingerprints behind.

Baseus wm02 design and build quality

On the front, we can see the LED dot indicator for the battery as well as a small cut that makes it easy to lift the lid, from the two sides we find nothing and from the back we have the USB C charging port, fortunately for us the WM02 Bluetooth earphones have a square base so they can stand on a table, as for the lid, it is held magnetically to the rest of the body, the magnets are strong enough that it doesn’t open on its own even if you shake it hard, but you can easily open it up with one hand.

Overall, I like the ergonomics of this charging case, it’s small, lightweight and has a comfortable grip, and can easily be slid inside your pocket to take it with you wherever you go hustle free, in addition to the beautiful minimalistic look of it.

The earbuds

The Baseus Bowie WM02 earbuds are very small and don’t have a stem which is my personal favorite, they are very tiny and lightweight and they sit nicely and comfortably inside your ear as well as stick very well thanks to the rubber ear tips that come in multiple sizes small, medium and large to pick the perfect fit for your ear, the design is quite simple but unique, the body is made out of ABS plastic with a matt finish, but on top, it has a glossy panel where we find the LED ring light indicator for connectivity and pairing, that same panel is where the touch control panel is located it is mainly used for all sorts music playback, volume control, calls, and voice assistant.

Baseus WM02- The earbuds

On the sides it has two buttons, those are the power switches for each earpiece individually, to be honest, I don’t know how to feel about this feature, since all earphones turn on and off automatically when you pull them out of the case, and when you press on the touch control area for longer than 5s, I find these buttons redundant and not useful but they are cool to have I guess.

The silicone earplug helps the headphones stick to your ear very well, no matter what activity you are performing, whether it’s a simple working session, a run or even if you are jumping rope, these bad boys won’t fall off no matter what, in addition to the life waterproof certification that protects your headphones from light water droplets, rain or sweat, your mind will be at ease from the stress of losing or damaging them during sports or just normal usage and allows to go by your daily activities and deliver your best while enjoying music and answering calls seamlessly all along.

Baseus WM02 touch control

The multi-function touch control area is located right where the LED ring light is, it is a wide area and is hard to miss, which makes it convenient. Because it pushes against the ear, you can operate it with one finger unlike other models that need two, the touch control area is very sensitive and responsive but also optimized not to execute commands, this is annoying. Still, it’s also common with earbuds, but on the bright side, the Baseus WM02 wireless earphones’ touch control is customizable through the app, you can manually configure the gestures and what they do which will make migration from a different earbud a lot easier.

Baseus WM02 touch control

The Touch operation is as follows:

  • Play / Pause: Double-tap left or right earphone (L or R)
  • Previous song: Long-tap left earphone (L) for 1.5s
  • Activate voice assistant: Triple-tap left of right earphone (L or R)
  • Next song: Long-tap right earphone (R) for 1.5s
  • Reject: Long-tap left or right earphone (L or R) for 1.5s
  • Answer / Hang up: Double-tap left or right earphone (L or R)
  • Low-latency mode turns on/off: Customize through APP settings or APP gesture settings.

Baseus Bowie wm02 Waterproof

Even though the Bowie WM02 doesn’t have an official waterproof certification, it has been tested that light sweat droplets won’t hurt it which will allow you to practice sports freely without worrying about damaging it, especially since it sticks very well to the ear and doesn’t budge no matter how hard you shake them.

Baseus Bowie wm02 Waterproof

That being said, we strongly advise keeping these earphones from water sources as much as possible because they aren’t waterproof or resistant.

How to pair the Baseus wm02 with your device

Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.3 integrated chip, the pairing process is very simple and hustle free, this new and improved version of Bluetooth allows you to have seamless connectivity with most Bluetooth-enabled devices running any operating system there is, to do that you will have to follow these simple steps:

  • Take the Bowie WM02 earphone out of the charging case, or turn them on by clicking on the power button
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone or computer and put it in discovery mode
  • Click on the device under the name Baseus Bowie WM02 and pair it
  • Allow the pairing and enjoy

After the first pairing, you will only have to turn Bluetooth on and take the earphones out of their case and the two will connect automatically thanks to the auto fast connect feature, in the Bluetooth settings you can choose the decoding mode which will be either AAC or SBC, additionally, you get a ton of customizability in the App.

How to use the Baseus app with the Bowie WM02

One of the best things about the Baseus Bowie WM02 earbuds is the full app support, you can take better advantage of your earphones by using the Baseus app available in the App store as well as the Play store, the interface is very user-friendly and simple to use, it offers a ton of features that you would miss out on without it and even allows you to customize the touch control on your earphone to your preference.

To use the app, you first need to download and open it as well as grant it the permissions it asks for so it can function adequately, once on the main screen:

  • click on the add device or the yellow plus button on the top right corner
  • Login or create a new account
  • A list of Baseus models will appear, search for your model the Bowie WM02
  • Click on it, then take your earphones out of the case together at the same time
  • Once a Bowie WM02 device shows on your screen with the mac address, click on it and wait for the pairing process to complete and add the device
  • Your earphone ring light will light indicating that the pairing was successful 

That was all for the pairing, after that, you will be presented with the home screen containing information about your earphones such as the model name and the battery level for each earpiece individually at all times, as well as other cool features 

The Baseus App Features

As mentioned before, the Baseus app brings in a lot of features that allow you to use your earphones to their full potential, for instance, the home screen displays the battery level of the earphones individually as well as the charging case in real-time so you know when to plug them in. on the top right corner it has the call left or right earbud, this feature will allow you to make one of the earphones to make a very loud sound and light so you can find them if you ever lose them, make sure to not put them in your ear while doing this because it might cause hearing loss, in this same section you will find the option to customize the buttons and what each gesture does, I like the original layout but depending on your preference, you might set it up differently depending on what you are used to with your previous wireless earphone to make it easy for you to get adapted to this device,

In the settings section, you will find information about your device such as the model and the mane which you can change to your liking, check the firmware and update it if available by clicking on Version, as well as unbind the device, but most importantly, you will see the low latency gaming mode switch, once you activate it, the earphone will reduce the latency allowing you to get 60ms low latency to help you play games such as PUBG mobile with no issues, and last on the list of features is the location maps, thanks to GPS technology, you can even track your earphones on the map so you don’t lose them.

