If you are in the search for extremely cheap wireless earphones, that do the job and offer a great value for the price, we propose you check the Y50 TWS earphones, for the very cheap price of right under 5$, these earphones connect via Bluetooth 5.0 to your phone and play all the media and music you want to listen to with decent sound quality for the price, it has a multifunction touch control area to control music playback and volume as well as incoming calls, but more importantly, it has a decent battery life of around 3 hours, all of this is packed inside a very cute, small and lightweight design that sticks well to the ear, I’ll go over its features in more details in this review.

Y50 TWS earphones review

Y50 Earphone Features

  • Comfortable wear
  • Loud and clear sound quality
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Chip
  • 20h of total usage
  • small and lightweight design
  • multifunction touch control
  • Bluetooth calling
Y50 TWS earphones Features

Design & Build Quality

Charging Case

The charging case of the Y50 earphones is small and lightweight, so much that you can hold in one hand or slide it inside your pocket with utter ease, it comes in a rectangular shape with curved sides in these dimensions: 75mm in length * 28mm in depth* 34mm in height, it is fully made out of ABS plastic with a nice matt finish to keep it looking new for a long time and avoid scratches. On the front side, we find four LED dots that indicate the battery level of the charging case and in the middle, we can see a small cut where we open the lid, from the backside we get the obvious hinge and the micro USB port for charging which at this point we don’t get to complain about, the button side of these earphones is flat which means you can rest on any surface such as a desk which proved to be convenient and much better than the curved ones.

The lid is made out of transparent plastic that allows you to see the earbuds right through, it is firmly held to the rest of the body, but not magnetically, instead, they opted for the simple hook that needs some pressing to close and more force to open. Hence, you know it won’t open on its own when you put it inside your pocket for example.

Overall, the Y50 TWS has cheapened out on the case to cut the price, so we don’t expect a good build quality, but it certainly is better than what I expected.


The Y50 Earphones have a unique design, they look almost like a sphere with a nozzle and an ear tip at its end, they are quite big and bulky in shape and they weigh a bit much for an earphone, but they look ok in the ear maybe a little big but nothing to be alarmed by, they are mainly made out of ABS plastic, the inner half is glossy because it comes in contact with the skin so it has to be smooth, and the outer side is matt so it doesn’t get scratches.

Y50 TWS earphones Design and build quailty

The outer side of the earbuds is a circle with a colored ring around the circumference, it comes in four colors, Blue, Red, Black, and White, that same space host both the LED light indicator that indicates the connectivity as well the as the multifunction touch control that performs most actions such as music playback and calls accepting or rejecting.

Overall, the design is beautiful, the earbud sticks well and sits nice and comfortably, but that may depend on the shape and size of your ears, the build quality isn’t the best thing so I would recommend operating it gently, especially the lid which can be easily broken.

Touch control On the Y50 Bluetooth Earphones

It may be surprising, but the Y50 Earphones have a touch control feature, which is sensitive and has a good response, it is located inside the ring so it is easy to find and operate, and it has a wide surface area which means you won’t miss it even when you are not paying attention to it which I love, the touch control mainly serves as music playback control, voice assistance launcher and for accepting, rejecting or declining an incoming call, unfortunately, I can’t find a way to reduce or increase the volume with them so I am assuming it is not possible. Otherwise, the sensitivity of the touch control is good although it may be a little too sensitive at times like skipping to the next song when you try to adjust the position of the earphones, nevertheless, I find the implementation good and well done.

Touch control On the Y50 Bluetooth Earphones

The Touch operation is as follows:

  • Long touch for voice assistance
  • 1 touch to answer the call
  • Long touch to reject the call
  • One touch to play or pause the track
  • Double touch to skip to the next song

Y50 TWS IPX5 Water resistance

The Y50 TWS is IPX5 Water resistance certified, which means that sweat droplets won’t hurt it and that will allow you to practice sports freely without worrying about damaging it, especially since it sticks very well to the ear and doesn’t budge no matter how hard you shake them. That being said, we strongly advise keeping these earphones from water sources as much as possible to avoid any risk.

