Baseus has unveiled its latest headphone model, the Baseus Bowie H1i, a worthy successor to the popular Bowie H1. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the H1i brings notable enhancements in both sound quality and battery life, all while being offered at a more affordable price point.

Baseus Bowie H1i Review

The H1i boasts an impressive set of features that particularly appeal to budget-conscious consumers. Notably, it boasts a substantial 600mAh battery, providing an exceptional playtime of up to 100 hours. Including the latest Bluetooth 5.3 chip ensures superior audio quality, a low latency of just 38ms, and a consistently stable connection across various devices. Furthermore, the design prioritizes comfort and user-friendliness, employing breathable fabric and soft materials, coupled with adjustable length settings, making it an enticing option, especially given its competitive price, in this review, we will be going over every feature in detail to help you decide whether these headphones are going to be your next daily driver!

Baseus Bowie H1i Features

  • Dual Hi-Res Certified, LHDC Audio Decoding
  • Baseus 3D Immersive Spatial Acoustics
  • Biotechnology Diaphragm
  • -38dB Active Noise Cancellation
  • 100 hours of battery life.
  • Bluetooth 5.3 & Baseus Smart Dual Connection
  • 38ms low latency
  • Support Wireless/Wired dual connection
  • Support App Adjustment

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Design And Build Quality

The Baseus Bowie H1i headphones are predominantly crafted from durable ABS plastic, featuring a combination of matte and glossy finishes. This material selection not only helps in cost-effectiveness but also guarantees the device’s robustness and prolonged resistance to wear and tear. The matte finish, known for its scratch-resistant properties, ensures the headphones maintain a pristine appearance over an extended duration of use. In comparison to its predecessor, the Bowie H1, these headphones are notably lighter, adding to the overall comfort during prolonged wear. Available in a range of captivating colors, including Cluster Black, Stellar White, and Natural Green, users are provided with a diverse palette to choose from, allowing them to express their style and preferences.

Baseus Bowie H1i Design

The headphones feature a foldable design and compact size, making them highly convenient for travel and on-the-go use. Their adjustable length and 90° rotation angle ensure a tailored fit, while the soft ear cups constructed with breathable fabric contribute to overall user comfort. The headphones’ ergonomic design prevents excessive pressure on the ears, making them suitable for extended periods of wear. Some users even find them comfortable enough to wear during sleep, although it’s important to note that this isn’t recommended for optimal sleep quality and ear health preservation.

Baseus Bowie H1i Design

Despite their compact size, the headphones cover the entire ear, providing effective sound isolation. This feature enhances sound quality and overall listening experience, making them equally suitable for gaming or media consumption.

The headphones’ build quality is exceptional, exuding a robust and premium feel characteristic of recent Baseus products. The tactile sensation is pleasant, showcasing the high level of craftsmanship invested in its creation, and I have a good feeling that these will last a long while.

Baseus Bowie H1i Design

Controls and Functionality

The Baseus Bowie H1i introduces a classic button-based control scheme, foregoing the more common touch controls found in similar headphones. Located on the right side, you’ll find the power button and volume adjustment buttons, while the left side features the convenient ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) toggle. These well-placed buttons offer straightforward access and smooth operation, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Their sturdy build guarantees reliable functionality, making navigation and control seamless and efficient.

Baseus Bowie H1i Controls

The controls are as follows:

Multifunction Button: 

  • Double click: Spatial audio
  • One-click: Answer/hang up
  • Triple clicks: Low-latency on/off
  • Click and hold: Decline an incoming call

Volume Button:

  • Click and hold 1.5s the Minus button: Previous track
  • Click and hold 1.5s the Plus button: Next track

ANC Button:

  • Active Noise Cancellation Toggle (Orange: on / Black: off)

Baseus bowie H1i – Connectivity & Pairing

The device utilizes advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology, providing a reliable and uninterrupted connection within a range of approximately 10 meters, even when obstacles are present. This feature harmonizes perfectly with its compatibility across modern operating systems, particularly excelling on newer versions.

