In the competitive market of rugged smartphones, the introduction of the Blackview BL8000 5G marks a significant milestone for rugged devices in 2024. Stepping away from the conventional path, Blackview has ingeniously melded durability and advanced spec, crafting a device that not only withstands the harshest of elements but also excels in connectivity, performance, and multimedia capabilities. This phone is innovation breaking new ground with features such as dual 5G support, an intriguing dual-screen setup, and dual selfie cameras, setting a new standard for what can be expected from rugged smartphones.

Blackview BL8000 Review: New 5G Rugged Smartphone with Dual Screen

As we delve into this in-depth review, we will uncover the nuances of the Blackview BL8000 5G’s unboxing experience, examine its design and build quality, explore the capabilities of its high-resolution displays, evaluate its performance under various conditions, and assess the real usability of its cameras, battery life, and additional features. Join us as we explore how the BL8000 5G stands out in the crowded smartphone market.

Blackview BL8000 5G Features

  • Rugged Design with Dual Durability
    • IP68/IP69K and MIL-STD-810H Certification
  • MediaTek Dimensity 7050 5G Chipset
  • 6.78″ IPS LCD Display, 120Hz Refresh Rate
    • 1080 x 2460 Pixels with Corning Gorilla Glass 5
  • Doke OS 4.0 Based on Android 13
  • 12GB RAM with Up to 512GB Storage
  • 50MP Main + 8MP Ultrawide + 2MP Depth
  • 8800mAh Battery with 33W Fast Charging
  • 5G Dual SIM, NFC, Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6
Blackview BL8000 Review: New 5G Rugged Smartphone with Dual Screen

Unboxing Experience

The Blackview BL8000 5G offers a first impression that is as impactful as its rugged design promises. Upon receiving the box, it’s clear that Blackview has put thought into the packaging, blending aesthetic appeal with practicality.

Opening the box, the anticipation builds as you’re immediately presented with the Blackview BL8000 5G itself, securely nestled inside. The phone’s heft and build quality are palpable from the first touch, suggesting a device that’s built to endure. Accompanying the phone in the box is a carefully arranged set of accessories, including a Type-C to Type-C charging cable and a Type-C charging brick, also includes a user manual. However, Blackview opts for a minimalist approach by not overcrowding the box with unnecessary extras.

Design and Build Quality

The Blackview BL8000 5G stands out in the rugged smartphone segment, not only for its robust features but also for its thoughtful design and superior build quality. At the forefront of the Blackview BL8000 5G’s design is its expansive 6.78-inch 2.4K display, enveloped by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The front display’s minimal bezels emphasize the screen’s prominence but it’s minimal as a rugged phone, achieving a modern look that maximizes the viewing area without significantly increasing the phone’s overall size. The front-facing aspect of the phone also includes a 16MP wide-angle camera, discreetly positioned to capture high-quality selfies and facilitate video calls.

Blackview BL8000 Review: New 5G Rugged Smartphone with Dual Screen

Designed to endure the toughest conditions, this phone challenges the traditional aesthetics of rugged devices by offering a sleek, yet durable design. At first glance, the BL8000 5G exudes a sense of durability combined with modern sophistication. The device’s dimensions of 179.5 x 82.6 x 17 mm and weight of 385 grams might position it on the heftier side, but this is a small trade-off for its unparalleled protection and functionality. The phone’s chassis is crafted to withstand the rigors of extreme use, encapsulating the essence of ruggedness without compromising on elegance.

Blackview BL8000 Review: New 5G Rugged Smartphone with Dual Screen

Positioned strategically on the rear of the device, the secondary display is a compact 1.32-inch screen protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, mirroring the front display’s durability. This small but capable display offers quick access to a variety of functions without the need to activate the main screen. It provides at-a-glance information such as time, date, weather updates, and notifications, as well as quick controls for music playback and step counting.

Blackview BL8000 Review: New 5G Rugged Smartphone with Dual Screen

Blackview’s attention to detail is evident in the ergonomic placement of buttons and ports, ensuring ease of use even when wearing gloves—a critical feature for those in cold climates or rough working conditions. The phone’s volume and power buttons are intuitively positioned for quick access, while the waterproof and shockproof labels serve as reminders of the device’s hardiness. Additionally, the inclusion of a custom function button adds a layer of convenience, allowing one to quickly activate features like the flashlight or camera without navigating through menus.