Y50 TWS IPX5 Water resistance

How to pair The Y50 TWS with your smartphone

The Y50 earbuds are equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip that provides a stable connection with most Bluetooth-enabled devices and a variety of operating systems such as windows and Android, it connects with your smartphone fairly easily and streams good sound quality, and even supports Bluetooth calling, the best thing is that these earbuds have two connectivity modes, these are are the steps to follow to connect the Y50 TWS earphones with your smartphone in each mode:

Both earphones are connected to the same smartphone: 

  • Click on the touch area on both earphones until the LED lights alternatively between red and blue
  • Double click the right earphone touch area, and wait for the 30s, the right earbud will light blue
  • On your smartphone’s Bluetooth menu, look for a Bluetooth music device and pair it

Single earphone mode:

  • Click on the touch area on the right earphone until the LED lights alternatively between red and blue
  • On your smartphone’s Bluetooth menu, look for a Bluetooth music device and pair it
How to pair The Y50 TWS with your smartphone

That was all for the pairing, it is not an automatic process like the pricier options but the connection is stable and smooth, the good thing about this is that you can use each earpiece with a different device which can be useful sometimes

Y50 TWS Sound Quality & Delay

The sound quality the Y50 TWS earphone offer is way better than what I expected, and that’s its main selling point along with the battery life and the price, for a little less than 5$, you get reliable earphones that sound like options that cost 4 times that price, the sound signature is bassy, and the earphones sound loud and clear even in a complex environment you won’t have issues listening to your podcast or music. Additionally, the ear tips provide passive noise canceling, which can help reduce the background noise to focus better on what you are listening to, this feature can be useful in slightly noisy environments such as the house for example.

Y50 TWS Earphones' sound quality and delay

As for the latency, there were no delay issues when watching videos on youtube and such, the lip-synching was on point and the experience was seamless, but when it comes to gaming, you might expect some delay that can be noticeable and may or may not cause a problem depending on the type of games you play whether they demand very low latency or they work fine with a bit of delay.

microphone quality 

As for the microphone, the Y50 is equipped with a microphone and is capable of Bluetooth calling, especially since you can accept and reject calls using the touch control only, that being said, the quality of the microphone is not good enough, that is because it only functions properly in a quiet environment, where you will be able to hear and be heard clearly with no issues, except for the fish bowl sound effect that we find on almost every budget earphone, but once we move to a slightly noisy environment such as a store or the street, the microphone quality decreases tremendously, so much that the recipient can no longer understand you and you will be forced to use your phone, that being said, this problem is present even at earphones that cost 50$ and even 150$, so it is pretty normal, the most important is that in quiet places, you will be able to call and maybe attend zoom meetings using the Y50s.

Y50 TWS Earphones microphone quality

If you are looking for a budget earphone with a great microphone, you might want to check out The QCY T20 budget earphones with ENC and ANC technology, since it offers one of the best microphones in this price range.

Y50 TWS Earphones battery life and charging

The second best thing about the Y50 earphones is of course the great autonomy they offer, the earbuds have a small battery that delivers around 3 hours of continuous usage, they charge in about 1 hour by putting them inside the charging case and pressing the button in the middle thanks to the contact pins, the charging case has a 200mah battery that charges using the micro USB cable which comes included in the box in about 1.5 hours and it charges the earbud up to 3 times, this huge autonomy combined with the small size of the case makes them a perfect companion on the go whether you are a student or anyone else.

Y50 TWS Earphones battery life and charging

Final Verdict 

In the end, I find these earphones a good deal for anyone looking for an extremely affordable pair of earphones, they basically cover all the necessary, fast Bluetooth connection, touch control and voice assistance, good sound quality, and a huge battery that offers 10 hours of total usage, and for the low price of under 5$, I totally recommend it.

Y50 TWS earphones review

Y50 Earphones Price & Where to Buy

The Y50 TWS earphones are available on The Aliexpress store for a very cheap price, check it out and benefit from this great deal.

package content 

  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Y50 earphones
  • Charging case
  • User manual
Y50 TWS earphones review

Y50 TWS Specifications

  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Charging interface: Micro USB
  • Communication distance:10 meters (barrier-free open environment)
  • Single playtime: About 3 hour
  • Total playtime: up to 10 hours
  • Battery capacity :(charging case) 200mAh
  • Charging time: (earbud) About 1 hour
  • Charging time: (charging case) About 1.5 hour