Baseus Bowie H1i connectivity

The Bluetooth 5.3 chip extends its versatility by supporting both SBC and AAC codecs, catering to different user preferences. SBC focuses on energy efficiency, making it a popular choice for Android users, while AAC prioritizes superior sound quality, albeit with a slight increase in battery consumption, making it ideal for IOS and MAC users. This varied codec support enriches the listening experience, accommodating a diverse user base.

Pairing steps:

  • Take the Bowie H1i earphones out of the charging case, and they will automatically enter pairing mode.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone or computer and put it in discovery mode.
  • Click on the device named “Baseus Bowie H1i” to pair it.
  • Allow the pairing process to complete, and you’re ready to enjoy your music

Auto support connect, after the first pairing, anytime you want to use the H1i, you only need to turn it on and turn on Bluetooth on your device, and the two will pair seamlessly and automatically, this feature rids you of all the manual pairing hassle and makes it the usage of the headphones even more intuitive and easy.

Baseus Bowie H1i connectivity

dual connectivity

Base smart connect for dual connectivity, allows you to connect two devices simultaneously to your Bowie H1i and use both at the same like listening to an audio track on one device and then getting a notification from the second, as we can see, this feature is highly convenient for students and office workers, who need both their smartphones and laptops at the same time one for work and for socials, 

How To Use  App With Baseus bowie H1i

The Baseus Bowie H1i earbuds offer full app support, enhancing the overall user experience and allowing you to fully utilize the earphones’ features. The Baseus app is available on both the App Store and Play Store, compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 10.0 and above. With its user-friendly interface, the app provides a plethora of functionalities that would otherwise be missed out on. It also offers customization options for the touch controls on your earphones, tailoring them to your liking.

Baseus Bowie H1i the Baseus App

To get started with the app, simply download and open it, granting the necessary permissions for proper functionality. Once on the main screen, follow these easy steps to add your Bowie H1i earphones:

  • Click on the “Add Device” or the yellow plus button located in the top right corner.
  • Log in or create a new account to access the app’s features.
  • A list of Baseus models will appear, search for your specific model, the Bowie H1i.
  • Click on the Bowie H1i model and open the charging case.
  • Once the Bowie H1i device appears on your screen with the MAC address, click on it and wait for the pairing process to complete.
Baseus Bowie H1i the Baseus App

That’s all it takes for the pairing process. Afterward, you will be presented with the home screen, displaying essential information about your earphones, such as the model name and the battery level for each earpiece individually at all times. The Baseus app also offers other cool features to further enhance your Bowie H1i earbud experience. With this level of app support and customization, the Baseus Bowie H1i earbuds provide a seamless and enjoyable listening journey.

App Features:

The Baseus app significantly elevates the experience with the Baseus Bowie H1i earbuds, offering a diverse range of valuable functions that enhance overall convenience. Here are several key features provided by the app:

  • Noise Canceling Modes: The app allows you to choose from various noise canceling modes, such as transparency mode or normal mode, to adapt to different environments and preferences. This feature is particularly handy when you need to stay aware of your surroundings or want to immerse yourself in your music without distractions.
  • Customizable Touch Controls: With the app, you have the freedom to customize the touch controls on your earbuds according to your preference. You can easily change the layout of the touch controls, making it easier and more intuitive to control music playback, volume, calls, and other functions.
  • Custom Equalizer: The app offers a built-in custom equalizer that lets you fine-tune the sound profile of the Bowie H1i earbuds to suit your taste. Whether you prefer more bass or a balanced sound, the custom equalizer allows you to adjust the audio output for an optimal listening experience.
  • Location Maps: The app features location maps that can help you keep track of your earbuds’ last known location. This can be particularly useful if you misplace your earbuds and need to find them quickly, as the app provides a visual reference to their whereabouts.
  • Find My Earphones: This handy feature enables you to locate your lost earbuds with ease. By triggering a loud beep through the app, you can easily pinpoint their location even when they are buried under a couch or hidden in other spots.
  • Battery Level Display: The app provides real-time monitoring of the battery level for each earpiece individually. This allows you to stay informed about the remaining battery life and ensures that you never run out of power unexpectedly.
  • Audio Modes: The app offers a range of audio modes, including spacial sound, normal mode, and theater mode. These audio modes allow you to tailor the sound output to match different scenarios, whether you are enjoying music, watching movies, or playing games.
  • Switch Between Music and Gaming Mode: The app enables you to easily switch between music mode and gaming mode, optimizing the earbuds’ performance for the respective activity. Gaming mode, in particular, can reduce latency for a more immersive gaming experience.
Baseus Bowie H1i the Baseus App

