The Edifier QR65 is an intriguing blend of sound quality and visual appeal, marking its place in the world of desktop speakers. This review aims to dissect the QR65’s offerings, from its design and build to its performance and unique features like RGB lighting. Ideal for those looking to enhance their audio experience without compromising on style, the QR65 promises a mix of robust sound and an eye-catching design. As we delve into what sets the QR65 apart in the crowded speaker market, we’ll explore whether it lives up to its expectations and who might benefit most from its capabilities.

Edifier QR65 Review - Best Desktop Monitor with RGB Lighting

Edifier QR65 Features

  • 70W (RMS) output power with quality sound
  • 1.25″ silk dome tweeters
  • 2.75″ aluminum diaphragm mid-low drivers
  • Bluetooth V5.3, USB, and LINE IN inputs; subwoofer output port
  • EDIFIER ConneX mobile app
  • RGB Lighting
  • 65W TurboGaN fast charging via two USB Type-C ports and one USB Type-A port
  • Full digital signal processing, two-way active crossover, and DRC
  • Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified
  • Splendid light effects powered by patented TempoAbyss technology

Design and Build Quality

The Edifier QR65 showcases a striking design paired with exceptional build quality that places it a cut above other desktop speakers. The choice of finishes—either a sleek white with a textured, leather-like appearance or a classic, understated black—allows it to blend seamlessly into a variety of settings, from a high-end home office to a minimalist living space. This versatility in design is one of its core strengths, ensuring it can complement any style or decor.

Edifier QR65 Review - Best Desktop Monitor with RGB Lighting

Material choice is key to the QR65’s robust construction. The main body is made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF), a material chosen for its density and acoustic properties. MDF is known for its ability to reduce resonance and produce a purer sound, contributing to the overall audio quality of the speakers. This solid foundation is complemented by a reflective, mirror-like panel on the front of each speaker, which enhances the aesthetic appeal and serves a functional purpose by spreading light from the integrated RGB lighting, creating a visually captivating effect.

In terms of dimensions, the active speaker is slightly wider than its passive counterpart, accommodating additional internal components for power and connectivity. Despite this difference, both speakers maintain a harmonious appearance when placed side by side. The front of each speaker features a precisely placed 1.25-inch silk dome tweeter and a 2.75-inch aluminum diaphragm mid-low driver, designed to deliver crisp highs and deep lows, respectively.

The side of the active speaker houses a discreet power button and knobs for adjusting volume and lighting intensity. This design choice preserves the clean lines of the speakers while ensuring that essential controls remain easily accessible. The back of the active speaker is where the QR65’s versatility truly shines. It sports a variety of ports including RCA, USB-A, and MIDI, alongside a dedicated sub-out port for connecting an external subwoofer.

RGB Lighting and Effects

The Edifier QR65 doesn’t just stop at delivering high-quality sound; it elevates the audio experience with its integrated RGB lighting and effects, turning the ordinary into something spectacular. This feature distinguishes the QR65 from conventional speakers, adding a visual dimension to the auditory experience.

The RGB lighting on the QR65 is designed to complement the music, creating an immersive atmosphere that enhances every beat and note. With a range of lighting effects to suit any mood or preference. From subtle ambient lighting that gently illuminates the room to dynamic effects that pulse and change in sync with your music, there’s something for everyone. The “Magnetic” effect, in particular, is a standout, where lights dance and move in harmony with the audio, providing a personal light show right in your living space.

Edifier QR65 Review - Best Desktop Monitor with RGB Lighting

Controlling these effects is straightforward. You can adjust the brightness and switch between effects using a knob on the side of the active speaker. This physical control ensures quick adjustments are always within reach. For those who prefer a digital approach, the Edifier ConneX app offers even more customization. Through the app, you can select specific effects, adjust brightness levels, and choose from up to 16 million color combinations, tailoring the lighting to perfectly match your setup and preferences.

Edifier QR65 Review - Best Desktop Monitor with RGB Lighting

For those who might find the RGB lighting not to their taste, there is flexibility too. The lighting can be dimmed down to a minimum or turned off entirely, allowing the QR65 to blend seamlessly into more traditional or professional environments. However, for those drawn to the QR65 for its visual flare, the RGB lighting is a feature that sets it apart, transforming the speaker into a focal point of both sound and sight.

