We’ve long since moved away from gaming PC accessories, but today we’re back with a great budget keyboard, the GamaKay LK67 range that features a modern design with an on-keyboard knob and a very fast response that’s super smooth, so If you’re looking for a keyboard that offers a good typing experience and a firm feel, the LK67 will suit your needs for around $60.

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review

Gamakay LK67 Features

  • Triple mode connection, Bluetooth / 2.4GHz / wired
  • Multi-Function Knob With One Button
  • Hot-Swappable Terminals
  • Automotive Grating Design & RGB Lighting Effects
  • Ergonomic Gradient Design
  • Detachable USB Type-C Cable & 2.4GHz Receiver
  • Support NKRO
Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review

Design & Build Quality

Design-wise, the LK67 has a solid feel and the keycaps are made of smooth plastic with 65% customizability, so they’re easy to type on, a typical combination of a pre-made keyboard. But the unusual thing is the LK67’s hot-swappable PCB board, which allows you to easily experiment with different switches without having to solder them to the keyboard. It also comes with a 5 Pin PCB layout, so you can use both 5 Pin and 3 Pin switches This ensures that you have a wide range of options to choose from. Whether it’s keycaps or switches, you have all the options you’ll ever need.

The build quality was very good and fairly strong, there is a layer of foam between the board and the PCB, however, there is none under the PCB, its size is also 40 x 14 x 5 cm.

It’s a bit surprising that the switches aren’t much lubricated and have very little lubrication, so this is something to keep in mind when installing them, they are fully compatible with SA profile keycaps.

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review

The LK67 features onboard stabilizers, which are less desirable than screw-on mounts that fit more on the keyboard’s PCB. However, the mounting brackets on the LK67 board are actually quite good as they don’t support the screws.

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review

One of the main features of the LK67 is the knob on the top right of the keyboard. It’s too tightly attached or somehow built-in and it’s very difficult to remove however there is some vibration – but it works as intended. The knob can be used as a volume up/down button, and I can also click it to pause and play media.

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review

There is also RGB lighting all over the keyboard, you can have any kind of setting where it can be solid, rainbow, or RGB, the lights are vibrant and each key is individually lit and gives you an amazing feel and touch.

  • Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review

Overall Performance

In writing it is reasonably good for the price. As this is a tray-mounted keyboard, it provides a solid and rugged typing experience. If that’s exactly what you’re looking for in a keyboard, you’ll be happy with the LK67 – it’s all about preference.

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review

The sound profile of the LK67 keyboard is acceptable for the price. The tray mount system transmits a great deal of typing vibration to the case, so it has the typical “plastic” acoustic signature of a pre-made keyboard, unfortunately enough. But upgrading or lubricating it will give them new life I think.

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review


With the LK67 keyboard, you can have 3 connections in one keyboard, wireless and Bluetooth as well as wired. This means you can use it via a wired USB-C cable or Bluetooth 5.0 connection or you can use it wirelessly via the 2.4GHz dongle, giving this keyboard extremely wide compatibility.


Unfortunately, it is not mentioned how long the 2400mAh battery can last on each charge. And it’s expected to last you more than 14 days, so we think the battery should last a long time on a single charge. There is no way to check the battery level.

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review

Gamakay LK67 – Software

This keyboard comes with dedicated software that lets you control RGB effects, update keyboard firmware, and more. Also please make sure to upgrade the firmware to the latest.
Home – You are greeted with a home screen with an option to reset the keyboard and change the layer in case you customize the keyboard for a different language layout.

Lighting – The Gamakay LK67 supports per-key RGB customization and comes with 18 handy lighting displays. Each preset can be further customized in terms of speed, brightness, and color. such breaths, neon, wave, ripple, raindrop, a snake, click work, and more.

Macro – Get creative and automate repetitive tasks by creating a macro. This program allows you to reset and create your own macro within the program itself.

Support – In this section of the software, you can update the application version and firmware version to keep your keyboard drivers and firmware to the latest version. This section also has an option to switch the language, so if the software you’re downloading came with Chinese, you can change it here. Download link: Gamakay LK67 Software

FN key Combination Function

Final Verdict

Overall, what do I think of the Gamakay LK67 keyboard Honestly, I have to say this set is really worth it for about $64 at the time of this review, its definitely an affordable keyboard that can be a great starting point for people to get into a hobby, especially if you want the practicality of a handle.

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review

Gamakay LK67 Price And Where To Buy

The Gamakay LK67 is currently available on the AliExpress Store, Amazon, and Banggood for a very good price and is sure that you’ll be netting yourself some of the best value-for-money keyboards around, So don’t miss out on this great deal. And to view its price or buy it, you can access the offer by clicking on the store icon.

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review

What’s in the Box?

  • GamaKay LK67 Keyboard Customized Kit
    • (Includes PCB, Mounting Plate, Plastic Case, Stabilizers)
  • Type-C Cable
  • 2.4GHz Receiver

Gamakay LK67 Specifications

  • Version: Wired + Bluetooth 5.0 + 2.4GHz Triple Mode
  • Item: 65% Keyboard Customized Kit
    • (Includes PCB, Mounting Plate, Plastic Case, Stabilizers, Type-C Cable, 2.4GHz Receiver)
  • Case Color: Black / White / Pink
  • Battery: Built-in 2400mAh Lithium Battery
  • Wired Length: about 1.5m
  • Product Size about 33*12*3.5cm
  • Package Size: about 40*14*5cm
  • Product Weight: about 880g