The Blackview BL8000 5G is built to the highest standards of durability, featuring IP68/IP69K ratings for dust and water resistance. It can be submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes without sustaining damage, offering peace of mind for users who frequently find themselves in wet or dusty environments. Additionally, the phone meets the MIL-STD-810H standard, ensuring it can withstand drops, shocks, and vibrations that would typically incapacitate less hardy devices.

Display Quality

The Blackview BL8000 5G sets a new standard for rugged smartphone displays, featuring a primary screen that is as stunning in visual quality as it is robust in construction. At the forefront is the device’s 6.78-inch IPS LCD panel, which boasts a resolution of 1080 x 2460 pixels. This translates to an impressive ~396 PPI density, ensuring that images, videos, and text appear crisp and clear, with vibrant colors and deep contrasts that bring content to life. Protected by the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5, the display is designed to resist scratches and minor impacts, a critical feature for users who rely on their device in challenging outdoor environments or demanding professional settings.

Blackview BL8000 Review: New 5G Rugged Smartphone with Dual Screen

One of the most notable advancements in the Blackview BL8000 5G’s display is its 120Hz smart dynamic refresh rate. This high refresh rate allows for smoother scrolling through web pages and social media feeds, enhancing the user experience significantly. Moreover, the display’s peak brightness of 550 nits ensures that the screen remains legible even in bright outdoor conditions. For those concerned about eye comfort, the BL8000 5G comes equipped with multiple eye-comfort modes designed to reduce blue light exposure and minimize eye strain during prolonged use.

The BL8000 5G also features a secondary display on its back, measuring 1.32 inches with a 240 x 240 pixels resolution. This innovative addition is protected by the same Gorilla Glass 5 as the main screen, ensuring durability. It offers quick access to frequently used features such as the clock, step counter, weather updates, and notifications, without the need to activate the main display. This not only provides convenience but also contributes to battery conservation, as the smaller, low-power screen consumes significantly less energy.


The heart of the Blackview BL8000 5G’s exceptional performance lies in its MediaTek Dimensity 7050 chipset. It is not exactly a new chipset, though, as it is a rebranded Dimensity 1080 SoC – And it is a minor improvement over the Dimensity 920 5G. Fabricated on a 6nm process, this octa-core processor features a configuration of 2×2.6 GHz Cortex-A78 & 6×2.0 GHz Cortex-A55 cores, striking a balance between high performance and energy efficiency. Accompanied by the Mali-G68 MC4 GPU, the BL8000 is not just a rugged outdoor companion but also a powerhouse capable of handling demanding applications and gaming with ease.

Blackview BL8000 Review: New 5G Rugged Smartphone with Dual Screen

The device’s prowess is further amplified by its memory capabilities. With 12GB of DDR5 RAM, expandable up to 24GB—a feature that’s still a rarity even in many flagship models— is assured of seamless multitasking and fluid app operations, regardless of the workload. This, combined with 512GB of UFS 3.1 internal storage, ensures that storage bottlenecks are a thing of the past, providing ample space for apps, media, and documents, with the added benefit of fast read/write speeds that enhance the overall user experience.

For gamers, the Blackview BL8000 5G is a versatile platform that supports a wide array of popular titles, from Mobile Legends to Call of Duty: Mobile, delivering an enjoyable gaming experience with high frame rates and responsive controls. The ability to run Genshin Impact, a game known for its demanding graphics, is particularly noteworthy. While it necessitates a reduction in graphics settings for optimal performance, this adjustment allows for a smooth gameplay experience, albeit with some heating issues during prolonged sessions. This is a common occurrence in many smartphones when handling resource-intensive applications and is a small compromise for gamers.

