Hello Watch 3 is the latest addition to the IWO series, and it’s a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the H11 Ultra. Packed with advanced functionalities and boasting a sleek design, this smartwatch is set to revolutionize the market and defeat any competitor. Let’s dive into the details of this remarkable timepiece.

Upgrade from Hello Watch 2:

The Hello Watch 3 is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the Watch 2. It offers notable enhancements, including a larger 2.04-inch AMOLED screen, improved system performance for smoother operation, support for screen-off recording with files exportable to mobile devices, and the ability to download and read e-books directly on the watch. The Watch 3 also provides 4GB of ROM for storing and synchronizing photos.

Introducing the Hello Watch 3: Upgraded Smartwatch with Enhanced Features

Design and Variants:

The Hello Watch 3 shares a similar design with the H11 Ultra, featuring a stylish and durable build. However, the Watch 3 comes with additional functions that set it apart from its Lite version, the H12 Ultra.

Introducing the Hello Watch 3: Upgraded Smartwatch with Enhanced Features

Specifications of Watch 3:

The Hello Watch 3 boasts impressive specifications, making it a powerful and efficient companion for your daily activities. It features a compact size, a new chipset for enhanced performance, and an AMOLED screen that delivers vibrant visuals. With Bluetooth 5.3, you can enjoy seamless connectivity and fast data transfer. The watch is equipped with a 450mAh battery that ensures 3-7 days of normal use and up to 10-15 days of standby time. It is compatible with Android 5.0 and above, as well as iOS 8.0 and above, making it accessible to a wide range of users. The Watch 3 supports wireless charging; however, it is only compatible with the original Hello Watch wireless charger.

Introducing the Hello Watch 3: Upgraded Smartwatch with Enhanced Features

Storage Capacity:

One notable difference between the Hello Watch 3 Lite and Watch 3 is the storage capacity for local music. The Lite version does not offer storage for local music, while the Watch 3 comes with up to 4GB of storage (subject to confirmation) for your favorite tunes.

Languages and Features:

The Watch 3 supports multiple languages, including Chinese Simplified, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, and Hebrew. It is equipped with a range of features to enhance your smartwatch experience. These include a rotatable digital crown for zooming in and out and changing display modes, multiple UI menu styles, an AI voice assistant, a bedside lamp, a strap lock button, and a real screw-back cover. Additionally, the Hello Watch 3 incorporates a compass for convenient navigation.


The Hello Watch 3 offers an extensive list of functions to cater to your diverse needs. It includes a compass, sports tracking, heart rate monitoring, SpO2 measurement, step counting, breath training, sleep monitoring, Bluetooth calls, call records, contact management, calendar, weather updates, remote camera control, music playback via Bluetooth or local storage, voice assistant support, position synchronization with phone GPS, alarm clock, stopwatch, menstrual cycle tracking, calculator, timer, raise-to-wake feature, find my phone functionality, bright screen time adjustment, business card synchronization, and incoming message notifications from popular social media platforms. The watch also supports Alipay for convenient payments, lock dial customization, adding extra watch faces, always-on display mode, bedside lamp functionality, time zone adjustment, password protection, SOS feature, and two screens off-clock options: number and pointer.

Availability Hello Watch 3 & Lite:

The Hello Watch 3 Lite (H12 Ultra) was launched on May 20th, with shipping commencing on May 26th, 2023. The Hello Watch 3 will be launched on May 25th, and shipping will start on May 31st, 2023. It is important to note that the specifications and functions mentioned above are subject to final confirmation after bulk production.

In conclusion, the Watch 3 is an outstanding smartwatch that combines style, functionality, and advanced features. With its upgraded specifications, extensive range of functions, and compatibility with various devices, it aims to deliver an exceptional user experience. Stay tuned for the official release.