Oscal Pad 13, Oscal’s latest tablet, achieves comprehensive upgrades in entertainment, performance, convenience, and efficiency,  allowing users to enjoy the ultimate entertainment while having the most convenient office experience.

Oacal Pad 13 adopts a minimalist metal design with its 7.6 mm slim and 435g light body in Glacier Blue and Space Grey, which makes users stand out in the crowd whether they are using it for business or study.

Entertainment Upgrades: 

-Bigger Screen+Surround Sound + Versatile  Photography +Larger Battery

50% off for Only 5 Days! Oscal Releases Flagship Tablet Oscal Pad 13

Oscal Pad 13’s 10.1-inch large display brings users a broader visual experience with a high resolution of close to 2K, fully satisfying the user’s immersion enjoyment. It also comes with Smart K dual box speakers to achieve surround sound while users enjoy music. Supported by Widevine L1, users can enjoy their favorite videos uninterrupted on Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu. Self-developed by Oscal’s team, there are three eye-comfort modes to take care of the user’s eyes, which present different screen colors to match the ambient light, making the viewing experience comfortable.

Oscal Pad 13 has an 8MP Samsung® S5K4H7 front camera for vivid selfies and high-definition video calls. In addition, a 13MP rear camera can be used for document scanning and up to 4K video recording. Also, it has a sizable 7,680mAh battery with 18W fast charging, enabling continuous games-play for 5 hours, web browsing for 6 hours, or music playback for 18 hours.

Performance Upgrades:

-Faster Hardware+ Faster Software

Oscal Pad 13 is incredibly powerful with a Unisoc T606 processor and Mali-G57 graphics processor to run demanding online games with ease. Even opening multiple apps at once, the tablet performs fluidly with up to 14GB RAM on the basis of 8GB RAM. Particularly the storage part, it supports 4 * 256GB (1TB) of TF expansion in addition to the standard 256GB ROM, storing abundant work files, study documents, and videos. With Smart Pre-Loading, it is able to help preload users’ apps before opening them, hence improving the average app-launching speed by 30%.

Convenience Upgrades: Max in Convenience & Smoothness & Safety

Max in Convenience 

Neat pages? With a versatile desktop, users are able to group apps together, dismiss folders, lock desktop layouts, or customize icons with a breeze. Easy operation?  Swipe left or right and then hold for the smart sidebar. Swipe right for minus one screen. Swipe down for the control panel to access the drop-down menu more easily.

Max in Smoothness

System management? Thanks to the powerful system manager, users can free up more space, speed up games, save more power, and manage the app easily. Power consumption? Cold room temporarily freezes those rarely-used apps to stop them from consuming more juice and traffic.

Max in Safety

Data privacy? Privacy Control steps up privacy protection for users by Permission Manager and Privacy Dashboard. Security-Enhanced Linux achieves the mandatory control of data access, providing a high level of security for information.

Efficiency Upgrades: Efficient Assistants

50% off for Only 5 Days! Oscal Releases Flagship Tablet Oscal Pad 13

Oscal Pad 13  offers PC mode with PC-grade WPS Office software to collaborate with a wireless keyboard and mouse, allowing users to enjoy a Windows-like desktop office experience on the tablet. It also includes a high-precision stylus pen and a self-developed note app to make meeting minutes, take quick notes, or draw ideas smoothly. Moreover, the split-screen function allows multiple programs to be opened on one screen, significantly improving the multitasking capacity. Text translation? Assignment search? Location search? Google Smart Lens helps users explore the world around them.

Price & Availability:

For 5 days only, Oscal Pad 13 is able to be purchased for $151.99 with up to 50% off from 4.17 to 4.21 on AliExpress. Even more surprisingly, the first 200 orders will come with a free Bluetooth keyboard.

50% off for Only 5 Days! Oscal Releases Flagship Tablet Oscal Pad 13