Lenovo has released a new product to the market right after the announcement of the nothing ear so we know it is a copy of some sort of the nothing ear, it belongs to the thinkplus series it packs promising features, today we will be reviewing the Lenovo LP10 TWS earphones, equipped with the new and improved Bluetooth 5.2 chip that provides a fast and stable connection, huge battery life of up to 20 hours, accurate multifunction touch control and IP54 Waterproof, not to mention a sound quality and call quality that are above average, all of this for just under 20$, is this a good fit for you? check this review out to find out.

lenovo LP10 review

Lenovo LP10 – Features

  • Speaker Unit: 10 mm
  • Improved Bluetooth 5.2 Chip
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Call noise reduction technology
  • Hi-Fi surround sound
  • IP54 water & dust proof
  • Multifunction Touch control

Design And Build Quality

Charging Case

The Lenovo LP10 comes in a nicely circular shaped charging case, that seems as if it is trying to copy the nothing ear because it is transparent and you can see the earphones sitting inside of it, the case is made out of transparent ABS plastic from the outside with a matt finish so no scratches or fingerprints are visible, on the front side we find the USB C for charging and above it we find a distinct piece of plastic that helps you lift the lid which is held firmly with magnets to the rest of the body, from the back side we can see the hinge that helps the lid open and close, otherwise there is nothing interesting to the outer side of the case, but underneath the lid magic happens, there we find the compartments for the right and left earbuds as well as two blocks of plastic that come in combinations of two colors, the option available are : White & Gray, Black & Red, these blocks house the 300mah battery that charges the earbuds through the pins, in the center we notice the triangular LED indicator that lights when plugged and when it charges the eaprhones.

Overall, the build quality of this device is decent, it is lightweight and small but of good quality and you won’t be alarmed by any manifestation of bad manufacturing, the design looks beautiful and distinct and I think it is one of the main reasons people love it.


The Lenovo LP10 earbuds are of medium size and lightweight, they consist mainly of ABS plastic with a matt finish just like the case, the stem is short and doesn’t extend very low, the design of the stem is unique, on the exterior it has another piece of plastic that is flat and has a different color than the body, the flat exterior has an advantage over the curved ones which is that it improves the accuracy of the touch control, by making it very hard to miss the touch control area even when you are moving, the latter is located at the top of the stem, and near the bottom, we find two cuts, the first one is for the microphone and the second is for the LED that lights indicating the connectivity and the battery & charging.

the Style fo the earphone is in-ear, but it doesn’t provide passive noise canceling because of the absence of rubber ear tips, the part that goes into the ear is one size fits all and is comfortable to wear and use for long periods, knowing that if you use them a lot the sound will hurt your drums. Hence, we recommend you take breaks and minimize your daily usage, as for the fit, the earphones stick very well to the ear so when you run fast or even shake your head, they won’t fall off, this benefits people who want to practice sports wearing them since they won’t have to worry about losing an earphone during the workout.

Lenovo LP10 – Touch Control Panel

The Touch control of the Lenovo LP10 is located near the top of the stem, it has been improved in terms of accuracy and sensitivity, and given its position, you may never touch it intentionally when you are adjusting the position of the earbuds, the multifunction touch control has a versatility of command that allows you to control music playback, volume, and calls right from your earbuds and without the need to pull your phone out of your pocket.

Lenovo LP10 - Touch Control Panel

The touch controls for the playback are as follows:  

  • Simple touch the right earbud to increase the volume
  • Simple touch the left earbud to reduce the volume
  • Double click on any earbud to pause/resume
  • Triple touch on the right earbud to play the next track
  • Triple touch on the left earbud to play the previous track
  • activate Siri: long pressing the left earphone Button for 2 seconds.


  • answer the call by double-clicking the left or the right earphone
  • long press the left or the right earphone for two seconds to reject the call
  • double-click the left or right earphone to hang up

Lenovo Livepods LP10 – IP54 Waterproof

The Lenovo LP10 earbuds are IP54 water and dust resistant certified, this rating means that they can withstand light water splashes from all directions as well as resist dust and even in a dusty environment they will keep functioning and not get damaged, this will allow you to use your earbuds more freely anywhere and under any weather condition, this is perfect for people who want to practice sports and do heavy workout sessions while enjoying high-quality music without worrying about sweat or rain drops damaging their headphones, keep in mind that this rating only applies to the headphones and not the charging case, so keep it away from any water source to prevent any damages.

Lenovo Livepods LP10 - IP54 Waterproof

Even though these earbuds are IP54 water & dust proof, I strongly advise against exposing them to any form of salt water or hot water, because they are not protected against them and that will damage them beyond repair.

How To Pair Lenovo LP10

With the improved Bluetooth 5.2 integrated chip, the pairing process of the Lenovo LP10 headphones with most Bluetooth-enabled devices is simple and easy, this device is compatible with a lot of modern operating systems such as Android, IOS, and Windows and it connects automatically and almost instantly, to pair your smartphone with these headphones, you will need to follow these few simple steps:

  • Take your earbuds out of the charging case, they are now in pairing mode
  • Turn On Bluetooth on your smartphone and put it in discovery mode
  • Find Lenovo Thinkplus LP10 and pair it.
How To Pair Lenovo LP10

The pairing process is only needed once, next time you wanna use the earphone, you only need to take them out of the case and turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone, the two devices will connect automatically before you know it, additionally, the earbuds can be used individually in case one of them runs out of battery or any other reason, In the Bluetooth setting, you can set the decoding to AAC instead of SBC for better audio quality.

