Blitzwolf has announced the new BlitzWolf BW-CML2 monitor light bar. Whether you’re working, gaming, or studying, you will be looking at your computer screen for long hours. Of course, those don’t always have the best light to help you see better and maintain the health of your eyes. That’s why we have here today the BlitzWolf BW-CML2 monitor light bar, a high-quality yet cheap monitor light bar that provides external lighting that is adjustable to your needs with the effects of 15 RGB atmosphere lights to help you solve that problem.

BlitzWolf BW-CML2 Review

BlitzWolf BW-CML2 Features

  • RGB Backlight Light, 15 Modes Switch
  • Adjustable Color Temperature(2700-6500K)
  • 300-1000lux, Adjustable Brightness
  • Asymmetric Forward Projection Design & Anti-Glare Design
  • Simple Installation
  • Touch Control
  • USB Powered Lamp
BlitzWolf BW-CML2 Review


The BlitzWolf BW-CML2 light bar comes in a cylindrical shape, 22mm in diameter and 460 mm in length. It comes in the color black with a small Blitzwolf logo on the front. It has a clickable button that’s also finger sensitive and is used for light adjustments on the right side.

BlitzWolf BW-CML2 Review

BW-CML2 Light Bar RGB Backlight Light, 15 Modes Switch:

Ultimate Fitbit RGB light creates a dazzling atmosphere and enhances game immersion.

  • Seven colorful flowing effects
  • Seven single color switch
  • Auto gradient light

2,700-6,500k color temperature

300 1,000 lux adjustable brightness find the best one for diversified scenes.

  • Warm light: relaxing
  • Cool light: working
  • Mixed light: reading
BlitzWolf BW-CML2 Review

BlitzWolf BW-CML2 Simple Installation

The light bar is a space-saving, magnet fixing design and is perfect for monitors with 15 to 25 mm thickness.

The installation process of the BW-CML2 is very simple quick.ll you have to do is follow the four steps below:

perfect for a monitor with 15 to 25 mm thickness

  • The hanging lamp is suitable for the display with the thickness of 15 to 25 mm wipe clean the surface to the computer monitor.
  • Tear off the adhesive of the metal sheet and stick it to the middle position on the top of the display. the adhesive side is attached to the monitor
  • Pass one end of the USB cable through the bottom of the bracket place the bottom of the bracket on the display. align the metal sheet
  • Paste the adhesive of the fixed bracket to the position between the bracket and the display screen USB power on complete the installation
BlitzWolf BW-CML2 Review

Asymmetric optical design of the light bar

Eliminating screen reflection glare flicker-free soft light protects your eyes against fatigue and allows you to view clearly and comfortably.

The lights coming off the light bar do not project onto your eyes it only eliminates the keyboard area at approximately 25° angle.

Touch control

The BW-CML2 RGB Monitor Light Bar has a finger-sensitive button on the side that makes the control and adjustment of the light very easy and convenient. That means all you have to do is put your finger on the button and perform one of the following gestures:

  • One touch: lighting on
  • Double touch: lighting off
  • Short press: brightness adjustment
  • Long press: color temperature switch
  • Short touch: RGB on 15 modes switch
  • Long touch: RGB off
BlitzWolf BW-CML2 Review

USB Powered Lamp

  • In the end, the e-Reading Lamp can be powered by any USB outlet whether the source is a computer a phone charger or a power bank. It has a slim and sleek design, hence, it is very easy to carry around. Whether it is at home, in the office, or during travel, it is your best companion.

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BlitzWolf BW-CML2 Price And Where To buy:

The BlitzWolf BW-CML2 monitor light bar is currently available to preorder on the Banggood store for a very good price so don’t miss out on this great deal. To view its price or buy it, you can access the offer by clicking on the store icon.

Package includes

  • Lamp
  • Manual
  • 2 Adhesive

BlitzWolf BW-CML2 Specification

Rated InputDC 5V/2A
Rated Power7.5W
Working Temperature-10°C ~ 45°C
Lamp Body Size22×460 mm
Color Temperature2700K-6500K
LED Light Source2835 lamp bead