Setup and Connectivity

Setting up the Edifier QR65 is a straightforward process designed to get you up and running with minimal fuss. Begin by positioning the speakers in your desired location, ensuring the individual stands are securely attached to provide optimal elevation and sound projection. Once in place, unwrap the protective packaging and connect the two speakers using the provided MIDI cable. This connection is crucial for synchronizing the audio output between the active and passive units.

Edifier QR65 Review - Best Desktop Monitor with RGB Lighting

Next, choose your preferred audio source. The QR65 offers versatile connectivity options to accommodate various devices and setups. For traditional connections, use the included RCA to 3.5mm cable to connect the speakers to your computer, TV, or any device with a headphone jack. Alternatively, for a direct digital connection, you can use the USB-A to USB-A cable to connect to your computer, ensuring a clean, high-quality audio signal.

Powering the speakers is as simple as connecting the provided power cable to the active speaker and then plugging it into an electrical outlet. With the hardware connections complete, turn on the speakers using the power button located on the side of the active speaker. You’ll know everything is ready to go when the speakers light up, indicating they’re powered on and in standby mode.

For wireless connectivity, the QR65 supports Bluetooth, allowing you to pair your smartphone, tablet, or any Bluetooth-enabled device effortlessly. To pair, simply select the QR65 from your device’s Bluetooth menu. This wireless option provides the flexibility to enjoy your music or other audio content without the clutter of cables, making it an ideal choice for clean, minimalist setups.

Sound Quality

The Edifier QR65 delivers a sound performance that is both robust and nuanced and is underpinned by a combination of high-quality components and advanced technology, which work together to produce a sound that is both clear and powerful. At the heart of the QR65’s audio prowess is its driver setup, which includes a 1.25-inch silk dome tweeter and a 2.75-inch aluminum diaphragm mid-low driver. This configuration ensures that the high frequencies are crisp and detailed, allowing the subtleties in vocals and instruments to shine through. The silk dome tweeter, known for its smooth response, handles the highs with a level of precision that is immediately noticeable.

Edifier QR65 Review - Best Desktop Monitor with RGB Lighting

The mid-low frequencies are equally impressive, thanks to the aluminum diaphragm driver. It provides a solid foundation for the sound, delivering midrange frequencies with clarity and depth while ensuring that the bass is tight and punchy. The QR65’s ability to produce bass down to a 55Hz frequency is particularly noteworthy. While it may not replace a dedicated subwoofer for those seeking earth-shattering lows, the bass response is surprisingly full and satisfying for a speaker of its size.

A significant contributor to the QR65’s sound quality is its 140W power output, coupled with a dual TI class D digital audio amplifier. This setup allows for precise amplification of high and mid-low frequencies separately, enhancing the overall clarity and separation of sounds. The result is an audio experience that feels balanced and immersive, whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, or gaming. The QR65 also boasts Hi-Res Audio certification, ensuring that it can handle high-resolution audio files with ease. For those who prioritize wireless connectivity, the speaker supports Hi-Res Audio Wireless and LDAC codec, allowing for truly lossless audio streaming up to 24bit/96kHz over Bluetooth.

While the QR65 shines in many areas, it’s not without its shortcomings. So may find the audio output lacking in clarity, particularly in the higher and mid-range frequencies. This slight deficiency might affect the distinction between vocals and instruments in complex tracks. However, for the majority, the overall sound quality will be more than satisfactory, offering a rich and engaging listening experience.

Software and App Integration

The Edifier QR65 takes user experience beyond mere sound with its smart software integration, centered around the Edifier ConneX app. Upon downloading and launching the ConneX app, are greeted with a straightforward and user-friendly layout. The app serves as a central hub for controlling various aspects of the QR65 speakers. One of the first things you’ll notice is the ability to toggle between different input sources, ensuring seamless switching between connected devices.

Edifier QR65 Review - Best Desktop Monitor with RGB Lighting

Sound customization is a core function of the app. It offers preset EQ settings for quick adjustments, catering to different genres of music or audio content. For those who like to fine-tune their audio, the app provides up to four audio profile presets along with an additional custom profile. This level of customization ensures that you can achieve the perfect balance of bass, mids, and highs to match your specific requirements for audio listening.

The RGB lighting effects represent another highlight of the app. With a few taps, you can transform your listening space by selecting from a variety of lighting effects. The app allows for up to 16 million color combinations, enabling a personalized ambiance that can enhance the mood for any occasion, like a movie night, a gaming session, or a party.