Lenovo LP10 – Audio Quality

The Lenovo LP10 sound quality has been improved a lot from the previous generations, it is equipped with a 13mm horn which is bigger and more balanced than the 10mm found on previous Bluetooth headphones from Lenovo, the Bluetooth 5.2 chip inside helps transmit high audio quality with no delay, the in-ear style doesn’t provide passive noise canceling but is comfortable even for long hours at medium volume.

Lenovo LP10 – Audio Quality

The sound signature of the Lenovo LP10 is warm, the tuning is similar to all other budget-friendly, the bass is punchy and enjoyable, the mids are okay but the treble is not clear and veil, overall the sound is loud and crisp, and the headphone is voluminous without any distortion at high volumes, we recommend you keep the volume around 70% because otherwise, you might damage your eardrums, In the Bluetooth settings, you have the option to set the decoding to AAC instead of SBC in the Bluetooth settings to benefit from better audio knowing that it drains the battery on Android but works just fine on IOS devices.

Microphone Quality

The Lenovo LP10 TWS earphones are equipped with 2 microphones one on each earbud to pass high-quality calls, the performance is above average, that’s because you can use the thinkplus LP10 to pass quality calls both in quiet and complex environments, in contrast to other headphones in this budget bracket that only work well in quiet places and don’t work at all in noisy places.

Lenovo LP10 – Microphone quality

During the test in noiseless environments, the voice went through calls fine, the recipient could hear every word clearly without any issues and even if there is a source of steady noise such as a fan, the ENC will take care of that and reduces the noise by up to 35db, however in loud places such as the streets, the quality takes a hit, luckily it is still audible and the other side of the call can still hear your fine but the fishbowl effect amplifies, all in all, the call quality you get on the Lenovo LP10 is way better than most similar options.

Thinkplus LP10 – Latency And Gaming

Right out of the bat, Lenovo LP10 is not suitable for gaming at all, the delay between the game on the screen and the sound is noticeable, tests have shown a delay of approximately 400ms, in games such as PUBG Mobile, in order to have a chance at competing you must have a delay of 90ms and under, if gaming is your number one priority, then I would recommend you check out the Lenovo Thinkplus GM2 Pro earphones with very low latency to give you the advantage you need to win in competitive games.

Thinkplus LP10 - Latency and gaming

For media consumption, the LP10 is a perfect choice, the Bluetooth 5.2 integrated chip provides a very low delay between the audio and the video and the lip-synching is on point on most platforms, even on youtube which is the most challenging one, so whether you are watching a video or your favorite Netflix show, you will not be alarmed by any delays, this combination of low delay + good audio quality and comfortable fit makes these earphones decent headphones for consuming content.

Lenovo Thinkplus LP10 – Battery & charging

The Lenovo LP10 has a great battery, the charging case is equipped with a 300mah battery that charges through with the USB C cable that comes included in the box in around 1.5 hours, during the charging, the LED on the case will flash in blue indicating charging, when it is fully charged the LED will turn off, as for the earbuds, each has a battery capacity of 30mah and they charge by placing them inside their case where they make contact with the pins and start charging automatically in around 1.5 hours, while their LEDs light red, even though the case doesn’t have an LED that indicates the exact battery level of the case or the earbuds, you can still check the battery level of the LP10 in your phone in the Bluetooth settings, and when they are low on battery, the red indicator lights up and a notification is sent to the phone.

Lenovo Thinkplus LP10 - Battery & charging

The battery life the Lenovo LP10 earphones offer is decent, in a single charge, the headphones alone provide from 4 to 5 hours of continuous music playback at 70% of volume, this autonomy is great for extended sessions of media consumption such as a long podcast or a movie, with the charging case, you can get up to 20 hours of total playtime, the case can charge the headphone up to 5 times, this means that you may never run out of battery in the middle of the day and makes the thinkplus LP10 a perfect companion on the go.

Final verdict

In my opinion, the Lenovo LP10 is a great choice and could satisfy the needs of most categories of people except gamers, the huge battery makes it perfect for students and workers to take it on the go and not worry about it dying out suddenly, the sound quality and comfortable wear makes it perfect for consuming media for extended periods of time, and the seamless connectivity just benefits everybody all the time, since no one wants to deal with poor connectivity that cuts off every now and then.

lenovo LP10 review

All in all, these earphones have a lot of features that make them one of the best choices, but there are some other options that offer almost the same level of features at the same price, so the choice is going to come down to your preference such as the design you like and your preferred ear style.

Where to buy the Lenovo LP10

The Lenovo LP10 is available on AliExpress Store for an affordable price, check it out, and don’t miss out on this great deal.

Package content

  • Bluetooth Earphones
  • Charging Case
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Earphone Cups(S,M,L Size)
lenovo LP10 review

Lenovo LP10 – Specifications

  • Model: Lenovo LP10
  • Bluetooth Version: V5.2
  • Speak Unit: 13 mm
  • Battery capacity: 30mAh
  • Charging Compartment Battery Capacity:300mAh
  • Usage Time: up to 5 hours(Earphones)
  • Total usage time: up to 20 hours
  • Charging Time: About 1.5 hours (Earphones)
  • Charging Time: About 1.5 hours (case)
  • Frequency Range: 20hz-20KHz
  • Transmission Distance: Up to 10 meters / 33 feet