Do you feel your small laptop screen is overwhelming to work, game, or stream with? The best option is to install portable triple monitors as an extension of the small display. These extenders allow you to maximize your working area, increasing your productivity. 

However, the setup process is one of the most confusing aspects among many extension monitor users. 

I dived deeper into this subject matter to give you a detailed guide on setting up your screen extension unit. I also give you the top reasons you should consider purchasing portable triple monitors for your laptop. This’s the information you’ll gather from this piece.

Triple Monitors

The Set-Up Process for Portable Triple Monitors

The number of professionals to help you install your trio screen extensions has increased, considering the demand for their services is also rising. Nonetheless, most people working from their laptops have understood that setting up triple portable monitors isn’t as complicated as it was when the phenomenon was new in the world. 

The information below explains this procedure in detail to help you grasp how to blend your laptop with screen extenders and enjoy the convenience of a wider field of view.

Be sure of the Ports

USB-C is the most popular computer port among many laptop users. Unfortunately, many individuals think that this port can only support two screen extenders. But the port’s usage limitation depends on the resolution that satisfies your needs. Ideally, you should use USB-C to connect one 8K monitor or two 4K screen extenders. 

The best thing is that you have several other options that allow you to extend your laptop by connecting several monitors, even if there’s only one little port. The options include;

HDMI Ports Hub 

Some devices on the market are considered hubs because they allow you to connect several monitors from a single USB-C port. J5create is an excellent example of a hub with four HDMI ports on one end and a USB head on the other. It allows you to drive four screen extenders from a single port on your laptop. Nonetheless, you must ensure your USB-C port is compatible with such a hub before you purchase it. 

HDMI Splitter

As the name suggests, this cable allows you to split one HDMI port to support two external monitors. The top advantage of using a splitter is that you don’t require any power input. The two external screens get power from the USB end that you connect to your laptop. On the downside, the two external monitors you connect will display similar content, reducing their usefulness when you intend to have different content on display. 


Technology has taken an incredible turn over the last few years. Did you know that you can display online content from varying apps on a different monitor or TV screen in a separate room? Chromecast helps you achieve this effortlessly, primarily if you have a small laptop with only one USB port and a single HDMI outlet. More information about Chromecast is available on FOPO official website

USB-HDMI Adapter

USB-HDMI adapter is a cable that allows you to change your USB port functionality into that of High Definition Multimedia Interface, also known as HDMI. This device is an excellent option if your laptop has several USB ports but a single HDMI port. 

You can add as many external monitors as there are USB ports you can transform into HDMI using this adapter. These adapters have driver software that performs the miracle of making your operating system ‘see’ a USB port as an HDMI outlet.

Why Should You Consider Triple Portable Monitors?

There are several reasons to buy screen extenders, especially trio portable monitors. Nonetheless, the top reasons include the following;

  • Increased display – This is the main reason people buy triple portable monitors, especially those with a large workload or who need a larger screen for gaming or streaming.
  • Increased productivity –  According to statistics, triple portable monitors can boost your productivity by over 35% because you can do more using dual screens than using only one.
  • Portability – This benefit allows you to take your work wherever you go, considering most triple monitors are light.

Setting up triple portable monitors and connecting them to your laptop has several benefits. However, you should know what the setup procedure entails and what you need to succeed in such an undertaking. The information above explains this phenomenon in detail to give you a precise image of how to go about it.