that most smartphones have limited performance DAC chips and audiophiles have to resort to other, more expensive, solutions to get the sound they want. So IKKO ITM05 came to set a new standard in the AMP mobile market, developing the most comprehensive product, premium in every detail, at an affordable price, and best quality of the audio.

Feature IKKO-ITM05

  • Weighs Only 23g
  • Real Hi-Fi Sound with Double CS43198 DAC Chips
  • THD: 0.0008% / SNR: 122dB
  • 2.5mm Balanced Output; Output Level: 2.0V
  • 3.5mm Audio Output; Output Level: 2.1V
  • Battery-free & Ultra-low Power Consumption Design
  • Quite a Simple Plug and Play
  • Supports All Android, iOS and PC devices (even if the device with the case)
  • Supports For Using While Charging

Specifications IKKO-ITM05

IKKO ITM05 is a Portable HiFi AMP/DAC that latches onto the back of the phone (available for iPhone and Android) and introduces external DAC to process the music is supposedly better quality than built-in DACs.

IKKO-ITM05 Music Patch. What the music patch does is connect to your phone’s or computer’s USB or lightning port and convert the digital signal to analog. Also, it has 2 audio out ports, one 3.5mm, and one 2.5mm so that you can connect your headphones or other equipment. the IKKO ITM05 uses two CS43198 DAC chips and has a distortion rating of only 0.0008%. Experience music like you’re there. will give you the listening needed for an immerse and seamless audio delivery.
ITM05 Music Patch delivers precision-tuned sound. It is a next-generation, low power audio DAC that provides a superior system-level audio performance without draining battery life. Our high-quality chips provide for a full-range listening experience.

It’s worth mentioning that, IKKO ITM05 maximum audio sample rate is PCM 32bit/384Khz; DSD256 (Supports the highest specifications for iPhone devices). The quality of the sound effect is similar to the monitor; the sample rate is like the resolution; the higher the value, the clearer the effect. So the music presented by an excellent audio player like our ITM05 is also more colorful.


the IKKO ITM05 It weighs only 30 grams (comparable to a AAA battery) with the good build quality and features both USB-C and Lightning support, and both 2.5mm and 3.5mm outputs. and it keeps an incredibly slim profile while clipped to the back of your phone and this is not a permanent merger, which is even better for portability. meaning that even if you’re playing games or listening to music while you’re interfacing ITM05, it doesn’t interfere with your normal use.

IKKO-ITM05 Music Patch Ultra-Portable Review

Launch date IKKO ITM05:

According to IndieGogo, broadcasting will begin in January, You can check out the early information posted on Indiegogo as well as on their official website.