Tronsmart was founded in China in 2013 and has specialized more and more in powerful audio equipment over time has become so prolific and continues to improve its outdoor speakers to the point that it has become a reference for consumer electronics with good value for money. A few months ago, the brand introduced a new range of portable speakers called Bang. So far, the series includes two models, Bang and Bang Mini, but now it has the newest member, Tronsmart Bang SE.

It is a party speaker with Bluetooth technology but has managed to differentiate itself in several ways. Thanks to full-range speakers generating 40W with patented SoundPulse technology, delivering louder and more powerful sound than standard speakers, promising up to 24 hours of autonomy at 50% volume. The IPX6-rated plastic body now adds a handle and carrying strap, and also includes an LED lighting system that adapts to the beat of the music. How well the speaker can do this, we show in our Tronsmart Bang SE review!

Tronsmart Bang SE Review

Tronsmart Bang SE Features

  • 40W Large Speaker Wireless Stereo Sound
  • 24 Hours of Playtime
  • Portable Handle & Detachable Strap
  • Lighting Modes & IPX6 Waterproof
  • Bluetooth 5.3
Tronsmart Bang SE Review

Design And Build Quality

The Tronsmart Bang SE is presented to us in a design with a horizontal drum base similar to the rest of the Bang models, made of high-quality black plastic except for the aluminum protective grille. So it’s quite sturdy but heavy enough at 2,10kg, and with dimensions of 298 x 164.5 x 118.8mm, although it’s not very big a bit heavy. The main novelty of this model is that on its handle there are two plastic hooks that allow us to put on the carrying strap that is included so that the speaker can be carried on our shoulder like a bag in a more comfortable way. The Bang SE is smaller and lighter than its larger siblings, the Bang and even the Bang Mini. He is the only one of the three who has a carrying strap.

Tronsmart Bang SE Review

The front area is distinguished by the perforated metal grille that will allow us to see the 40W speakers and the powerful RGB lighting system integrated around it. While two speakers are placed sideways, they are very sturdy and protected by the outer edges of the chassis so that they are not subject to falling. And as mentioned, all four speakers are illuminated with colored LEDs, with seven colors that alternate in three different ways: circling, breathing, and Beat-driven. The light show syncs to the music and I love how well it lights up the speakers to show them off.

In the upper area of the Tronsmart Bang SE is a large knob, on which the Tronsmart logo is large. There are also holders on both sides of the handle for the included carrying strap, and just below the handle, we find the control panel, whose rubberized surface will retain many specks of dust and dirt. In it, at least the functions are printed in white for better readability, the size of the buttons has been increased for better contact, and it is made of rubber. It is certified with IPX6 protection, that is, it is not isolated from dust and resists splashing water, but not immersion.

Tronsmart Bang SE Review

The 7 buttons allow easy control of all its functions. They include a button to turn on Power, a button to activate SoundPluse, a button to turn the volume down and restart, another button to play/pause, a volume up button is also the same to go forward to the next music, there is also a button to pair the stereo and another to choose between the three lighting modes. Some of these buttons have multiple functions, all of which will be perfectly explained in the user manual.

In addition to the buttons, there are also some luminous indicators, such as the battery indicator, the Bluetooth indicator, the SoundPulse indicator below the respective button, as well as the stereo pairing. Even the microphone between the buttons.

On the back, there are different connection interfaces that are protected by a strong rubber cover, to ensure that it is compatible with the IPX6 standard which means that it can resist high pressure and heavy water splashes. It has a USB-A port, a USB-C port for charging the battery, an AUX-in port, and a microSD card slot. There is a small hole used to reset the speaker in the event of a malfunction. The relevant button is pressed with the help of a pin.

Finally, the rear area consists of a fully enclosed chassis with a smooth finish, with the port panel protected by a wide insulating rubber cover. On the base of the support, we have non-slip circular rubber feet.

Connection And Pairing

Tronsmart Bang SE is packed with everything you’d expect from a modern smart speaker, courtesy of the latest Bluetooth 5.3. This provides a stable connection over long distances and low power consumption. It is also compatible with SBC, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, and HSP codecs, and this is probably the weakest point, since some HD codecs such as AAC or AptX are missing. On compatible smartphones, the speaker’s battery level is displayed next to the Bluetooth icon.

If your device does not support Bluetooth, the Tronsmart Bang SE can be used in several ways: Via an audio cable connected to the 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input, and Want to play music without a device? The Bang SE can accept a TF card or USB drive loaded with your favorite tunes. It even supports Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant thanks to the built-in microphone. All you need to do is press the play/pause button twice to activate the voice assistant of your choice. However, there is another less positive aspect related to the fact that it also does not have an associated app.