Blackview BL8000 Review: New 5G Rugged Smartphone with Dual Screen

The Blackview BL8000 5G’s hardware foundation, centered around the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 chipset, enables it to excel in various performance metrics, a fact that is clearly illustrated by its benchmark scores. On Antutu v10, a comprehensive benchmark that evaluates overall device performance including CPU, GPU, memory, and UX, the Blackview BL8000 5G achieved an impressive score of 585,864. This high score is indicative of the device’s capability to handle demanding applications and multitasking with remarkable efficiency, showcasing its suitability for both productivity and entertainment.

In the realm of graphics, where smooth gameplay and visual fidelity are paramount, the Blackview BL8000 5G also stands out. Its performance in 3D Mark, a benchmark focusing on graphical processing capabilities, reached a score of 2,223. This suggests that the phone is more than capable of rendering complex 3D graphics, ensuring a satisfying gaming experience on popular titles.

The phone’s processing power is further highlighted by its Geekbench 6 scores, with a single-core score of 955 and a multi-core score of 2,399. These figures underscore the BL8000 5G’s adeptness at efficiently executing both single-threaded and multi-threaded applications, ensuring swift and responsive performance across various use cases. Additionally, the Geekbench 6 GPU scores, with 2311 in Vulkan and 2346 in OpenCL, emphasize the device’s graphical processing strength, essential for both gaming and professional graphical tasks.

Lastly, the PC Mark Work 3.0 score of 12,942 for the Blackview BL8000 5G indicates its superior performance in work-related tasks, from web browsing and video editing to data manipulation and more. This benchmark, designed to simulate a range of everyday activities, reflects the phone’s ability to serve as a reliable tool for professionals seeking a device that can keep pace with their dynamic work requirements.

Software Experience

The Blackview BL8000 5G runs on Doke OS 4.0, which is based on Android 13. This software combination presents a unique user experience that stands out in the rugged smartphone segment. Doke OS 4.0 is designed to put the user at the center of its universe, focusing on improved convenience, smoothness, privacy, and personalization, which are critical aspects for any modern smartphone user. The UI is designed to be intuitive, allowing users to navigate through apps and settings with ease. The customization options are extensive, enabling to tailor the look and feel of the device to their personal preferences. This includes changing themes, icons, and font sizes, which can significantly enhance the user’s interaction with the device.

Blackview BL8000 Review: New 5G Rugged Smartphone with Dual Screen

Recognizing the rugged nature of the Blackview BL8000 5G, Doke OS 4.0 includes features specifically designed for outdoor and challenging environments. Glove mode 2.0 is a notable addition, increasing touchscreen sensitivity so that users can operate the device with gloves on, a crucial feature for those in cold climates or engaging in activities where gloves are necessary. Doke OS 4.0 introduces smart features aimed at enhancing user convenience. This includes a smart window for quick access to apps, a customizable side function key for shortcuts, and gesture controls for easy navigation.

Camera Capabilities

The Blackview BL8000 5G sets a new standard for camera performance in rugged smartphones, challenging the notion that durability comes at the expense of photographic quality. With a versatile camera setup, this device is well-equipped to capture stunning visuals in a variety of settings. At the core of its imaging prowess is a 50MP Samsung® ISOCELL GN5 main sensor, renowned for its ability to capture high-resolution images with exceptional detail and dynamic range. This sensor’s large 1/1.57″ size allows for better light absorption, enhancing low-light performance—a critical feature for adventurers who find themselves in varying light conditions. Accompanying the main sensor is an 8MP wide-angle camera offering a 117° field of view, perfect for expansive landscapes or group shots where you want to capture more of the scene. A 2MP depth sensor rounds out the trio, enabling portrait shots with beautifully blurred backgrounds, emphasizing the subject with professional-grade bokeh effects.

Blackview BL8000 Review: New 5G Rugged Smartphone with Dual Screen

ArcSoft® 8.0 Enhancement

What sets the Blackview BL8000 5G apart is not just the hardware but the software backing it. The inclusion of ArcSoft® 8.0 imaging software signifies a leap in photo processing, promising up to an 18% improvement in photography results. This software optimizes various aspects of image capture, including color accuracy, noise reduction, and low-light performance, ensuring that each shot is not just captured but crafted with precision.

