Open-ear headphones are gaining popularity for their unique design that allows users to enjoy their music while staying aware of their surroundings. The 1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 takes this concept to the next level by offering a hybrid design that combines open-ear comfort with in-ear precision, delivering a listening experience that’s simply unmatched. In this review, we’ll unbox these earbuds, explore their design, features, and sound quality, and ultimately assess their performance in different scenarios.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

1MORE FIT S50 Features

  • Open-Ear Design & Directional Sound Loops
  • 4 Mics for Crystalline Calls
  • Al-Powered Noise-Reduction
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • 38H-Playtime & Fast Charging
  • Qi-Enabled Wireless Charging
  • Bluetooth 5.3 Chip
  • Preset EQ Via App
  • Innovative PurePower Driver
  • DLC PurePower Driver
  • Sound Tuned by Pro
1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

Unboxing and First Impressions

The experience begins with the unboxing of the 1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50. The packaging follows the classic 1More style, with a black box that elegantly folds and secures with a magnetic closure. A subtle golden touch at the buckle adds a touch of sophistication. What’s notable here is how the packaging expertly showcases the earbuds’ features in a sketch format on the left side. For newcomers to open-ear earbuds, a wearing guide is thoughtfully provided – a rare yet immensely useful addition.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

Inside the package, you’ll find a stylish carbon-fiber-look pouch for storing the charging case. There are also user manuals and guides for getting started with your new earbuds. Additionally, the package includes different earbud pieces for customization, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. The USB-B to USB-C cable is provided for charging the case.

Design and Comfort

The 1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 present a hybrid design, combining the best features of open-ear and in-ear headphones. The defining feature of this hybrid design is the inclusion of ear gels, which gently nestle into your ears, creating a seal that not only enhances sound quality but also adds to the stability and comfort of these earbuds. The ear gels ensure that a significant portion of the sound is directed into your ears, preserving audio fidelity and clarity that is often lost in traditional open-ear headphones.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

These open-ear earbuds are designed to be placed over the back of your ear and rotated to sit securely in place. The design ensures that they remain comfortable even during extended use. Once placed in your ears, they maintain a comfortable and secure fit. There’s no “ear noise-canceling” feeling that can sometimes be disorienting with other earbuds. Also, the 11MORE FIT S50 strikes a balance between robustness and weight. Each earbud weighs in at 8.9 grams, making them lightweight compared to some of their competitors but sturdier than others.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

The S50 earbuds, despite their larger size, are incredibly comfortable to wear. You can use them for hours without experiencing any discomfort or ear fatigue. They are perfect for workouts or long listening sessions. The ear hooks ensure a secure fit, preventing them from slipping during exercise. However, some users may notice a slight pressure at the back of their ears during prolonged usage. In terms of long-term comfort, the FIT S50 is a strong contender, though slightly trailing behind class-leading options.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

The matte finish of the charging case adds a premium touch to the entire package. This matte finish not only enhances the tactile feel but also reduces the risk of unsightly fingerprint smudges. The case, though made of plastic, exudes quality and durability, making it a suitable companion for the earbuds. The compact design ensures portability while maintaining a robust build.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

The design of the earbud case is robust and practical, ensuring it can withstand daily wear and tear. It’s designed with simplicity in mind, with indicator lights on the front and a convenient USB Type-C charging port on the back. The rugged build of the case provides peace of mind, knowing it can handle the demands of an active lifestyle.

Touch Controls

The earbuds offer touch-sensitive controls that can be customized via the app. Users can assign specific functions to double-tap and triple-tap gestures, allowing for personalized control.

  • Answer: Double-tap
  • Play/Pause: Double-tap
  • End call/Decline: Press and hold
  • Voice control on cellphone: Tap 3 times when Bluetooth is on and not on a phone call

IPX7 Water Resistance

The IPX7 water resistance rating further solidifies their durability, as they can withstand sweat, rain, and even being rinsed under tap water, making them suitable for outdoor activities and sports. However, it’s essential to note that the IPX7 rating only applies to the earbuds themselves, not the charging case. Users should avoid exposing the case to water, although the included carry pouch can offer protection in such scenarios.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!


The 1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 come equipped with Bluetooth 5.3, ensuring a stable and uninterrupted connection. You won’t experience noticeable lag when streaming videos on platforms like YouTube or Amazon Prime, making these earbuds ideal for entertainment purposes. Also, Users can enable multi-device connection, often referred to as multipoint use, which is handy for switching between devices in a work environment.

While the 1MORE FIT S50 seamlessly handles multipoint connections for phone calls, it requires manual intervention to switch playback between two source devices when listening to music or watching videos. The switching process itself may take 5 to 6 seconds. However, the S50’s audio codec support is limited to SBC and AAC, lacking support for high-resolution codecs like aptX or LDAC. While competitors may share similar limitations, it’s an area where improvements could enhance the listening experience.

Pairing and App Integration

Pairing the 1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 is a breeze, and you’ll be connected in no time. The accompanying app allows you to fine-tune your experience. This app not only displays the battery levels of the earbuds and case but also provides various settings and customizations.

The 1MORE MUSIC app complements the 1MORE FIT S50, offering a range of customization options and features. The app provides essential information, such as the battery levels of the earbuds and the case. However, there’s a limitation when it comes to customizing the EQ settings. Unlike the S30, the S50 doesn’t allow you to create your own custom EQ settings. Instead, you can select from a library of built-in 12 EQ presets, which may not cater to everyone’s unique preferences.

Aside from EQ settings, the app offers access to the user manual, a troubleshooting guide, and firmware updates when necessary, ensuring your earbuds stay up-to-date and continue to improve over time. While the app is feature-rich, the inability to create custom EQ settings is a notable drawback, especially for audiophiles who prefer fine-tuning their audio experience.