Baseus wm02 - The Baseus App Features

Overall, I think the app is a very good feature to have with the earphones, it makes it very convenient, especially with Bluetooth 5.3 that makes the connectivity seamless and smooth, especially the firmware updates to get improvements and quick fixes if there is ever a problem, and I wish to see more companies make apps for their earphones.

Sound Quality of Baseus WM02

The sound quality on the Bowie wm02 Bluetooth headphones has improved a lot from its predecessor the wm01, the sound quality is decent and enjoyable but not exceptional, you can enjoy content consumption using these earphones and even for gaming they will do the job, at high volumes, you won’t be alarmed by any distortion or unpleasant noise, the sound tends to be bassy unlike the wm01 and the sound signature is overall clear with controlled bass.

At low volumes, there have been reports of a hissing or summing noise which could be annoying for some people who enjoy calm music, it is hardly noticeable but definitely there if you pay attention, so in my personal opinion I would say that for this price point you can find better options when it comes to sound quality like the Lenovo XT88 and the QCY Ailypods T20.

Baseus wm02 Microphone Quality and Bluetooth Calling

The microphone quality on Baseus WM02 is acceptable at best, in quiet environments, you will be able to pass and receive calls with no problems at all and the quality is good the other end will be able to understand you with no issues even though it still has that fishbowl sound effect, although when you go outside, that’s when you will start finding issues with the microphones, in slightly noisy environments such as a cafe, for example, your voice will start to have annoying distortion and the background noise will interfere with your voice, still, you will be perfectly understandable, but once you go into a very complex environment such as a crowded street, it is almost impossible to pass calls using the WM02.

Baseus wm02 Microphone Quality and Bluetooth Calling

If you are looking for affordable earphones with a great microphone, you might want to check out The QCY T20 budget earphones with ENC and ANC technology, since it offers one of the best microphones in the market.

Baseus WM02 Low Latency and gaming mode

The Bowie WM02 is well suited for gaming in my opinion, especially on smartphones, at this low price point we don’t expect much, but the Bowie WM02 offers a very low latency of about 60ms, which means that you will not notice any lag between the video and audio for example when you watch Netflix or youtube, the lip-synching is perfect and you won’t be alarmed by any delays, and even in online games such as PUBG or COD, the delay is so minimal that you can’t notice it at all unless you pay extra attention, this means that for a regular mobile gamer and even pc gamers, this tiny bit of lag won’t be an issue at all.

It’s worth noting that whether I turned gaming low latency mode on or off, I didn’t notice any difference in the delay in video games, don’t get me wrong the Baseus Bowie WM02 provides one of the lowest latencies on any device of this price range and even better than some pricier options, but the gaming mode proved to be just for marketing and didn’t make a difference.

Bowie WM02 Battery and charging

The WM02 offers great autonomy overall, and it has one of the longest-lasting batteries in all of the wireless earphones that we have reviewed, starting with the charging case, it has an integrated battery with a capacity of 300mah, it can charge the earbuds up to 3 times giving a total usage time of around 25 hours, as for the charging, it charges using the USB C cable included in the box in about 1.5 hours with the LED dot on the case blinking indicating charging, as for the earbuds, they have got a battery of 40mah of capacity each, at 70% volume they last with you up to 5 hours of continuous usage thanks to the efficiency of the new Bluetooth 5.3 chip, you can charge them up to 100% in less than 60 minutes and they even support quick charge, 10 minutes of charging can give you up to 2 hours of music playback.

At low battery levels, the earbuds will start to behave strangely, such as cutting the connection with your phone, and the ring light will start blinking every 5 seconds, for optimal usage, make sure that the earbuds are well charged.

Final verdict

I personally think that Baseus made the right choices with this model, they didn’t fill it with fancy features with a poor implementation as many other brands do, they rather stuck with the regular features and made sure they are solid, we are talking about a long-lasting battery, seamless and smooth connectivity and compatibility with most systems, full Baseus app support, and decent mic and audio quality with low latency, all of this packed inside budget friendly earphones and that’s a good deal.

Baseus WM02 review

Baseus WM02 Price and where to buy

The Bowie wm02 is available on the Aliexpress store for an affordable price, check it out, and don’t miss out on this great deal

Package content

  • Baseus Bowie WM02 earphones inside the charging case.
  • USB C charging cable.
  • User manual.
  • Ear tips (size s, m, L) in a box.
  • Stickers and warranty.
Baseus WM02 package content

Baseus WM02 specification

Wireless connection: Bluetooth 5.3
Charging interface: Type-C
Communication distance:12 meters (barrier-free open environment)
Single playtime: About 5 hours
Battery capacity: (single earbud) 40mAh
Battery capacity :(charging case) 300mAh
Charging time: (earbud) About 1 hour (10 minutes = 2 hours with quick charge)
Charging time: (charging case) About 1.5 hour