If you happen to have a computer, you might use it for some audio activities, whether it’s playing games, listening to music, or such, For that, you are going to need either headsets or speakers. Today we have the BlitzWolf BW-GS3 RGB gaming soundbar, a speaker that may be the next item in your setup. Stick with me in this review to learn more about it.


BlitzWolf BW-GS3 Features

  • 2.0 Channel, Dual Speakers, Powerful Bass
  • 360°Stereo Sound
  • RGB Rolling Lights
  • Superior Metal Mesh

Design And Build Quality

Right out of the box we find the speaker itself, it’s parallelepiped of shape 479*66*51mm, comes in the black color, and is made of plastic which is expected at this price point. And it weighs 750g which is kind of heavy but it must be no problem since it will be sitting on your desk the whole time.


On the front side, there is the volume rocker which is also a power button. Along with two 3.5mm jack ports, one for the headsets and the other for the microphone. There is also a small button to switch the output between headsets and the speakers. At the top, there are the 2 5W stereo speakers that are 2 channel audio.


The rotation gesture of the volume button is a bit resistive and not loose and that’s a good thing for better control over the sound.


along the bottom, we see 4 rubber feet for stability and a hole with cables coming out of it. Those are the 5V power USB and connectivity cables.

How To Use The BlitzWolf BW-GS3

The operation of the BlitzWolf BW-GS3 soundbar is fairly simple, For starters, plug the 3.5mm microphone and audio jack pin to their appropriate ports in your computer, along with the 5V USB for supply. Then, press the power button and turn the sound bar on. With that, you are all set and you can enjoy listening to high-quality audio.


To change the RGB light mode press the power once and it will change it and to turn it off, you need to press and hold the power button for some second until it turns off.

Audio And Sound Quality On The BlitzWolf BW-GS3

The sound quality on this device is amazing, it has been tested on games such as grand theft auto v and you could feel the 360° stereo experience. It allows you to enjoy the details, Strong full sound.


Or if you wanna be quiet, you can plug your headsets into the soundbar and it will deliver the same audio quality.

BlitzWolf BW-GS3 RGB Lights

The BlitzWolf BW-GS3 has 3 light modes, To switch between the modes, you only have to click on the power button.

  • The first one is when you turn it on and is my personal favorite. It just gradually changes colors which gives it a warm vibe.
  • The second mode is changing colors like a stream, where it just displays colors as if they were coming in and out of the bottom of the soundbar.
  • Third, you can put on a single color, And finally, you can turn the RGB lights off completely.

This device, along with the RGB BW-CML2 Monitor Lightbar from blitzwolf, is definitely a nice look on any setup.

BlitzWolf BW-GS3 Price And Where To Buy

The BlitzWolf BW-GS3 is available for purchase now on Banggood and Aliexpress for a very good price. So, don’t miss out on this great deal. And to view its price or buy it, you can access the offer by clicking on the store icon below.


Package Included

  • BW-GS3 Computer Speaker.
  • User manual in multiple languages.

BlitzWolf BW-GS3 Specifications

Speaker Unit2 inch*2
Power SupplyDC 5V
Net Weight750g