Philips is always amazed by its lighting and creative ideas, and this is what we will notice in the review of Philips Somneo Sleep And Wake-Up Light, which enhances sleep with therapeutic lighting systems and mimics the simulations of sunset and sunrise, and not only is this a dimming lamp and an alarm clock. It comes with features like breathing exercises to help you relax before bed and a charging port to keep your phone at the top while you rest. It is one of the most effective stimulants in light therapy.
This Philips sleep and wake light play your music, FM station or built-in nature sounds for a gentle wake-up routine.

Features Philips Somneo

  • Simulate a natural sunrise to wake up refreshed.
  • The Wake-Up Light clinically proved to work.
  • Light-guided breathing helps you relax to sleep.
  • Sunset simulation prepares your body for sleep.
  • Choose the sound or music you wake up to.
  • Select the brightness level that’s right for you.
  • A soft light to guide you in the dark.
  • Just tap the top of the product to snooze.
  • Smart touch display for easy device control.
  • Modern design adds style to your bedroom.
Easy to use
Anti-slip rubber feetYes
Number of alarm times2
Snooze typeSmart snooze
Display brightness controlSelf-adjusting
Instore demo functionYes
Charges mobile phoneYes
Tap snooze for sound9 minutes
Control by smartphoneNo

Design Philips Somneo:

The design of the Philips Somneo looks like the sun and has a hole in the middle with a diameter of 12 inches. It is 8.8 inches wide and weighs 2 lbs. This is a bit heavy for a clock that adorns a bedside table, but design fits into most any décor.
Once the alarm is plugged into the power outlet, many LEDs reveal the integrated multi-level touch screen for control and time settings below.

On the back, Somneo has a USB port so you can charge your phone plus a 3.5mm audio jack if you want to listen to your phone’s music through a speaker.
And in case of power failure, he has enough backup for eight hours and will sound for one minute if he knows that it will not last until the next alarm time and this I see a nice feature if you live in an area with problems with power outages.

Philips Somneo Sleep And Wake-Up Light Review

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Performance Philips Somneo:

Philips Somneo is designed for anyone who has difficulty sleeping or waking up.
With a touch screen. The display responds quickly and accurately to all touches, and to set up the watch, Somneo starts by asking you to set the settings for the alarm’s brightness levels, time, sounds and sizes, and breathing exercise procedures. I recommend you to read the instructions for more detailed information.

Philips Somneo Sleep And Wake-Up Light Review

For sleep:

For sleep, there is a unique feature of “relieve”, which includes simulating the sunset by gradually decreasing light and breathing exercises that help you sleep by relieving stress from day-to-day activities and relaxation. You can set the “sunset” for 5-60 minutes just tap the wind-down button, then click the sunset option, then the light fades slowly, with rain or natural ocean sounds (or no sound) to help you sleep normally.
Breathing relaxation technique guided by light or sound. Many sleep experts recommend this as a good way to throw things on your mind and relax at the end of the day. Select a range of 4 to 10 breaths per minute. The product will guide you to breathing and exhalation time, and there are 25 levels of brightness.

To wake up:

To wake up, there is a nice feature to wake up to a gradual increase in light, which mimics the sunrise. About 30 minutes before waking up, the atmosphere becomes very bleak, and the brightness increases as the waking time approach. You can adjust this for 5-40 minutes if you want.

The simulation will start in soft red and gradually increase to orange, until your room is filled with light yellow. This creates a natural stimulation to wake up, while your body is still asleep. By the time the light fills the room, natural sounds or FM radio complete the wake-up experience, making you ready for the day, improving your mood and making you feel more refreshed in the morning.
The selected sound starts to play quietly, and gradually increases the volume to your predefined level within a few minutes. The transition from sleep to waking is gentle but ultimately aims to wake you up completely. Connect your mobile device or tablet to the AUX port to turn the light into a speaker.

You can adjust the intensity of sleep and wake settings. It takes some experimentation, but it has many options, so I think most people will find something suitable for them. You can program two wake-up files that work well with two sleeping people, to address whether you need to wake up quickly, prefer a slow, gradual burst of bed, or want to adjust weekday versus weekend settings.

For an afternoon nap:

For an afternoon nap just click on the top of the product. A light click at the top of the waking light sets the snooze mode. After 9 minutes the sound will start playing gently again.

If you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or check out the kids, you can click on the top and shine in orange like an orange moon the perfect color to get (blue light is not good because it mimics the blue morning sky and our brains are trained to associate this color with alertness). Press the top and turn off.

you want to read in bed at night, which I strongly recommend as an excellent procedure before bed, this has 25 different intensity of light, which can be a great light for the night table.
It is bright enough to allow you to find your way in the dark – without affecting your senses. Midnight light can be activated and deactivated easily with a few simple clock clicks.
You can customize the brightness of the watch face, so it is completely dark at night. No more covering the bright light of your watch to achieve a very dark room.

Battery backup:

The battery backup feature is useful in case of power failure, your settings and time will not be erased; however, all luxury functions of the unit are disabled. If you run out of standby power, the time is only displayed in the unit, and your alarm will act as a beep, no natural sounds or radio, and no light.

Mobile app:

With connected Somneo and the SleepMapper app, you can set multiple alarms, choose wake-up themes, select light intensity, and control your sounds and radio. The app also shows your environmental data and can track your time spent in bed. Connecting to your iOS or Android device gives you total control of your experience.

Easy WiFi set up
Set up Somneo in just a few minutes. For easy set up: ensure you have sufficient reception in the room, your router is set to 2.4 GHz and you are not using a firewall or protected network.

Philips Somneo Sleep And Wake-Up Light Review

Included Content

  • Documentation
  • Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake Up Light Therapy Lamp
  • Power cord
Philips Somneo Sleep And Wake-Up Light Review

Specifications Philips Somneo Sleep And Wake-Up Light

  • Model: HF365160
  • Alarm Type: Nature sounds, ambient music or your favorite local FM radio station
  • Colour: White
  • Connectivity: AUX input, USB port to charge the phone
  • Display: Self-adjusting brightness
  • Product weight: including adapter 0.9 kg
  • Product dimensions (W x D x H) 225x220x120 mm
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Voltage 100-240 VAC
  • Cord length: 1.5 m
  • Power Output Adapter: 18W
  • Type of lamp: LED
  • Brightness settings: 25
  • Light colors: white, orange, yellow, amber
  • Max Lux level: 315