In the recent period, many cheap smartwatches have come with a loudspeaker and a microphone for the ability to make calls directly from the watch, I find it a good step for Chinese companies to compete, Well after we saw the BlitzWolf BW-GTC smartwatch, its time to see its similar from Zeblaze. The Zeblaze GTS its the first smartwatch from Zeblaze support Bluetooth calls and offers the best value for the price, through which you will get a speaker and a microphone for the ability to make calls directly from the watch, 8 sports modes and + 60 watch faces with the possibility of customizing, in addition to health features such as heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, and oxygen monitoring with the price may be the cheapest compared to the specifications.


Features Of Zeblaze GTS Smartwatch

  • Built-in Speaker and Microphone
  • 1.54 inch Full-touch Big Screen 
  • 60+ Personalized Watch Faces+DIY Dial
  • 7x24h Heart Rate Monitor
  • Blood Pressure & Oxygen Monitor
  • 8 kinds of Mainstream Sport Modes

Design And Build Quality:

The design in the Zeblaze GTS is really no different from the BW-GTC, but it is cheaper, although I did not like much in both of them, as it is square in shape with wide edges with a square screen in the middle and the Zeblaze logo at the bottom of the screen. I find it a bad touch, on the side, there is a button responsible for wake the screen, stop alarms, and answer calls.


The watch is lightweight only 38g, and with acceptable manufacturing quality for a plastic body with black color and you can change only the color of the strap with many distinctive colors to suit your taste.


Speaking of the strap, yes, it is removable, comfortable, and light because it’s made of 20mm plastic and comes in four basic colors available in the store: Black, Blue, Gray, Purple and you are free to buy another from metal or leather.


The back panel from the watch is also made of plastic, and we can find the charging pins and the heart rate sensor, the addition of a small hole in the left part, which is the built-in speaker.



Zeblaze GTS is dust and water-resistant with IP67 certification to preserve the quality of your smartwatch when you wear it when you wash your hands or on rainy days.


Display Screen:

The display here is a 2.5D full touch screen with a medium size of 1.54 inches LCD IPS with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels with fast and smooth touch response and easy to navigate through the program and multiple functions, the screen in the middle is the surface with rather wide edges, in short, the screen is very normal and is not considered one The strengths of this watch.


And with a long press on the screen, you can get a list of only 5 watch faces. But what is interesting is that this number grows to 60+ when you pair the Zeblaze GTS with Da Fit APP.

Da Fit APP For Zeblaze GTS Smartwatch:

DaFit is the most compatible app for the Zeblaze GTS smartwatch to sync with a smartphone and it is available on Play Store or App Store. The pairing is done easily via Bluetooth 5.0 so you won’t face any kind of problems as the connection is fast and stable.

After the pairing is complete, the app is set up correctly, in order to get all the information from your smartwatch, and through the DaFit app as well, your watch will get some smart features such as weather information, alerts, and notifications, in addition to a phone call feature.

From the application, you can also create your profile in which you specify gender, age, weight, height, and store important health data in the application. You can monitor your progress during exercise with the watch.

For daily use, the main screen shows us the steps, heart rate, and last sleep session, while we can find sports activities and other settings related to the smartwatch function.

Watchfaces in Zeblaze GTS:

In the second part of the app, there are some settings that you can play with. As mentioned earlier, a large part of watch faces is downloaded to the watch through the DaFit application.

You can enter and change watch faces from the application and you can actually download more watch faces and there is also a DIY option where you can choose an image and adjust the position of the color of the watch and other information, and you can select Various watch faces, installed directly from the application.

You can also set up apps that will send notifications to the smartwatch, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular apps.

In general, and for daily use, the application works well, it is not complicated and by nature, it does not contain all the features that you find inexpensive smartwatch applications because we are talking about a watch that costs no more than $ 30.