Another noteworthy feature within the app is its integration with the speaker’s TurboGaN functionality. This allows you to charge devices using the QR65 and monitor which devices are connected and your charging status. The app displays power and output measurements, offering insight into the charging process. Lastly, the app facilitates firmware updates for the QR65, ensuring that the speakers remain up-to-date with the latest features and improvements from Edifier.

Audiophile Perspective:

When evaluating the Edifier QR65 from an audiophile perspective, it’s essential to cut through the allure of aesthetic features and focus squarely on the elements that matter most: sound quality, build, and functionality. The QR65, with its appealing design and RGB lighting, certainly makes a strong visual statement, but how does it fare when subjected to the critical ears of an audiophile?

Edifier QR65 Review - Best Desktop Monitor with RGB Lighting

Sound Quality: The core of any speaker evaluation, sound quality, is where the QR65 shows a mix of strengths and areas for improvement. The speakers are equipped with a 1.25-inch silk dome tweeter and a 2.75-inch aluminum diaphragm mid-low driver, a setup promising clarity and depth. The QR65’s 140W power output and dual TI class D digital audio amplifiers suggest a capacity for robust sound production. High-resolution audio support, including Hi-Res Audio Wireless and LDAC codec capabilities, enhances its appeal, allowing for truly lossless audio streaming over Bluetooth at up to 24bit/96kHz.

However, the speakers exhibit a slight lack of clarity in the higher and mid-range frequencies. While this does not significantly detract from the overall listening experience, discerning ears might find it challenging to fully appreciate nuances in tracks with a strong focus on these elements. On the flip side, the QR65 impresses with its bass response. The speakers deliver a surprisingly bassy output without overwhelming the soundstage, a balance often sought but rarely achieved in desktop speakers.

Edifier QR65 Review - Best Desktop Monitor with RGB Lighting

Build and Design: From an audiophile standpoint, the build quality is commendable. The use of MDF for the enclosure and the attention to reducing port noise and acoustic resonance through MazeTube Bass Reflex Channels and TurbMuff Air Noise Suppression Technology speaks to Edifier’s commitment to sound integrity. These design choices contribute to cleaner sound reproduction, minimizing unwanted noise and distortion.

Functionality: The inclusion of features like TurboGaN charging and smart power assignment technology, while useful for general consumers, might seem superfluous to purists focused solely on sound. However, they do not detract from the speaker’s audio performance and offer added value in a multi-device setup. The ability to control settings through the Edifier ConneX app, including EQ adjustments, presents an opportunity to fine-tune the listening experience, though some might argue that the best speakers should perform exceptionally without the need for digital enhancements.

Conclusion and Value for Money

The Edifier QR65 enters the market with a price tag that positions it within a competitive market filled with both traditional and feature-rich speakers. Priced at approximately $370, the QR65 is not just an ordinary set of speakers; it’s an amalgamation of sound quality, aesthetic design, and technological innovation.

In assessing its value for money, several factors come into play. Firstly, the sound quality—central to any speaker’s value proposition—is robust, with the QR65 delivering clear highs, detailed mids, and surprisingly deep bass for speakers of its size; Yet, it slightly falters in delivering clarity in the higher and mid-range frequencies, which might not satisfy those seeking pristine audio fidelity. The inclusion of features such as Hi-Res Audio support, LDAC codec compatibility, and a dual TI class D digital audio amplifier further emphasizes its capability to deliver an enriched listening experience.

Edifier QR65 Review - Best Desktop Monitor with RGB Lighting

Secondly, the build quality and design aesthetic are noteworthy. The QR65’s sleek appearance, available in two color variants, coupled with its solid construction, makes it a visually appealing addition to any desk setup. Moreover, the QR65 stands out with its unique RGB lighting effects, offering a customizable ambiance that can enhance the overall entertainment experience. While some may argue that the RGB feature is more of a novelty, for the targeted user base, it represents a desirable fusion of audio performance and visual appeal.

However, the QR65 distinguishes itself by not just being an audio device but a multifunctional gadget, including device charging via its TurboGaN technology and connectivity options that accommodate a variety of audio sources. Given its price point, the Edifier QR65 competes directly with other mid-range speakers in the market. It’s crucial to weigh its unique features against what you value most in a speaker system. If aesthetics, bass performance, and versatile functionality top your list, the QR65 is a strong contender. However, for those prioritizing audio precision and who might not find the RGB lighting appealing, other options may suit you better.