Video Capabilities

For videographers, the Blackview BL8000 5G offers robust recording options, with the ability to shoot 4K video at 30fps from the rear camera, providing ample resolution for creating high-quality content. The inclusion of HDR and panorama features further enhances video quality, offering more dynamic range and broader scenic captures. Meanwhile, the front-facing 16MP wide camera ensures that selfies and vlogs are shot with clarity and detail, supported by a 90° field of view that captures not just the user but their environment, making it ideal for travel vlogs or video calls.

Selfie and Secondary Display Functionality

The 16MP front camera, with its 90° field of view, not only facilitates high-quality selfies but also leverages the phone’s innovative secondary display. This unique feature allows users to use the main camera for selfies, offering unprecedented image quality for front-facing photos. This functionality is enhanced by the ArcSoft® 8.0 software, ensuring that selfies benefit from the same level of detail and color accuracy as rear-camera shots.

Battery Life and Charging

The Blackview BL8000 5G distinguishes itself in the rugged smartphone market not only through its durable design and high-performance capabilities but also via its impressive battery life and charging features. Central to this device’s endurance is an 8800mAh non-removable battery, a powerhouse designed to support extended usage periods without frequent recharges. For typical use, this translates to more than a day’s worth of usage on a single charge, and for light users, the device can comfortably last up to two days or more.

Blackview BL8000 Review: New 5G Rugged Smartphone with Dual Screen

Complementing its substantial battery capacity, the Blackview BL8000 5G supports 33W wired fast charging, ensuring that the phone can go from 0 to 50% in approximately 30 minutes, significantly reducing downtime. In addition to its remarkable charging speed, the BL8000 5G introduces a thoughtful reverse charging feature, rated at 5W. This allows the device to act as a power bank for charging other devices, such as earbuds, smartwatches, or even another smartphone, via a USB Type-C cable.

Connectivity Capabilities

The Blackview BL8000 5G is equipped with a wide range of connectivity options to ensure seamless communication and data transfer. It supports the latest 5G network technology, offering users fast internet speeds that are essential for streaming high-definition content, engaging in real-time video calls, and enjoying online gaming without latency issues. The inclusion of dual-band Wi-Fi 6 enhances wireless connectivity, providing more stable and quicker connections even in crowded network environments. Bluetooth 5.1 ensures efficient, low-energy device pairing.

GPS technology in the Blackview BL8000 5G is notably advanced, featuring dual-frequency positioning for more accurate navigation. This is complemented by support for multiple satellite systems, including GPS, GLONASS, BDS, and GALILEO, ensuring that users can rely on precise location tracking anywhere in the world. NFC technology in the BL8000 5G opens up a myriad of convenience features, including contactless payments. With just a tap, users can make secure transactions at compatible terminals, streamlining the checkout process in stores.


In conclusion, the Blackview BL8000 5G stands out as a remarkable achievement in the market of rugged smartphones, setting a new benchmark for durability, performance, and innovation. The dual-screen feature, with its practical applications for quick access to essential information and tools, underscores Blackview’s commitment to innovative design. Meanwhile, the impressive 6.78-inch 2.4K display, with its 120Hz refresh rate, offers an immersive viewing experience that is rare in the rugged phone market. Performance-wise, the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 chipset, coupled with up to 24GB of expandable RAM, ensures that the BL8000 can handle everything from everyday tasks to demanding applications with ease.

Blackview BL8000 Review: New 5G Rugged Smartphone with Dual Screen

For photography, you will appreciate the high-quality camera system enhanced by ArcSoft® 8.0 technology, capable of capturing stunning images in various conditions. The massive 8800mAh battery, with 33W fast charging, ensures that the device keeps up with the users’ demanding lifestyle, providing reliable performance throughout the day and beyond.

Blackview BL8000 Review: New 5G Rugged Smartphone with Dual Screen

Moreover, the inclusion of modern features such as 5G connectivity, Wi-Fi 6 support, NFC, and the comprehensive Doke OS 4.0 based on Android 13, enriches the user experience with improved convenience, privacy, and personalization options. The unique glove mode 2.0 and the ability to operate in extreme temperatures further emphasize the phone’s versatility and suitability for use in any scenario.

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