Stereo Pairing Mode: A unique feature of Tronsmart Bang SE is that you can pair two Bang SE units together in Stereo Pairing mode to double the power and increase stereo separation.

It’s easy to get started. First, turn on both speakers and make sure they are not connected to another device. Next, press the Stereo Pairing button once on the host device. Then, connect to the host speaker as usual by searching for “Tronsmart Bang SE” on your mobile device. When you’re done and want to separate your speakers from each other, just tap the stereo pairing button again.

Performance & Sound Quality

When it comes to the sound experience this is exactly what you need for that indoor or outdoor party with great bass and high volume the mids are good and there is no distortion or distortion at the max volume the sound is clear and does not pop and the speakers can Comfortably “fill” large rooms with music. Also, the sub-bass reproduction is a bit of a thrill: you can hear it, but only in the 50- to 60-Hz range; Less than that, it tends to disappear.

This exceptional acoustic effect is due to SoundPulse™ technology from Tronsmart. According to Tronsmart, SoundPulse combines an advanced DSP algorithm with a custom chip and powerful power circuitry to improve overall performance by reducing distortion in the 2K-3K range, increasing audio stream capacity, and boosting bass performance. As a result, the sound is louder and more powerful than other speakers without compromising the quality of reproduction.

Deeper bass along with improved sound clarity makes the Bang SE, like other Bang models, the ultimate party speaker, with rich LED lighting that flashes in multiple colors to the beat of the music. The lighting can be turned off or adjusted to your liking. A single speaker is good enough to fill a small room with sound but you shouldn’t expect it to fill a large room with sound. Adding an extra speaker to a stereo pair makes a huge difference in sound quality, but then doubles the price. However, buying two Bang SEs is still cheaper than many similarly sized speakers from competing brands.

Overall it delivers high-quality sound, which is something the brand has become accustomed to in all its ranges. Although it is clearly not a product for audiophiles looking for flat sound. We have punchy and powerful bass, and a fairly clear midrange for its price range that in line with its current portfolio gives a decent sound with added light effects.

Battery And Autonomy in Tronsmart Bang SE

Tronsmart Bang SE has exceptional battery life for a portable speaker of this class. It is capable of continuous audio playback for up to 24 hours thanks to its massive 8000mAh battery. But that drops to 16 hours if you turn on the lights or if you like the music too loud. But no matter what you do, you’ll have enough power for any one-day event from playing music to parties and other celebrations. To maintain autonomy, the speakerphone is turned off. automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. And to recharge all this takes about 5 hours.

Another thing to watch out for is that the Bang SE can also act as a power bank for your mobile device thanks to the USB-A port on the back.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a party-friendly, portable Bluetooth speaker that won’t break the bank, there are countless speakers to choose from. Fortunately, Tronsmart makes things easy by offering a great all-in-one package at an attractive price.
The Tronsmart Bang SE is an excellent choice for those who need a great, powerful wireless speaker for listening to music that is relatively inexpensive and versatile enough to make it easy to recommend to those who don’t want to spend more on well-known brands.
The Bang SE combines good sound quality, innovative features, and excellent build quality. It has a stylish look, with LED lighting and builds quality. It is equipped with a battery with an autonomy of about 20 hours. It is a bit heavy and bulky but easy to carry due to its very practical handle and strap. It also has many features such as IPX6 certification, SoundPulse™, and stereo pairing.

Tronsmart Bang SE Review

One of the points that should be mentioned as a negative is the lack of a compatible application, for the possibility of modifying the operating modes, managing the battery, or even the colors of the LED lights.

Best of all, the Tronsmart Bang SE is reasonably priced. It normally retails for $69.99 on Aliexpress, but you can get it with a $7 discount by using this code BRBEST507. It is also available on Amazon.

What’s in the Box?

  • Bang SE Portable Party Speaker
  • Aux-in Cable
  • Type-C Cable
  • SoundPulse® Card
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Strap

Tronsmart Bang SE Specifications

ModelBang SE
Bluetooth Version5.3
Bluetooth Range15m/49ft (Open Area)
Input Power5V/2A, via Type-C Port
Output Power40W
IP RatingIPX6
Play Time (Varied by Volume Level & Audio Content)Up to 24 Hours(Varied by Light Display)
Charging Time≤5 Hours
Frequency Range60Hz – 20kHz
Playing ModesBluetooth
TF Card
Voice AssistantSupport Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant
Other Features3 Lighting Modes
Built-in Powerbank
SoundPulse Audio
Stereo Pairing
Product Dimension298 x 164.5 x 118.8mm/11.73 x 6.48 x 4.68inch
Product Weight2.08kg/4.59lbs
Package Dimension334 x 192 x 164mm/13.15 x 7.56 x 6.46inch
Package Weight2.5kg/5.51lbs