In summary, the Baseus app augments the already impressive Baseus Bowie H1i earbuds with a myriad of features, contributing a layer of convenience and customization. With its intuitive interface and versatile capabilities, the app enriches your audio journey and empowers you to maximize the potential of your earbuds.

Baseus bowie H1i – Audio Quality

The Baseus Bowie H1i headphones offer a range of sound features that cater to various preferences. These headphones support LHDC, AAC, and SBC codecs, ensuring versatile audio compatibility. The dual hi-res capabilities are available both in wireless and wired modes, enhancing the audio experience across different scenarios.

Baseus Bowie H1i Audio quality

When using the wired mode through the 3.5mm jack port, you can experience even better sound quality, thanks to the LHDC codec, which minimizes signal loss and significantly improves sound quality, as claimed by Baseus. The cushion pads provide a sealed fit, leading to sound isolation that effectively reduces external noise without compromising energy efficiency or sound quality. This feature is especially useful for shutting out ambient chatter, contributing to an immersive listening environment.

While the sound quality is good, it can be further customized to match individual preferences. You have the option to adjust the sound settings using either the in-app equalizer or third-party software, which significantly enhances the overall listening experience. With the equalizer, you can fine-tune the headphones to emphasize the bass, the treble, or strike a balance between the two, allowing you to tailor the sound output to your liking.

Baseus Bowie H1i Audio quality

It’s essential to note that if you prioritize top-tier sound quality, there might be pricier alternatives with more refined tuning. The sound in the Baseus Bowie H1i can be perceived as somewhat flat, and the bass may not be as strong or punchy as in some premium models. For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, the Bowie H1i offers impressive sound quality in its price range, competing effectively with other models. Moreover, these headphones are versatile and well-suited for various tasks, making them a recommended choice for work, study, gaming, and media consumption.

Active Noise cancellation

The Baseus Bowie H1i headphones feature a notable 38dB noise reduction capability, providing effective isolation from the surrounding environment. However, it’s important to note that this active noise reduction does come at the cost of increased battery consumption and you might notice the presence of a faint hissing noise, which can be somewhat bothersome.

From a personal perspective, I find that I primarily utilize the active noise cancellation (ANC) feature only in situations where there’s particularly disruptive noise. This approach stems from prioritizing sound quality, as the headphones’ passive noise-canceling functionality is often sufficient in reducing the majority of ambient sounds. This combination of active and passive noise reduction ensures that I strike a balance between minimizing distractions and preserving sound quality.

Baseus Bowie H1i ANC

Microphone Quality & Bluetooth Calling

The Baseus Bowie H1i headphones feature microphones with a sensitivity of 38dB, ensuring clear and accurate audio capture. The incorporation of Bluetooth 5.3 technology enhances the Bluetooth calling experience by providing stable and high-quality transmission. Unlike many other headphones in the same price range that often struggle with audio clarity, the Bowie H1i has improved microphones and advanced processing algorithms, resulting in fantastic microphone quality and reliable Bluetooth calling performance.

Baseus Bowie H1i Microphones and Bluetooth calling

In quiet environments, calls are seamless, with both ends enjoying clear and crisp communication as desired. However, in more complex and noisy environments, the noise reduction algorithm might slightly impact the call quality, making your voice sound a bit muffled. Nevertheless, the recipient will still be able to hear you without any significant issues, which is crucial, especially for an affordable device. Overall, the Baseus Bowie H1i headphones provide a dependable microphone and Bluetooth calling experience, ensuring efficient communication wherever you are.