Feature of Making Calls On Zeblaze GTS:

The most important feature of the Zeblaze GTS smartwatch is that it is equipped with a microphone and a loudspeaker, so it not only displays an incoming call, but the entire call can also be made via Bluetooth directly from the watch and of course this is done with your smartphone, although you will not need to take it out of your pocket to answer Simple call.

Health and Fitness:

Zeblaze GTS is the closest thing to a private health consultant, who can monitor and track your physical activity to check vital elements through heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring (SpO2), sleep monitoring, calories, etc.

It also comes with alarm devices that only work with vibration, effectively alerting the user in the event of significant changes and detecting them to avoid any sudden health problems.

In addition to that, you can get accurate information about your physical activity in an easy and organized way through the visual graphs created by the watch.

I always mention that the data that these smartwatches provide to you are only approximate, as they are not approved medical equipment that only aims to give you a summary of your health condition as accurately as possible.

Regardless of the health features, the Zeblaze GTS smartwatch can track 8 sports activities such as walking, cycling, badminton, skipping, basketball, football, and swimming except that the watch is not completely waterproof, so, I would not recommend taking it to the pool.

And since there is no GPS, you can use the accelerometer to read your steps and calculate the distance you have traveled or run.

Other features include the ability to remotely control the camera, hot toggle, play / pause the music playing on your smartphone, weather forecast, stopwatch, and find the phone.

Zeblaze GTS Battery And Charging Time:

The Zeblaze GTS has an acceptable 240 mAh battery that provides 7 days of normal use and 10 days of standby time and is charged from the back with 2 pins via the clamp charger, which takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge. I think it’s time to get rid of such chargers.


Zeblaze GTS Price And Where To Buy:

The Zeblaze GTS is currently available on Banggood for $29.99 and the Aliexpress store for just $24.39. This is a very good price for a smartwatch connect to your phone and allows you to make and receive phone calls from the watch So, don’t miss out on this great deal. And to view its price or buy it, you can access the offer by clicking on the store icon.

Package content

Zeblaze GTS Smart Bracelet
Charging Cable
User Manual (English, Deutsch, русский, Español, Português, Français, Japanese)

Zeblaze GTS Specification

ColorBlack, Blue, Gray, Purple
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.0+Bluetooth 3.0
Compatible OSAndroid 4.4 / iOS 9.0 and above system
Operation modeFull Screen Touch + Press Button
APP NameDa Fit
App LanguageEnglish, Português(Brasil), Português(Portuguesa),  русский, Español, Italiano, Français, Deutsch, ภาษาไทย, 日本語, Arabic
SensorHeart-rate sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer.
ScreenSize: 1.54inch
Type: IPS Color Touch Screen            
Resolution: 240*240 pixels
BatteryBattery Capacity: 240 mAh 
Standby Time: about 10 days (Basic watch mode); 7 days (Daily use mode); 220mins (Bluetooth call mode)
Charging Time: About 1.5 hours
Charging Type: Clamp charging
Case MaterialABS, PC 
WaterproofIP67 waterproof
BandLength: about 120+75mm
Width: about 20mm 
Material:  Silica Gel
Weight and SizeProduct size: about 43*37*11 mm 
Product weight: about 38g

Special Features

Bluetooth Calling  (Receive / Make Call) Support
 Heart Rate Monitor Support
 Blood Pressure Monitor Support
 Blood Oxygen Monitor Support
 Sleep Tracking & Stages Support
 Exercise Tracking Support
 Multi-sports Tracking Support
 Daily Steps Goal Support
 Steps & Calories Support
 Real-time Pace & Distance Support
 Goal Celebrations Support
 Reminders To Move Support
 Real-time Pace & Distance Support
 Multi-watch Faces Support
 Remote Camera Support
 Music Control Support
 Weather Forecast Support
 Brightness Contorl Support
 Custom Dial Support
 CountDown Support
 Stopwatch Support
 Find Phone Support
 Alarm Clock Support
 Auto Light-up Screen Support
 Call or Message Reminder Support
 Call ID Display  Support
 Alert Type Vibration