A recent survey shows that 42% of U.S. adults have reported gaining weight, averaging 29lbs, since the pandemic started. As a result, fitness products, especially smartwatches, are seeing a sudden surge in demand. One of them is the PentagonFit Plus Smartwatch, a new fitness tracker that effectively supports weight management. It is a US-military-style smart device used by actual soldiers to lose weight and stay in shape.

PentagonFit Plus Smartwatch Features

  • IP 67 Water Resistance
  • Easy-To-Use LED Panel Screen
  • Calorie Counter and Reminders
  • High-Precision Heart Rate Monitor
  • Blue Zone Step Tracking
  • Sleep Tracker Technology
  • Data Sharing

Design And Build

Apart from its impressive fitness features, this wellness tracker also has durability. It has an IP 67 water-proofing certification, meaning it not only has a water resistance rate of 30 meters, but it is also dust-, sweat-, sunlight-, and weatherproof.


Moreover, it is powered by coin batteries. And while these cells are already known for low self-discharge and long service life, the smartwatch’s sustainable battery life is mainly due to its efficient PCB layout. The power supply is fully optimized, allowing the device to last days of continuous use.
Despite its undeniable power, however, this smartwatch is so lightweight that it will not interfere with any activity. It also has a stretchable band that comes in three colors: pentagon black, national red, and youth green.


Calorie Counter And Reminders

To help you lose weight, this device sets fitness targets based on your information. Aside from tracking calories burned, it also monitors calorie consumption, helping you track what you eat for the day. Plus, if you have been inactive for a while, you will receive an automatic “Get Moving” reminder.

High-Precision Monitor

While working out, your vital stats will be measured, including your heart rate and blood pressure. Its high-precision sensor, which was also integrated into the first PentagonFit smartwatch, guarantees 100% accuracy and visibility. This information can then help you create a personalized workout routine that will best help you lose weight.

PentagonFit Plus Blue Zone Step Tracking

The PentagonFit Plus Smartwatch has a Blue Zone Step Tracking feature, which counts your steps and distance accurately.


Sleep Tracker Technology

As studies have pointed out, there is a direct correlation between a good night’s sleep and healthy body weight. After all, lack of sleep can result in overeating and metabolic irregularities. This device can monitor your sleep patterns, so you can take appropriate steps to ensure you get quality rest.

PentagonFit Plus Data Sharing

To help you assess your progress, you can connect it to the PentagonFit app through Bluetooth. You can then extract your data and see what goals you have achieved so far and what steps you can still take to get closer to your desired weight.

PentagonFit Plus Price And Bonuses

The PentagonFit Plus Smartwatch can be bought at an affordable price of $19.95. Moreover, you will receive more than $300 of bonuses, including a free copy of the 247 Longevity Secrets e-book, instant 14-day access to the PentagonFit academy, free access to the PentagonFit Weight Loss Club, and 60 days of motivational emails and coaching.

As health becomes a greater priority nowadays, you should have accessible means of reaching your weight loss goals. The PentagonFit Plus Smartwatch can help you get there. For more reviews on the latest smartwatches, check out our other posts.