Low Latency & gaming mode

The Baseus Bowie H1i headphones come equipped with Dual Channel Low Latency (DCLL) technology, a cutting-edge feature by Baseus that synchronizes audio and video with an impressively low latency of just 60ms. This technology significantly enhances the media consumption experience by eliminating any noticeable delays between the audio and video, ensuring seamless synchronization across various platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and more.

Baseus Bowie H1i Low latency & gaming

In addition to its low latency capabilities, the Bowie H1i offers a dedicated gaming mode designed to cater to gamers’ needs. Activated by simply triple-tapping the multi-function button, this mode reduces latency even further, achieving an impressive latency of approximately 38ms. Although this gaming mode may slightly reduce sound quality, it provides a substantial improvement to the overall gaming experience, particularly for casual gaming sessions and competitive play in popular mobile games like PUBG Mobile and Call Of Duty. This low latency advantage gives users a serious competitive edge, allowing them to enjoy lag-free and immersive gaming sessions while easily keeping up with their friends.

Baseus Bowie H1i Battery Life and Usage

The Baseus Bowie H1i truly excels in the realm of battery life and usage, boasting an impressive 600mAh battery that ensures extended hours of continuous operation. With the added benefit of power-efficient Bluetooth 5.3 technology, users can enjoy a remarkable 70 to 100 hours of uninterrupted playtime. Charging the H1i is a straightforward process – simply connect the included USB-C cable to the headphone’s USB-C port, conveniently located on the right side.

Baseus Bowie H1i Battery life

In comparison to other products within its lineup, the H1i stands out by delivering the most exceptional battery autonomy, a testament to its massive battery capacity. Operating with Noise Reduction enabled, users can expect approximately 70 hours of playtime, while disabling Noise Reduction extends this to an impressive 100 hours. Both measurements were conducted at 70% volume, a level often found more than sufficient for various media consumption needs.

Baseus Bowie H1i Battery life

This exceptional battery capacity makes the Baseus Bowie H1i a perfect companion for frequent travelers and individuals on the move. You can rely on its extended battery life to meet your entertainment and communication needs without the constant worry of running out of battery. Furthermore, you can conveniently monitor the battery levels in real-time within the Baseus app and through the Bluetooth settings menu, ensuring you’re always aware of the power status and know precisely when to recharge.

Final Verdict

In summary, the Baseus Bowie H1i undeniably stands as a testament to great value for its price, showcasing an array of meticulously implemented features that lend versatility to its usage. Seamlessly transitioning from work to relaxation and even gaming, this headphone doesn’t falter in any aspect. Its exceptional sound quality and call clarity, combined with the comfortable fit and user-friendly design, create a harmonious audio experience. The massive battery capacity is a traveler’s dream, ensuring prolonged usage, while the overall comfort and intuitive controls make it a standout choice. An easy recommendation, the Bowie H1i embodies excellence across the board.

Baseus Bowie H1i Review

Baseus Bowie H1i Price And Where To Buy

The BaseUs Bowie H1i is available for purchase at a discount on the Aliexpress store, if you liked it, go check it out and don’t miss out on this great deal!


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What’s in the Box?

  • Bowie H1i headphones
  • User Manual
  • Stickers
  • USB C to USB A Charging Cable
  • 3.5mm Jack Cable
Baseus Bowie H1i Review

Baseus Bowie H1i Specifications

Product NameBaseus bowie H1i
Driver Size40mm
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.3
Multi-connect supportDual connection
Transmission Distance8-10m
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz
Charging InterfaceType-C
Microphone Sensitivity38dB ± 3dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio≥102dB
Speaker Impedance32Ω ± 15%
Battery Capacity600mAh
Total Playback Time70 to 100 hours (70% volume)
Charging Time2 hours
Noise ReductionActive noise canceling 
Game ModeYes (38ms low latency)
Voice Assistant SupportYes
CompatibilityiOS and Android devices


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