Additionally, the app offers “Smooth Sounds,” providing access to a library of integrated soothing sounds such as thunderstorms. These sounds can help you relax, meditate, or focus in noisy environments, adding to the earbuds’ versatility.

For gamers, the low latency mode is a blessing, delivering minimal delay and providing a near-instant response to around 100 milliseconds, suitable for most enthusiastic gamers. Gamers who value a seamless and responsive gaming experience will find these earbuds to be an excellent choice.

Sensor Integration:

An additional convenience is the integration of sensors. These sensors detect when you remove the earbuds from your ears, automatically pausing audio playback. When you place the earbuds back in, the music resumes, enhancing user convenience and preserving battery life. Additionally, users have the option to use each earbud on its own, making single-bud mode available.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

Sound Quality and Performance

The 1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 utilizes a material known as DLC in its construction. DLC shares properties with natural diamonds, including extreme hardness, high corrosion and wear resistance, and low friction. However, what’s truly intriguing is that the ultra-low mass of DLC-coated drivers strikes a perfect balance between acoustic velocity and internal resistance, setting the foundation for the 1MORE FIT S50’s remarkable sound quality.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

So, The standout feature of the FIT S50 is undoubtedly its sound quality. Unlike many open-ear earbuds that tend to deliver an airy and open sound, the S50’s hybrid design ensures that much of the sound reaches your ears. This results in a rich, balanced, and dynamic listening experience that is often lost in traditional open-ear headphones.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

The earbuds come equipped with directional sound technology and a set of four microphones. This array of microphones enhances your audio experience by offering a wide and dynamic audio range. Additionally, the built-in AI noise-canceling technology ensures that you can have clear calls even in noisy environments.

While custom EQ settings are limited, the built-in presets offer a satisfying degree of audio personalization. You can achieve a sound signature with relatively clear highs, well-balanced mids that are present without being too forward, and a satisfying bass response. While the bass may sound slightly artificial at times, this can be attributed to the open-ear design. Overall, the sound signature remains distortion-free as long as the volume is kept within the 50-75% range.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

A key innovation contributing to the S50’s exceptional sound quality is the patented sound loops. These loops serve multiple functions beyond just a secure fit, though that’s a significant benefit in itself. The sound loops connect the earbuds to your ears much like traditional ear tips but without the need to insert them into your ear canals. When these loops were removed, a noticeable difference in the listening experience was observed.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

Call Quality and Noise Cancellation

The S50 earbuds excel in providing impressive call quality. Equipped with four environmental noise-canceling microphones and an AI algorithm designed to focus on your speech, these earbuds excel at picking up your voice clearly even in noisy environments. This level of call quality enhances the S50’s versatility as a dependable audio solution.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

Battery Life and Wireless Charging

The 1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 offers impressive battery life. On a single charge, they can last up to 11 hours. The charging case takes this even further, adding an extra 27 hours of usage. This means that you can go for extended periods without having to worry about recharging your earbuds. This extended battery life sets the S50 ahead of most of its competitors in the open-ear audio market.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

Additionally, these earbuds feature quick charging, providing you with 2 hours of use from just 5 minutes of charging. One unique feature of the S50 is its wireless charging support. While most competitors lack wireless charging compatibility, the 1MORE FIT S50allows for effortless recharging, enhancing the overall user experience. A quick 5-minute charge can provide an extra 2 hours of use.

Comparing the Competition

To provide a comprehensive understanding of the 1More Fit Open Earbuds S50, it’s essential to compare them with other top competitors in the open-ear earbuds market.

  • 1MORE FIT S30: The S30, a more affordable sibling to the S50, offers a budget-friendly alternative with similar open-ear features. Stay tuned for our upcoming open-ear earbuds comparison video, which will include the S30 among other budget-friendly options.
  • Cleer ARC 2: While offering good performance, the Cleer Arc 2 lacks some of the advanced features found in the 1MORE FIT S50, such as wireless charging, smart sensors, and low-latency game mode. The S50 outshines it in several aspects.
  • OWS2 (Oladance): The OWS2 delivers impressive battery life, but it lacks features like wireless charging and smart sensors found in the S50. Moreover, the FIT S50’s sound quality and audio customization are noteworthy.
  • Shokz Open Fit: The Shokz Open Fit, like the S50, features an open-ear design. However, the 1MORE FIT S50 surpasses it in multiple areas, including touch controls, sound quality, and features.

Final verdict:

In conclusion, the 1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 brings substantial value to the open-ear audio market. These Earbuds combine a range of premium features, creating a listening experience that transcends traditional open-ear headphones. Their hybrid design, rich sound quality, AI noise cancellation, wireless charging, smart sensors, low-latency mode, and multipoint features make the FIT S50 set apart from its competitors and set a new standard in the open-ear audio market. The app offers extensive customization options, making the 1MORE FIT S50 adaptable to various use cases.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

Also, The open-ear design, which allows you to remain aware of your surroundings, ensures a level of safety and situational awareness that traditional in-ear headphones can’t match. This feature is perfect for those who enjoy listening to music while staying connected with the world around them. While the inability to create custom EQ settings and the limitations on touch controls may be a minor drawback, the S50’s strengths far outweigh these concerns.

1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50 Review - A New Listening Experience!

Notably, the 1MORE FIT Open Earbuds S50’s affordability, even at its original launch price, undercuts most competitors, providing excellent value in the open-ear audio market. At their regular price of $148.99 on Amazon and $118.48 on AliExpress, the 1MORE FIT S50 earbuds offer excellent value.